Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween

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The Borowitz Report - Cruz, Carson Differ Sharply Over Timetable For End Of World

New Yorker (satire): Cruz, Carson Differ Sharply Over Timetable for End of World

Gut And Brain

Scientific American: The Tantalizing Links between Gut Microbes and the Brain
summary - Neuroscientists are probing the idea that intestinal microbiota might influence brain development and behavior

TRNN - A Look At Speaker Ryan's Record On 'Fighting' For The Middle Class

The Drought

San Jose Mercury News: California drought: Beverly Hills, other water suppliers hit with state fines for failing to meet conservation targets

Cruz Is Now Third

  The GOP field goes from bad to worse. Cruz? WTF?

MSNBC: Poll: Carson and Trump lead the GOP field, Cruz gets a bump

Another Blow To Democracy

Guardian UK: FBI planes that flew over police protests had sophisticated surveillance cameras - Full capacity of flights that monitored unrest in Ferguson and Baltimore are unknown but would have needed warrant to use infrared cameras, ACLU reveals
The FBI flew surveillance flights over Baltimore during the unrest that followed the death of Freddie Gray and over Ferguson, Missouri following the death of Michael Brown, using advanced surveillance techniques including infrared cameras, documents obtained by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) have revealed.

Plane Crash - No Survivors

Guardian UK: Russian plane crash: Egyptian officials say no survivors - latest - Plane crashed in Egypt’s Sinai peninsula - Most passengers reportedly Russian - 17 children among more than 200 on board

Global Warming - Putin's A Denier

  Well what do you know, the globe is warming and somehow, almost magically, Russia is not affected.

  Strikes me that what the GOP is really saying when they want someone, a strong bold leader, who will be tough on Putin, is that they want someone who is dumb enough to relate to his stupidity. The GOP certainly can accommodate that one.

Reuters: Russian media take climate cue from skeptical Putin

Poor Babies

  Uh oh, the delicate itty bitty feelings of the GOP candidates were really hurt bad by CNBC. Poor babies, can you imagine the crying and tantrums? I sure hope The Donald, Ben, Carly, and Chris are not suffering from severe PTSD. I'm shedding tears here. Letter from RNC Chairman Reince Priebus to NBC News
The CNBC network is one of your media properties, and its handling of the debate was conducted in bad faith. We understand that NBC does not exercise full editorial control over CNBC’s journalistic approach. However, the network is an arm of your organization, and we need to ensure there is not a repeat performance.

CNBC billed the debate as one that would focus on “the key issues that matter to all voters—job growth, taxes, technology, retirement and the health of our national economy.” That was not the case. Before the debate, the candidates were promised an opening question on economic or financial matters. That was not the case. etc etc etc

Friday, October 30, 2015

Horripilation - Why Do We Get Goose Bumps


  Nice take on the recent debate and GOP by Rich.

New York Magazine: Is the GOP Cracking Up? By Frank Rich
...the tenaciously tedious Carly Fiorina.

And Carson — the new favorite — well, he makes Trump sound like Disraeli.

Hate The Haters

The Daily News: Find your candidate by what they hate

'Lying Liars'

The Daily News: Donald Trump and Ben Carson are GOP frontrunners and lying liars: The CNBC debate in Boulder exposed both men's uneasy relationship with the truth


Guardian UK: Refugees refusing to leave bus in 'too cold' Swedish village to be removed - Fourteen people have stayed on the bus since it reached Limedsforsen three days ago, saying the village is too cold and isolated
Sweden, with a population of 9.8 million, expects to receive up to 190,000 asylum applications this year, putting it among the EU states with the highest proportion of refugees per capita as the continent struggles with a massive number of displaced people.


Reuters: China naval chief says minor incident could spark war in South China Sea
While the U.S. Navy is expected to keep its technological edge in Asia for decades, China's potential trump card is sheer weight of numbers, with dozens of naval and coastguard vessels routinely deployed in the South China Sea, security experts say.

Speaking Of Benghazi

  With the exception of the usual conservative media outlets with their grind 'em out Hillary as liar and or conspirator articles, Benghazi is fading, and fading fast in the general public memory. Noted conservative Charles Krauthammer reflects on the GOP's inadequacies in conducting a hearing or as I refer to it, a brutal interrogation.

  Krauthhamer is of course beyond partisan and he assumes the objects of the hearings somehow out-manipulated the honest hard working GOP 'truther' committees. How he knows this one must simply wonder at the amazing prescient knowledge quality so often found in GOP circles.

Business Insider: KRAUTHAMMER: The Benghazi investigation has been a total PR disaster for the GOP
From Benghazi all the way back to Operation Fast and Furious, its hearings' impact on public perception has been either zero or negative.

Have A Great Friday

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The Onion - John Boehner To Paul Ryan: ‘I Was Once Young And Beautiful Too’

The Onion: John Boehner To Paul Ryan: ‘I Was Once Young And Beautiful Too’

Same Brain

Science Daily: Male/female brain differences? Big data says not so much
summary - A research study has debunked the widely-held belief that the hippocampus, a crucial part of the brain that consolidates new memories and helps connect emotions to the senses, is larger in females than in males.

TRNN - EU Passes Resolution To Protect Edward Snowden From Prosecution

  The vote was 285 to 281.

The Drought

PRI: California’s drought is hitting indigenous Latino workers hard

Hillary Continues To Roll

MSNBC: Hillary Clinton picks up major endorsement - NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio formally endorses Hillary Clinton for president on Morning Joe.

Out Here

Guardian UK: 'Out here, I still don't know how to live': 6,000 drug convicts brace for release - This weekend, the last of prisoners granted reduced sentences under a federal reform plan will be released. But advocates say the government continues to overlook and ignore ex-convicts
“I can go into any prison right now and within 10 minutes I’m going to know everybody, what’s the scheme, how the power structure works. Out here, I still don’t know how to live.”


Guardian UK: Shaker Aamer released from Guantánamo Bay after 14-year detention - No 10 says no plan to detain British resident on return from imprisonment without trial in US military camp where he was beaten

Global Warming - A Very Long List Of Questions Deniers Need To Answer And Explain

Slate: If Global Warming Is a Hoax …
… then why are we losing 450 billion tons of land ice every year?

… then why have we lost 5 trillions tons of land ice just since 2002?


  Get outside, go for a walk, get some fresh air, do it today.

AlterNet: Being Inside Is Making Us Stupid: How Indoor Air Pollution Impacts the Function of Our Brains - An alarming study finds that normal levels of indoor air pollution has a significant effect on human cognition
...the study has found that normal indoor levels of carbon dioxide and volatile organic compounds negatively impact human cognitive function and decision-making
The Study

The Market On Friday

  Good morning. It is 50 degrees and cloudy sunny here in the Upper Hudson Valley. A sunny day in the 50s is expected. Alas the Knicks lost their Madison Square Garden opener to the Hawks last night. After the Knicks devoured the Bucks on Wednesday, the team looked very confused and tentative on Thursday. Yes, they did execute a few nice plays and there were indications of good potential, but overall the team is a work in progress.

