Thursday, June 29, 2017

Party On

Science Daily: No detectable limit to how long people can live - New study finds no evidence that maximum lifespan has stopped increasing
summary - By analyzing the lifespan of the longest-living individuals from the USA, the UK, France and Japan for each year since 1968, investigators found no evidence for such a limit, and if such a maximum exists, it has yet to be reached or identified.


Seadog said...

Right now we only know that a few people have lived past 130 that are confirmed and documented. I've suspected for a very long time there are a few dozen or more that are in fact over 300 yrs. old or older. We have tales about them and myths. They are experts at hiding.

Jim Sande said...

There are the legends, I know a few as well. A Buddhist teacher once said that if people lived a whole lot longer, they would be begging to make the final exit. Live well, become as human as possible, have few regrets, make peace with all that you can't control. Also, as a culture we need to be a little more open about the fact that we will eventually die. We need to work with all that implies regularly, not wait till the last minute to come to grips. I used to work in a hospice and I saw people who were calm and prepared and people who were, let's just politely say, were not. Life lesson for me.