Wednesday, June 21, 2017

'Games Without Frontiers'

Peter Gabriel


Seadog said...

Gotta say this. Having lived through the early Video music era and even to some extent Godfathering it by handing the owner of what was to become MTV his start by linking him up to RockAmerica in 1980 summer at the 2nd New Music Convention held in NYC at a big nightclub called Danceteria( He asked me to work with him to get it started no less and I like the moron I am turned him down.) I never liked these kinds of music Videos. They destroy your imagination and in my view are totalitarian. The magic of music is to fire the visual cortex and the imagination not fill it will a rigid artist imposed view. ( that's for painters.) I banned them from my DJ's playlist at my club. They could play videos of bands performing their music that was it. Ok, so my move was I admit somewhat Authoritarian but hey I was the owner and there were 20 other clubs within 10 miles you could choose from in that era. Today, there are ZERO.

Jim Sande said...

I appreciate what you are saying. I rarely watch the video, I just turn on the music. I knew one of the first VJs on MTV, Martha. She was from my hometown and knew friends as well. I remember speaking with her about a year before MTV hit and she explained the whole deal. What I disliked was that music became secondary and the videos became primary, people are visually oriented perhaps.

Seadog said...

Yes, music 's magic is the way it lets you make up your own visual part to it. Before movies people went to symphonies and left in tears or happy etc. Music was incredibly powerful emotionally it even started Revolutions. Today most music is used as soundtracks its secondary it makes movies better but it's not the central part of the art. In early theater there was NO music and what music there was is lost since there was no scores. Music was considered on its own merits. There has always been this tension between visual art and oral or musical forms. They grew up together and I'm not trying to say they shouldn't be used together but in this genre it's problematic.