  At 9:00 a.m. ET futures are modestly higher and the price of oil per barrel is up. The market is poised to open higher.

  Relatively speaking I am personally somewhat neutral about the market. This is life in 2015, this is our economy, this is how things work with money globally. We can be idealists and write about its massive and unlimited failings, the way it vulture-izes areas of the world in so many destructive ways. We could wish for a better more humane economic system, but this is what we have. We are sitting in the harsh reality of an economic system that has more faults than one could even count, and more faults that are unknown. There are hidden aspects that occur in investment houses, dark economies that we barely know about. Most Americans are clueless on this stuff. Having said all this, notice that First Solar showed a better than expected earnings report and the company's stock is rising.

CNN: Stocks: 5 things to know before the open
Investors in First Solar (FSLR) are in for a treat after the solar panel manufacturer released better-than-expected earnings on Thursday evening. Shares are rising by about 11% premarket.

Thursday, October 29, 2015


  As we know, the world's oil glut has driven the price of oil way down since its high point during the summer of 2014. Oil producing countries which are very responsible for the glut itself are starting to feel the pinch of oil in the $40 per barrel range.

CNN: Venezuela is running out of cash and selling its gold
"The bottom line is that the (Venezuela's) spending is unsustainable with oil below $50 and needs to be reined in..."

It Gets Worse

The Daily News: Life is even harder now for the South Carolina teen assaulted by ex-Deputy Ben Fields — she's in foster care
In an interview with the Daily News, Todd Rutherford, the respected Columbia, S.C., attorney representing the assault victim of the recently terminated Deputy Ben Fields, revealed that his client, in addition to suffering injuries on her face, neck, and arm, is living in foster care.

Wipe Away

  The slate is now going to be wiped clean. Translation - the GOP will double down on opposing everything. The do nothing GOP Congress will somehow be doing more nothing.

NPR: Pledging To 'Wipe The Slate Clean,' Wisconsin's Paul Ryan Elected House Speaker

One Ninth Grader, Mostly Middle School, And Trump

  When CNBC says elementary school they mean grades 1 through 5. Most of the candidates were in the grades 6 through 7 area, and then rounding out the field, Trump with his notorious 5th grade level speaking achievement. Go Donald, dumbing it down but good baby

CNBC: College-level speaking not required at the GOP debates
And at least one front-runner was in elementary school territory. (Trump)


D News: Rosetta's Comet Spews Molecular Oxygen Surprise

Have A Great Thursday

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The Onion - Carly Fiorina Promises To Fight For Whoever Everyday Americans Are

The Onion: Carly Fiorina Promises To Fight For Whoever Everyday Americans Are

Young Stars

Science Daily: New component of Milky Way discovered
summary - Astronomers have discovered a previously unknown component of the Milky Way. By mapping out the locations of a class of stars that vary in brightness called Cepheids, a disc of young stars buried behind thick dust clouds in the central bulge has been found.

TRNN - Businesses Will Be Off The Hook For Providing Employee Health Benefits In Bipartisan Budget Deal

The Drought

The Press Democrat: California drought puts Chinook salmon in danger of extinction


  Sounds like the biggest loser in the GOP debate were the American people.

MSNBC: Three takeaways from the GOP debate
Asked about his call for a flat tax based on Biblical tithing, Carson struggled to articulate his plan after telling moderators the original figure he floated – 10% – was only an “analogy” and that estimates that he would blow a huge hole in the deficit were inaccurate despite his calls for drastic cuts from current tax rates.


  In the alternate reality, GOP land, media bias means that talking heads are not unquestionably buying their nonsense and are questioning how the GOP comes up with it's distorted 'facts'.

Guardian UK: Republican candidates attack media over tough debate questions - Trump, Rubio, Cruz and Carson ganged up on CNBC and the mainstream media for political biases as debate moderators grilled candidates on their fiscal policies

Global Warming - Tanzania

  What a travesty, talk about making America great again. this right here is one of America's major failings. We have a country like Tanzania, Tanzania for f**ks sake, their government has plans to go very solar. Instead in the USA, we have the GOP, running its crazed mouth about Obamacare.

Guardian UK: How Tanzania plans to light up a million homes with solar power - In a country where only 40% of people have access to grid electricity, the government is looking to sunshine to power health centres and homes

The GOP Debate - Making It Up On The Fly

  Shame on Chris Christie for the big SSI lie, and basically shame on all of these idiots for twisting facts and scaring people. As we know, it's difficult watching the GOP's constituency, many of whom are people who are fundamentally hurt over and over, repeatedly, by GOP economic and social policies.

AlterNet: 8 Lies, Distortions and Misrepresentations From the Third GOP Debate - The debates took place in an alternate reality, where facts are made up on the spot.
7. Lie: Social Security is going bankrupt.

Chris Christie repeatedly tried to paint a picture of a depleted Social Security fund, with claims that the government “stole” everything out of the funds and the program won't be there for seniors. The reality is that Social Security is funded for decades, and a minor change to the tax cap would keep it funded through most of the 21st century.

The Market On Thursday

  Good morning. It is a whopping 65 degrees and it is presently very sunny here in the Upper Hudson Valley. We got ourselves a boatload of rain last night, so it's a little damp out there still. Like I said yesterday, if I wanted to watch on TV brutal trash talking, flagrant fouling, and threatening body slams, I would have watched the GOP debate, instead I opted for the gentler Knicks vs Milwaukee NBA season opener. The Knicks surprised the hell out of all Knicks fans globally and easily coasted to a 20 plus point win. We shall see. I'm reading about the debate now and we'll try to parse it a little bit today. The consensus seems to be that Bush failed, Rubio did great, and Trump was more presidential. I mean all the guy has to do to be more presidential is shut up for a second. Poor Jeb, he must feel like such a failure being the non-presidential sibling. Ha!

  At 9:00 a.m. ET futures are moderately lower and the price of oil per barrel is down. The market is poised to open lower.

  Well after Wednesday's nifty little rally the morning is looking like a downer. The US third quarter GDP came in at a measly 1.5% growth rate, grow we did not. The Fed announced that there is no change to the base interest rate and investors like that.

CNN: Stocks: 6 things to know before the open
U.S. stock futures are taking a dip and there's a general negative mood in the markets.

In the oil market, crude futures are slipping by 1% to trade around $45.50 per barrel.

...on Wednesday...the Federal Reserve opted to keep interest rates near zero, yet again.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Nate On The GOP Maybe Republicans Really Are In Disarray - Nate Silver debates Nate Silver. By Nate Silver


NYT: Ben Fields, South Carolina Deputy, Fired Over Student Arrest


  I've got a tough choice, GOP debate or Knicks opener in Milwaukee. As far as hard flagrant fouls, body checks, disgusting trash talk, and all around violence goes, the GOP debate wins hands down. I may opt for the kinder gentler NBA game...

Mother Jones: The Carson-Trump Slugfest, Plus 9 Other Things to Watch at Wednesday's GOP Debate - A new front-runner, desperate candidates, and a formula for bedlam.

