Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Guardian UK: That Jon Ossoff got so many votes in Georgia is damning for Trump - Jon Ossoff never should have been able to come within spitting distance of a win in such a deeply red district. That he could shows how unpopular Trump is by Lucia Graves


Seadog said...

In Trumplandia there are only WINNERS ( him) & LOSERS ( US.) So if he wins it by a whisker or by a mile in Trumplandia it's a LANDSLIDE!! When he loses it's everyone else's fault and he gets a do-over. When we lose the punishments increase. Healthcare? Fuck you loser says Trumpf! Jobs, Fuck You losers says Trumpf. Taxes mine go down says Trumpf the rest of you LOSERS ( 99%) go up! So on and so forth and if you don't like it's Obama and Hillary's fault LOSERS.

Jim Sande said...

Trump is a salesman. 35% of the electorate buy into his bullshit. From a marketing perspective, that's a bonanza. Trump is riding the wave.

Seadog said...

Hitler never had more than 35% of the German voters he lost in 32's general election. It was only a bad deal where the other rightist /conservative parties went to Pres. Hindenburg and had him made Chancellor thinking they could control him that put him in power. Within two yrs. he had every other German marching around with their right hand outstretched and the camps were filling up with the opposition, media and eventually came WW2. Trumpf is a later day version of all the Fascist Dictators that have come before. He represents similar movements and similar Reactionary and Regressive groups. Hitler was able to consolidate them all into one massive Totalitarian movement, Will Donald? I doubt it because it appears he's more interested in using his power to enrich himself and his family and friends. He's more of a Klepto then a Fascist Totalitarian. That said, he's dangerously opening the political space for someone like himself in the future who has a strong movement and strong party behind him. The GOP like him are just a pack of self-interested jackals and weasels. The next 4 yrs. they will loot and plunder the Government and create a deep Austerity regime on the 98% claiming the Gov't is broke and can't afford the Social Safety Net anymore. Watch for them to hammer flat SSI, Medicare and the rest of an already tattered and torn safety net. On the flipside, they will give the top 2% huge tax breaks claiming as always these breaks will fuel prosperity. They won't and even then they'll just scapegoat the poor and make the cuts even deeper. It's all predictable.