Trump, Fiorina, Bush

Think Progress: These GOP Candidates Were Born Into Privilege But Want You To Think Otherwise


HuffPo: American Kids Have Disappointing Reading And Math Scores, But There Are Some Bright Spots - "This isn’t a pattern that we saw coming."

Have A Great Wednesday

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The Onion - Bouncer Instructed Not To Let People Like Himself In

The Onion: Bouncer Instructed Not To Let People Like Himself In

Sonic Tractor Beam

Science Daily: Sonic tractor beam moves stuff with sound
summary - Scientists have built a novel sonic tractor beam that can lift and move objects using sound waves. High-amplitude sound waves are used to generate an acoustic hologram which can pick up and move small objects.

TRNN - Iran Invited For Talks On Syria

The Drought

Capital Public Radio: NASA Study: California Drought Doubles Idle Farmland Acres

Trump's Insults Of The Month

  I hope and pray he can find it in his heart to insult me. Unfortunately I'm not a billionaire, but I would feel so - privileged, like a warrior knighted by the king...

 Incidentally the list is humongous.

MSNBC: Here’s everyone Donald Trump has insulted in October


Guardian UK: College apologizes to professor labeled Communist and fired in 1962 - Retired Grove City College president showed up at 93-year-old Larry Gara’s house 53 years after firing to say ‘I want to express my regret’

Spratly Archipelago - Saber Rattling

Guardian UK: South China Sea: Beijing 'not frightened to fight a war' after US move - State-run media in belligerent mood after USS Lassen challenges Beijing’s territorial claims in disputed Spratly archipelago

Global Warming - Greenland

  If you take a look at a Google search for "global warming" this morning you will find many articles on the web excoriating this NYT article linked directly below. It all comes from the usual suspects chief among them at the moment ultra-rightwing site - 'The Daily Caller'. The Daily Caller has figured out how to make its ranking in a Google search for global warming right at the top or near the top usually supplanting accurate information from news outfits and researchers globally, yes globally. A denying outfit like The Daily Caller now supplants real information in a Google search. I personally find that infuriating. Look at this article, follow the link, you will see actual evidence, actual images of Greenland melting. And yet we still have to be assaulted by the denying cult of the conservative party. That's America.

NYT: Greenland Is Melting Away

America's Villain

  Lack of civility Charles? F.U. all day long.

Salon: Charles Koch’s Frankenstein problem: He created the Tea Party monster — and now he’s horrified with the results - The Koch network gave rise to the rabid right. But now Charles Koch wails about a "lack of substance and civility"

The Market On Wednesday

  Good morning. It is 44 degrees and cloudy here in the Upper Hudson Valley. A rainy day is expected. Wow, did you see 'The Donald Meltdown' in front of an Iowa crowd of his constituents? Call it 'Donald-gate'. I almost felt bad for the the guy, he sounded and looked like a four year old that just had his most prized toy taken away, poor baby. He was literally having a tantrum in front of a crowd and the crowd loved it. It kind of makes you wonder exactly who is supporting this guy. In olden times, times of yore, candidates would get in front of a crowd and rally them around brilliant ideas, I guess that's significantly out of vogue in the modern age. The fundamental problem still remains, if The Donald disappears, take a look at who is standing in line behind him. It seems appropriate that this is right around Halloween, it's like a waiting line of monsters all vying to get the candy except in this case the candy is the presidency.

  At 9:00 a.m. ET futures are slightly higher and the price of oil per barrel is up. The market is poised to open slightly higher.

  In my opinion it will be a statement from the Fed later this afternoon on the base interest rate that is the most salient potential market mover of the day. My sense is that it will be a no news is good news event. Prediction - base interest rates remain as is.

CNN: Stocks: 5 things to know before the open
The Federal Reserve will issue its latest decision on interest rates at 2 p.m. ET.

"A change in policy is not, perhaps, terribly likely..."

The world is waiting for the Fed to raise rates but it's been holding back over lingering concerns about the strength of the U.S. economy as global growth slows.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

No Exceptions For The GOP

Slate: Rape Exceptions Are the GOP’s New Litmus Test - Several Republican presidential candidates oppose abortion in all circumstances. That’s terrifying.
... as much as half of this year’s GOP field—including Mike Huckabee, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Scott Walker, and even resident nice-young-man Marco Rubio—opposes exceptions for rape, incest, and, in some cases, protecting the life of the woman.

He's Perplexed

  How can it be? How can perfection be surpassed?

CNN: Donald Trump on poll slump: 'I don't get it'

Carson 26%, Trump 22% - Nationally, Not Just Iowa

NYT: Poll Watch: Ben Carson Edges Ahead Nationally in Times/CBS News Poll


The Beatles - remastered

Have A Great Tuesday

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The Onion - Weary Nation Says One Or Two More Divisive Issues Should Finish It Off

The Onion: Weary Nation Says One Or Two More Divisive Issues Should Finish It Off

Solid-Like And Liquid-Like

Science Daily: How ants and ketchup are alike: Both solid-like and liquid-like - Just like ketchup, more pressure means ants flow easier
summary - Collections of ants have a remarkable ability to change shapes and tasks based on the demands of their environment. When floodwaters hit, they self-assemble and form rafts to stay alive. They can also use their bodies to build bridges and span gaps. What are the properties of these ant aggregations that allow for this wide range of abilities? New research says it's because the insects are actually liquid-like and solid-like simultaneously.

TRNN - Why Ben Carson Is Leading In Iowa

  Highly recommended discussion to help fill you in on the political contingency that would support Ben Carson.

The Drought

NYT: In Drought-Ridden California, the Classic Lawn Loses Ground - With help from public rebates, yards are being redefined as grass gives way to less thirsty materials, including decomposed granite.

Diet Guidelines

MSNBC: How sustainability should shape the American diet

Ring Of Fire - Sarah Palin Destroyed The Last Of GOP’s Intelligence

  I personally do not agree with the premise of this clip - Sarah Palin as GOP intelligence destroyer. I think Sarah Palin brought forward a trend that was already right there in the GOP. She merely gave that reality a bigger voice. It's not important to describe it as intelligent or not. Also I do not agree with the presumption that Nixon, Bush 1, and Bush 2 were all people of below average intelligence. Certainly Nixon was very crafty, although his paranoia seemed to catch up with his demagoguery producing a debilitating result.

  Following politics is very interesting right now, we are witnessing extreme opposing forces, Democrats vs Republicans, vie for high political office, and regional office as well although the latter is barely mentioned or reported on. The overall feeling tone of it is darker, more grinding and the stakes seem higher like something is about to bust open.

The Quake

Guardian UK: Earthquake aftermath in Afghanistan and Pakistan – in pictures - Rescuers have been picking their way through rugged terrain and pockets of Taliban insurgency in the search for survivors after a massive quake struck Pakistan and Afghanistan, killing nearly 300 people. The death toll is expected to rise as search teams reach remote areas that were cut off by the 7.5-magnitude quake, which triggered landslides and stampedes as it toppled buildings and severed communication lines

Guardian UK: Afghanistan earthquake: Pakistan army leads rescue as death toll rises - Work begins to clear landslides and reach remote valleys amid fears casualties from Monday’s magnitude 7.5 quake could be higher in isolated regions


  Yesterday bacon, and today, it's sugar.

Guardian UK: Health threat of sugar is vastly underestimated, study claims - US research says sugar causes high blood pressure and heart disease regardless of weight gain but critics doubt results

Global Warming - Tipping Points

AlterNet: Buckle Up: Scientists Warn of Dozens of Global Warming Tipping Points That Could Trigger Natural Disasters - Rising surface temperatures due to climate change could ultimately rearrange the planet's ecosystems.

The Assault On Women

AlterNet: Why Conservative Lawmakers are Deeply Threatened by Women Comfortable with Their Sexuality - It's not a war on women, it's a one-sided assault by conservative men drunk on power.

The Market On Tuesday

  Good morning. It is 30 degrees and sunny here in the Upper Hudson Valley. A sunny day in the 50s is expected. We see that Trump is now losing in double digits to Carson in the latest Iowa GOP caucus poll. Could this finally be the long awaited decline of the Donald or will he rally. It sounds like a reality show and the truth is, it is, no better no worse.

  At 8:30 a.m. ET futures are lower and the price of oil per barrel is down. The market is poised to open lower.

  Many large and well known corporations will be revealing their third quarter reports today so the market has the potential to really move one way or the other. Oil is trending lower towards $40 per barrel, presently it is in the $44 per barrel range after recently being in the $50 range. In addition to corporate reports, investors will be parsing data on home sales and my favorite - consumer confidence. Consume and be confident.

CNN: Stocks: 5 things to know before the open
The price of natural gas continues to drop, down another 3% to trade around $2 per million British thermal units. Prices have declined by nearly a third since the start of 2015, and losses have accelerated in the last few days. Oil prices are also falling by nearly 1% to below $44 a barrel.

Monday, October 26, 2015


USA Today: Iowa poll: Ben Carson leading Donald Trump by 14 points


NYT: Deadly Heat Is Forecast in Persian Gulf by 2100

Take Out Can Ben Carson Really Take Out Donald Trump?

Good Riddance

Salon: The Tea Party is on life support: New poll shows it is less popular than ever


Salon: The Trey Gowdy/Hillary Clinton conspiracy: The real Benghazi scandal only chairman Noam Chomsky would uncover - Republicans are trying to create a scandal where there isn't one -- while they ignore the biggest scandal of all

Deal Possibility

LA Times: White House, GOP leaders appear close to budget deal

The Nation's Debt Ceiling And The GOP

MSNBC: GOP creates a mess it doesn’t know how to clean up

Big Bacon

NBC News: The Big Bucks of Bacon: American Meat Industry By the Numbers

Have A Great Monday

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The Onion - Materialistic Single Mom Constantly Thinking Of Money

The Onion: Materialistic Single Mom Constantly Thinking Of Money


Science Daily: Blocking enzymes in hair follicles promotes hair growth - Two FDA-approved drugs reawaken dormant hair follicles
summary - Inhibiting a family of enzymes inside hair follicles that are suspended in a resting state restores hair growth, a new study has found. In experiments with mouse and human hair follicles, researchers found that drugs that inhibit the Janus kinase (JAK) family of enzymes promote rapid and robust hair growth when directly applied to the skin.

TRNN - Noam Chomsky And Abby Martin, The Empire's Election Extravaganza

The Drought

WSJ: California’s Growers Bear Brunt of Drought Woes - Even as water costs mount, farmers find it difficult to raise prices for fruits, vegetables


Ring Of Fire: Iowa Loves the Carson Freak Show: Says He Will Outlaw Liberal Speech
“I actually have something I would use the Department of Education to do,” said Carson. “It would be to monitor our institutions of higher education for extreme political bias and deny federal funding if it exists.”

Romney, 47 Percent, Benghazi

  I hope to write more but think about it, you have World War Two followed by the dissection of the globe into the Democratic west and the Communist east. Ten years later you have ultra conservative Senator Joe McCarthy purging the US government of alleged communists by mostly focusing his gaze on Democrats and liberals. In 2001 we have 9-11 and the beginning of the War On Terror with Iraq and Afghanistan and more. Ten years later we have ultra conservative Congressional leaders attempting to purge the US government of alleged terrorist and Muslim sympathizers by mostly training their gaze on Democrats and liberals. Think about Hillary Clinton's interrogation by the GOP and the presumption that she was a sympathizer doing dastardly things to hide her involvement in Benghazi, she is a 'brazen liar' according to many conservative publications, and on and on. Also, recall that Obama is not even a US citizen according to the ultra conservatives/birthers and many on the right, he is allegedly, no surprise here, a Muslim. So we have a pattern - a major tumultuous event like World War Two and 9-11 followed by a ten year gap in which the ultra conservative wing of the US government festers and decides to purge the entire government of those officials who are allegedly in the same league as the enemy and those enemies are primarily Democrats and liberals.

Salon: How the “47 percent” video started the right’s Benghazi hysteria — yes, really - The video of Mitt Romney's epic gaffe contributed to his defeat. It also contained the seeds of the Benghazi circus

Cigarettes, Alcohol, Asbestos, Arsenic, Bacon, Sausage, And Ham

Guardian UK: Processed meats rank alongside smoking as cancer causes – WHO - UN health body says bacon, sausages and ham among top five most carcinogenic substances along with cigarettes, alcohol, asbestos and arsenic

Afghanistan Earthquake

Guardian UK: Strong earthquake in Afghanistan kills scores - Early reports suggest extensive damage in mountainous areas from powerful quake also felt in Pakistan and India

Global Warming - Micronesia

Honolulu Civil Beat: Climate Change: ‘The Single Greatest Threat To Our Existence’ - Rising tides and changing ecosystems are destroying the subsistence lifestyle on many islands in Micronesia. If disease and a sinking economy don’t drive residents away, global warming just might.

Reich's Latest

Robert Reich: On Leaders and Demagogues
A leader brings out the best in his followers. A demagogue brings out the worst.

Leaders inspire tolerance. Demagogues incite hate.

The Market On Monday

  Good morning. It is 40 degrees and sunny here in the Upper Hudson Valley. Looks like we are in for a very nice cool and sunny Fall day. I hope you had a good relaxing and enjoyable weekend. My weekend was pretty ordinary and I did manage to get outside for some decent walks and outdoor activities. There's been a major earthquake in Afghanistan and that is harsh news. That country is in hard shape, I hope at some point the people of Afghanistan can find a modicum of peace and security.

  At 8:50 a.m. ET futures are slightly flat and the price of oil per barrel is down now trading below $45 a barrel. The market is poised to open lower.

  The German economy has easily weathered the storm of the Volkswagon fuel emissions fiasco. Oil and gas prices are once again sinking and we see there is a report from the IMF that Saudi Arabia will soon run out of cash with oil prices so depressed. Somehow that makes me happy as it is Saudi Arabia that is partly at the center of the world's oil glut. The country deliberately began overproducing in an attempt to secure world market share.

CNN: Stocks: 5 things to know before the open
The Census Bureau will release its September new home sales report at 10 a.m. ET. Sales were up 5.7% in August.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Closed Sundays

  JCSande.blogspot is closed on Sundays. See you bright and early on Monday morning and have an excellent day.

'I Put A Spell On You'

Screamin Jay Hawkins

In Schools

NYT: Under Stress, Students in New York Schools Find Calm in Meditation

'The Conspiratorial Right-Wing Hive Mind'

  Exceptionally good article on the weight behind the Benghazi interrogations.

Salon: Benghazi, Joe McCarthy and the witch trials: Trey Gowdy’s farcical hearings tap into a deep, dark American current - Sure, Hillary trounced those clowns. But Benghazi true believers will fight on to save America -- or destroy it
For the conspiratorial right-wing hive mind, Benghazi is the gate and the key to the gate, like H.P. Lovecraft’s ancient and indescribable entity Yog-Sothoth. But as with the One-in-All and All-in-One of the Lovecraftian universe, opening that gate leads only to madness and oblivion: What lies beyond is the “amorphous blight of nethermost confusion which blasphemes and bubbles at the center of all infinity,” otherwise known as the legislative agenda of the House Freedom Caucus.

To the ideologues of the Freedom Caucus and their public cohort, it is axiomatic that Benghazi, if properly understood, will reveal the perverted depths of the left-wing conspiracy to enfeeble America still further and enslave us to Sharia law and soccer and gender-neutral bathrooms.


IBT: Elon Musk to build Hyperloop bullet train 'within weeks'


  A new GOP interrogation investigation begins...

MSNBC: New GOP-led special committee set to investigate Planned Parenthood

Dynamic Duo

Terry Talks: Better than Chemo: The Dynamic Duo of Grape Seed Extract & Curcumin for the Prevention and Treatment of Cancer

Summing It Up

  I must admit that after the Benghazi Committee hearing on Thursday I was very angry. I'm not especially a strong defender of Hillary Clinton, what I found to be extremely offensive was the tactless posture taken by the GOP members of the panel in the questioning of Clinton. They were nothing short of being assaultive, they were bullies, they were thugs. They failed, and they failed miserably primarily due to Clinton's unflappable demeanor over an 11 hour period, but I believe they need to be held accountable for such atrocious and obviously partisan political low balling. Generally speaking the committee was a disgrace in that they continued to lower the bar on the entire political process. You might think that this is a long standing battle, the GOP versus Hillary Clinton. To think that would not be correct, recall how Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Obama are demonized to the point of lunacy by the GOP. Make no mistake this hearing was conducted to ruin Hillary Clinton's presidential aspiration.

Have A Great Saturday

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The Onion - Bisquick Unveils Sprawling State-Of-The-Art Silicon Valley Campus

The Onion: Bisquick Unveils Sprawling State-Of-The-Art Silicon Valley Campus


Science Daily: CEO effect on firm performance mostly due to chance
summary - A researcher calls into question the common notion that CEOs have a large effect on firm performance. Instead, he suggests that most of the performance attributed to CEOs could actually be due to chance.

TRNN - Some Burned Ferguson-Area Churches Defended Police During Ferguson Uprising

The Drought

CS Monitor: To learn to battle drought, California turns to the experts: Australia - The average Melbourne resident now uses 41 gallons of water a day – four times less than the average Los Angeleno.

Poor Baby

MSNBC: Donald Trump goes on attack after Iowa poll shows decline
“I honestly think those polls are wrong.” Trump then said that the two polling groups responsible for the numbers, Quinnipiac and Bloomberg, “do not like me.”

Trump has, however, previously touted these same polling institutions this election cycle, frequently citing them in speeches while discussing his lead.


  I couldn't resist the article's title...

Ring Of Fire: Hillary Makes the Entire GOP Look Like Benghazi Ass Clowns

NY, Cuomo, Transexuals

Guardian UK: Andrew Cuomo to ban transgender discrimination in New York state - Campaigners say: ‘We are thrilled. This sends a message to the country’ - Governor says existing law protected gay people but left out transexuals

Global Warming - Perth

Guardian UK: Perth's double whammy: as sea levels rise the city itself is sinking - The city’s growing population means a growing demand for water, but as more and more water is drawn out of Perth’s acquifers, the land is slowly subsiding

Robert Reich - Immigration Facts

Private Prisons

HuffPo: Hillary Clinton Says She'll End Private Prisons, Stop Accepting Their Money - Her campaign says she wants to "end the era of mass incarceration."

Bush, Trump, Carson

NYT: Bush Cuts Costs, Carson Eclipses Trump in Iowa and G.O.P. Frets
A focus group of Republicans in Indianapolis this week, conducted for the nonpartisan Annenberg Public Policy Center, called Mr. Trump “self-serving” and “disturbing.” In contrast, Mr. Carson was called “wise” and “a gentleman.”

A Bust

Media Matters: We Counted Every Question: The Benghazi Hearing Was Dominated By Debunked Media Myths And Things Clinton Already Answered

Friday, October 23, 2015


  So many articles on the farce today, the GOP f-d up royally.

The Nation: The Day the GOP Turned the Benghazi Tragedy Into a Farce - Enduring an 11-hour festival of mansplaining, with a sexist assist from GOP women, Hillary Clinton looked calm and presidential.

The Borowtiz Report - Clinton Thanks Benghazi Committee For Invaluable Service To Her Campaign

New Yorker (satire): Clinton Thanks Benghazi Committee for Invaluable Service to Her Campaign

11-Hour Gift

  The terms 'pile of garbage' and 'pile of trash' seem to be coming up a lot today in articles describing the Benghazi Committee. This is an exceptionally good article and Jeb Lund makes liberal use of pointing out just how absolutely stupid ignorant the GOP questioning tactics were.

Rolling Stone: Republicans' 11-Hour Gift to Hillary Clinton - Conservatives on the Benghazi committee practically picked Clinton up and carried her toward the White House
That this committee has lumbered over the political landscape like some idiot golem willed into existence from a pile of trash only highlights the insignificance of its focus.

Short of Ted Cruz, Jordan probably set the land speed record with most Americans for going from "guy I’ve never heard of before" to "guy I wish would jump up his own asshole."

But what's downright hilarious is the entire hearing's premise: that Hillary Clinton is simultaneously a conniving political manipulator who has bedeviled the American people and the Republican Party for nearly 25 years, and someone so stupid and incompetent that exhausting her with hours of parroted questions she's heard a dozen times would make her fall apart. That's just some primo thinking right there.

Hearing Benefits

Politico: Benghazi hearing floods Clinton campaign coffers with cash

Transparent Solar Cell

  Another game changer, we can hope.

Digital Trends: Fully transparent solar cell could make every window in your house a power source


BBC: Hurricane Patricia: Mexico awaits 'strongest ever' storm

Have An Excellent Friday

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The Onion - Benghazi Committee Instructs Hillary Clinton To Limit Answers To ‘I Failed The American People’

The Onion: Benghazi Committee Instructs Hillary Clinton To Limit Answers To ‘I Failed The American People’

Arctic Plastic Litter

Science Daily: Plastic litter taints the sea surface, even in the Arctic - For the first time, researchers survey litter on sea surface at such high latitudes
summary - For the first time, researchers show that marine litter can even be found at the sea surface of Arctic waters. Though it remains unclear how the litter made it so far north, it is likely to pose new problems for local marine life, the authors report.

MSNBC Morning Joe On Gowdy

  Check out the video.

MSNBC: Joe: A very bad day for Gowdy and GOP

The Drought

Los Angeles Times: Congressional Republicans demand plan for collecting El Niño water

Deflating and Decompensating Trump

  What an idiot.

Ring Of Fire: Trump Tweets Iowa Residents are Brain Dead for Supporting Carson Over Him

Unanimous Approval For Clinton

  As I tour the media outlets this morning, there is unanimous approval for Hillary Clinton's deft handling of the beyond highly partisan brutal GOP led Beghazi committee hearing.

Guardian UK: Benghazi hearing: Hillary Clinton shows yoga poise through 11-hour stretch - House committee members turn on each other as Republicans fail to land a blow over former secretary of state’s conduct surrounding Libya consulate attack
But it was ranking member Cummings who obliged in delivering that moment. Late into the hearing, the Maryland Democrat erupting with a bellow that jolted the fatigued crowd. “I don’t know what we want from you!” the Maryland Democrat told Clinton.

“Do we want to bash you over and over again? We’re better than that … We are better than using taxpayer dollars to destroy a campaign.” He turned to Clinton: “You can comment if you like, I just had to get that off my chest.” Onlookers burst into applause.

Tennessee University Shooting

Guardian UK: Fatal Tennessee State University shooting started over dice game, police say - One person killed and two injured in shootings on on Nashville campus - Incident is the second around the area in a little more than a week


New Yorker: The Hillary Hearing seemed to dawn on her that the proper response to her Republican interrogators was not outrage but pity.

...Clinton responded, with a friendly wave of her hand. From then on, she was in control. “I’m sorry that doesn’t fit your narrative, Congressman. I can only tell you what the facts are...”

At 7:15 P.M...Martha Roby, of Alabama, asked Clinton about her movements when she went home on the night of the attack. “Were you alone?” she asked. Yes, Clinton said. “The whole night?” Clinton started to laugh once more. “I don’t see why that’s funny,” Roby said. Not funny, perhaps, but, like the Benghazi committee itself, absurd.


  The word ridiculous in this context is inadequate. It's way beyond ridiculous.

HuffPo: Even Conservatives Realize Hillary Clinton's Benghazi Committee Hearing Was Ridiculous - The 11 hours of questions were "a waste of time," one pundit wrote.

FOX News - Shame On The GOP

  You read that correctly. Even the epicenter of the brain dead GOP, the phony news incarnate, FOX, has produced a news article articulating and identifying the vicious partisan GOP's assault on Hillary Clinton. Democrats, get furious, this was a travesty.

FOX News: Hillary Clinton's Benghazi testimony is over. Looks like Kevin McCarthy told the truth
I know many of you reading this piece on the Fox News website do not support Hillary Clinton and I respect that. But I tell you with 100 percent sincerity that if a Republican Secretary of State had ever been treated this way by a Democratic congressional committee, I would be ashamed as a Democrat. And would say so.

For Bernie

AlterNet: Vets For Bernie: Why the Most Anti-War Candidate Has Many Military Supporters - Sanders' career in Congress has been living testimony to the fact that opposing wars but supporting our soldiers are not mutually exclusive goals.

The Market On Friday

  Good morning. It is 41 degrees and sunny here in the Upper Hudson Valley. A beautiful sunny day with temperatures in the 50s is predicted. What a week it has been, it did not disappoint. I guess I could write an endless stream of negative comments about the GOP. I'll just write a few. The GOP is no longer a functioning political party, it is now a hostile headless fear crazed insurgency bent on destruction and essentially devouring itself and anything else that happens to stray too close to its chaotic brainless black hole center. I applaud Hillary Clinton's calm and articulate responses over a deliberately brutal period of time from an essentially vicious and extremist hostile group of GOP alleged politicians. The GOP literally needs to be stamped out, it is a smoldering garbage heap at this point in time. I could not be possibly more convinced that the country needs to be divided into two separate entities - America and Red America.

  At 9:00 a.m. ET futures are significantly higher and the price of oil per barrel is up. The market is poised to open higher.

  A severe interest rate cut by China's central bank is driving up futures this morning. Along with that reality is the possibility of another interest rate cut for the Euro by the ECB. Investors like interest rate cuts because it means money is more liquid.

CNN: 6 things to know before the open
China slashed key interest rates on Friday, the latest in a string of measures aimed at boosting its economy.

The ECB could cut interest rates even deeper into negative territory or increase the size and scope of its program of quantitative easing -- printing money to buy government bonds and other assets.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

GOP Disgraced

  The GOP has solidified itself as a reckless tone deaf harmful insurgency. I've never seen such a disgraceful fiasco on TV and I watched quite a bit of it. Hillary Clinton literally amazed me, withstanding a relentless assault all day and night long. She was masterful. And here we have a spineless bragging thug like Trump whining about standing there for three hours at a debate because it's too hard, poor little baby.

WaPo: Hillary Clinton triumphed at the Benghazi hearing by not losing her cool


  The bill put forward by the GOP, of course, would have cut trillions from Social Security, Medicare, and Food Stamps. These people are vicious.

Politico: House GOP likely to abandon debt-limit bill - The move throws into question how Congress will meet a Nov. 3 deadline.

Partisan Lunatics


Mother Jones: What GOP Candidates Are Tweeting About Clinton's Benghazi Testimony
Huckabee - Chris Stevens died, Hillary Clinton lied, and the Obama administration tried to cover it up. Time to tell the truth!

Jeb - Benghazi security failures were a stunning example of an incompetent foreign policy. @HillaryClinton’s role as SOS deserves scrutiny today.

Have A Great Thursday

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The Onion - Desperate Ohio Now Exploring Homeopathic Execution Methods

The Onion: Desperate Ohio Now Exploring Homeopathic Execution Methods

Please Say Thank You

Science Daily: The power of thank you: Gratitude linked to positive marital outcomes
summary - A key ingredient to improving couples' marriages might just be gratitude, according to new research.Researchers say they "found that feeling appreciated and believing that your spouse values you directly influences how you feel about your marriage, how committed you are to it, and your belief that it will last."

TRNN - Trudeau Pledge Tracker, Reinstating 40 Million In Science Funding And Appointing A Chief Of Science

The Drought

CS Monitor: Why monarch butterflies benefit from the California drought

Trey's On The Take

  Shocking! Surprising! Not...

Ring Of Fire: GOP Head of Benghazi Committee Received $6,000 from PACs Connected to Anti-Clinton Group


  Let's call it what it is - terrorism.

Guardian UK: Arsons at six black churches baffle St Louis police as parishioners ask 'why' - No suspects have been identified in fires that began on 8 October - All the churches are within a few miles of each other

Global Warming - Productivity

NPR: The countries where global warming will shrink bank accounts
If global warming isn’t checked, the team expects average global incomes will be slashed by a quarter by 2100.

2016 To 2020

  God help us...

AlterNet: The GOP’s Really Going to Do It: Trump Isn’t a Phase — Republicans Think He’s Their Best Shot - A poll bolsters Trump's campaign by showing that not only do GOP voters like him, they think he can beat Clinton.

And To The Left And Right

  Hmm, Rubio. I wonder what the odds are on Rubio.

NPR: Carson, Rubio To Flank Trump In Next GOP Debate

Fine Line

NYT: Benghazi Committee to Walk Fine Line in Questioning Hillary Clinton

The Market On Thursday

  Good morning. It is 56 degrees and cloudy here in the Upper Hudson Valley. The forecast is predicting a 20% chance of precipitation. Today is the big day, Hillary goes before the Benghazi committee and testifies. As we know with Biden out of the race Hillary's chances are better. Also as we know, she is a skilled lawyer and a skilled politician so it will be interesting to see who wins this chess match. No doubt the FOX News crowd has already prepared its victory and vanquishing narrative. Reality will show us a different story.

  At 9:00 a.m. ET futures are moderately higher and the price of oil per barrel is up. The market is poised to open higher.

  Third quarter earnings reports continue to roll in and the market is remaining firm meaning that the reports are strong enough. Oil is now trading in the $46 per barrel range and the $45 to $50 range has been embedded in for several weeks. This does not mean that oil will remain at this level. Onto Benghazi.

CNN: 5 things to know before the open
In Europe, the parent company for Mercedes-Benz cars -- Daimler (DDAIY) -- reported record sales in the third quarter and strong growth in China.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Go Pro

Guardian UK: Probiotic bacteria may aid against anxiety and memory problems - People who took capsules containing Bifidobacterium longum 1714 reported less stress and fared better on memory tests, study finds
“When they were given these bacteria they were less anxious and their capacity to memorise material seemed to be enhanced..."

Possible Ending

Guardian UK: Nasa images of cosmic catastrophe give glimpse of Earth's ultimate fate - Earth’s final days are in the distant future, but the the death of a far-off solar system revealed in images from Kepler 2 shows how the world might end


  There's an epidemic use of heroin going on out there. Richmond Vt has a population of 4100, and towns this small are in the middle of the epidemic. This has got to stop. This is really bad.

WMUR: Police find toddlers inside Vermont home while searching for heroin
Buck said other burglaries and thefts around town are also linked to drug addiction.

"And not just here in Richmond, but all throughout the county and all throughout the state," he said.

Julián Castro As Clinton's VP

  We've pointed Julián Castro out before but now with Biden out, it becomes even more relevant.

The Texas Tribune: Castro's VP Buzz Hits New High With Clinton Endorsement

Larry Wilmore - Toddler Shootings


San Antonio Current: 'Texas' is Slang for 'Crazy' in Norway
..."det var helt texas." It roughly translates to "that was totally/completely bonkers."

What Is This?

  If I'm writing this article, I would title it - 'Hell has frozen over.'

WaPo: Is it time to concede that Donald Trump is likely to win the GOP nomination?

The Window Is Closed

NPR: Joe Biden: Window 'Has Closed' For A White House Bid

Biden Is Out

  CNN is reporting Biden will not be running for president.

Have A Great Wednesday

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The Onion - Huckabee Forced To Attend Fundraiser With Head Stuck In Molasses Crock

The Onion: Huckabee Forced To Attend Fundraiser With Head Stuck In Molasses Crock

Comets, Meteors, Mass Extinction

Science Daily: Scientists find link between comet, asteroid showers and mass extinctions
summary - For more than 30 years, scientists have argued about a controversial hypothesis relating to periodic mass extinctions and impact craters -- caused by comet and asteroid showers -- on Earth. Now scientists have concluded that mass extinctions occurring over the past 260 million years were likely caused by comet and asteroid showers.

TRNN - 'Little Guantanamos' In The United States

The Drought

LA Times: X-ray technology reveals California's forests are in for a radical transformation

Canada Is Out Against ISIS

Guardian UK: Canada to end airstrikes in Syria and Iraq, new prime minister Trudeau says - In first press conference after election victory, Justin Trudeau says Canadian fighter jets will withdraw from US mission against Islamic State

United We Stand

  As one MSNBC commentator said last night about the chances of a united GOP Congress, "The chances are slim to none, and slim just left the room."

Guardian UK: Paul Ryan offers himself as speaker if House Republicans unite in support - Wisconsin congressman confirms willingness to take over from John Boehner but needs to muster votes across conservatives, moderates and hardliners

Bernie On Alabama Voter Suppression

Ring Of Fire: Vote-Suppressing, Alabama Republicans are Cowards, Says Bernie Sanders

Global Warming - War, Syria, Drought

The Cornell Daily Sun: Global warming and war
But nowhere has the punishment of climate change been harsher than in Syria. For three years Syria experienced a heavy drought.


AlterNet: Neil deGrasse Tyson Lets the Science Deniers Have It: 'The Beginning of the End of an Informed Democracy' - The renowned astrophysicist discusses his show "StarTalk" and the state of science in America.

The Market On Wednesday

  Good morning. It is 53 degrees and slightly cloudy here in the Upper Hudson Valley. The weather logo is indicating a cloudy day, maybe it'll rain. We see that Trump is now really drumming up the right with scare tactics. Trump is claiming that Obama wants to now issue an executive order to take away people's guns - Trump warns of an imaginary anti-gun executive order. That is just plain outright disgraceful, the man knows no limits, he is a vile individual. America, wake up, you're knuckle dragging.
  At 8:50 a.m. ET futures are moderately higher and the price of oil per barrel is down. The market is poised to open higher.
  As of today one can now purchase shares of Ferrari. It sounds like fun in a car loving, sporty type of way. Oil is once again heading lower more than likely based on China's tiny slowdown. Oil inventory data comes though this morning and that will no doubt move oil up or down again.

CNN: 6 things to know before the open
Weekly crude inventories data will come from the federal government at 10:30 a.m. ET, which could move prices.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

'Star Wars - The Force Awakens'



TPM: House GOP Moderates: If We Don't Get Paul Ryan For Speaker, We Might Quit!

The Borowitz Report - Benghazi Hearings Cancelled After Clinton Drops Out Of Race

New Yorker (satire): Benghazi Hearings Cancelled After Clinton Drops Out of Race

Not Going To Happen

  A bipartisan speaker:
- a concession to the Democrats, the Democrats of course are hated beyond reason.
- interference with the 2016 election.
- the GOP wants to keep the Tea Party/Freedom Caucus under its roof, because they need all the votes they can get.

  Ultimately when the GOP chooses a partisan speaker, the Tea Party/Freedom Caucus will continue to be their further undoing.

MSNBC: Pelosi: House Dems are ‘open’ to a bipartisan Speaker

Webb Out

NPR: Jim Webb Exits Democratic Primary, Leaves Door Open For Independent Bid
Raising money to fuel a run is only half the problem; getting on the ballot in all 50 states would be an expensive proposition.

GOP - Cut Social Security, Medicare, Food Stamps

  What is so interesting here is that there are millions of seniors out there who will happily vote for the GOP year after year in spite of their party's interest in hacking away their own benefits.

CBS News: GOP conservatives unveil debt ceiling hike that comes with steep price
The bill would require congressional committees to produce legislation within 90 days that would cut more than $3.8 trillion in mandatory funding over the next decade. Mandatory funding covers programs like Medicare, Social Security and food stamps.

Have A Great Tuesday

work by Odilon Redon

The Onion - Ben Carson Tormented By Periodic Rational Thoughts

The Onion: Ben Carson Tormented By Periodic Rational Thoughts

4.1 Billion Years Ago

Science Daily: Life on Earth likely started 4.1 billion years ago, much earlier than scientists thought - Evidence that early Earth was not dry and desolate
summary - Geochemists have found probable evidence for life on Earth at least 4.1 billion years ago -- 300 million years earlier than previously documented, pushing the origin of life close to when the planet formed, 4.54 billion years ago.

TRNN - Rejecting Hard Right, Canadians Dump Harper

The Drought

NPR: Drought-Stricken California Prepares For Strong El Niño Winter

Black Cloud

  You know it's hard to take away any good news from a GOP poll as every single one of these people is terrifying in their own special unique horrifying way. It appears that Carly Fiorina is losing her following and I suppose this is good news except that what's left over is equally scary.

MSNBC: Poll: Trump hits highest mark yet, but Carson is close behind
...Carly Fiorina, who fell from 11 percent last month to 7 percent this month...


  Fake news outfit, fake experts, what's the problem?

Ring Of Fire: Fox News FINALLY Apologizes for Hosting Fake ‘Terror Expert’

The Dalai Lama On Global Warming

  How is it that an elder Tibetan monk gets it and the entire rightwing in America does not?

Guardian UK: Dalai Lama says strong action on climate change is a human responsibility - Tibetan Buddhist spiritual leader says humans caused global warming so must now take action to protect fragile environments including Himalayan glaciers

Canada Goes Left And Keeps It in The Family

  Justin Trudeau is the son of former prime minister Pierre Trudeau. The Canadians are keeping it in the family similar to the US with the Bush family and to a lesser extent so far, the Clintons.

Guradian UK: Justin Trudeau begins first full day as Canada's prime minister-designate - Liberal leader expected be sworn in before 15 November following dramatic victory over Conservative Stephen Harper

Global Warming - India

  From reading the article there is no direct scientific study correlation between global warming and increasing lightning strikes and deaths as a result of the strikes in India. However as global temperatures continue to rise, extreme weather changes also continue to occur.

  Over the years we have taken note of many subtle types of changes in the environment from insect migrations, blights, extreme and unusual weather, fish population changes, and on and on and on. This one might also go into that category.

WSJ: As Lightning Deaths Surge in India, Some Blame Global Warming
The number of annual reported lightning deaths across India has climbed by about 40% compared with 10 years ago. Last year, 2,582 Indians were killed, according to the official government tally. While the deaths are usually spread across the subcontinent, almost all of them are in rural areas.

Toddlers With Guns

  I hope Wayne LaPierre can explain how his "only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun" meme works in this scenario. Clearly we need 'good' toddlers with guns.

  Forgive my sarcasm but this is just horrible and is another unfortunate aspect of a country up to its ears in guns.

AlterNet: Toddlers with Guns Shoot Someone About Once a Week in America: 6 Horrifying Recent Incidents - This issue is a national tragedy. The crime is that something could be done.

The Market On Tuesday

  Good morning. It is 47 degrees and cloudy here in the Upper Hudson Valley. According to the weather logo the temperature will get up into the 60s today and there will be sunshine. We really had a glorious day on Monday even though it was pretty cool, outside I had on almost the real deal Winter clothing. I watched quite a bit of MSNBC last night as I am fond of Chris Hayes and Rachel Maddow. There's still a lot of talk on the upcoming Benghazi hearing with Hillary on Thursday. The mess will be broadcast on TV and it is thought that it will last all day. A lot of people are commenting on Ben Carson's odd performance with George Stephanopoulos over the weekend - check it out for yourself - George Stephanopoulos Makes A Fool Out Of Ben Carson Without Even Trying (VIDEO). It's actually a very disturbing video because Carson comes off as profoundly confused, I mean you or I could have answered the questions better. I don't know how an intelligent person could watch Ben here and then go away with the sense that he is presidential. Ben Carson is not presidential material folks.

  At 9:00 a.m. ET futures are slightly lower and the price of oil per barrel is up. The market is poised to open slightly lower.

  Third quarter reports continue to roll in and one must still assume they are good enough especially with the DOW perched so high. Notice that Canada has elected a liberal government replacing 10 years of totalitarian conservative rule.

CNN: Stocks: 5 things to know before the open
Canadians have voted in their first new leader in 10 years. Justin Trudeau is the son of a former Canadian prime minister. He led his Liberal party to a majority government, dealing a stunning blow to incumbent leader Stephen Harper.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Front Runner

MSNBC: Clinton remains clear front-runner of Democratic field, new poll finds

Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi

Updated - MSNBC: Conditions go from bad to worse for GOP’s Benghazi Committee


Mother Jones: Donald Trump Still Does Not Understand How Seasons Work

Rep Mo Brooks R-Alabama

HuffPo: GOP Congressman Already Floating Impeachment For Hillary Clinton


Raw Story: Fox & Friends host: Trump should blame Bill Clinton for 9/11 instead of Bush

Elijah Cummings

CBS News: Democrat: Clinton's Benghazi testimony a "sad day"
"I think it's a sad day for all of us because we made a commitment to the families. The families came in with tears in their eyes literally and said, 'Please do not make this a political football.' That's exactly what's happened..."

Have A Great Monday

work by Odilon Redon

  I want to spend another week with Redon's work, he completely knocks me out. The work is utterly unique, colorful, simply beautiful, way ahead of its time, and provocative in a smart and intelligent way.

The Borowitz Report - Biden To Decide On 2016 Bid By Early 2017

New Yorker: Biden to Decide on 2016 Bid by Early 2017

Antartic Ice Shelf Collapse

  Bernie Sanders is correct, the biggest threat is global warming.

Science Daily: Two degree Celsius warming locks in sea level rise for thousands of years
summary - A jump in global average temperatures of 1.5°C to 2°C will see the collapse of Antarctic ice shelves and lead to hundreds and even thousands of years of sea level rise, according to new research.

TRNN - Lack Of Water, Unsanitary Conditions Prompt Seniors To Protest At (Baltimore) City Housing Project

The Drought El Nino brings rain to California but won't end drought

Jeb Tightens His Belt

Ring Of Fire: Jeb Bush Campaign Funds Slowing, Cuts Staff Salaries


  Some GOTea-ers don't know who to flail at first, people in their own party or Hillary and/or Bernie. I love GOP infighting and it's really heating up lately. Get the popcorn ready because other than the monstrous fact that our country's ability to make any progress is at stake, it's amusing and entertaining and it couldn't happen to a more deserving bunch.

Guardian UK: Benghazi panel sparks feud among Republicans before Clinton's testimony - Republican party’s disagreements over approach to investigation in public view as committee chair Trey Gowdy chastises members of his caucus