Monday, June 26, 2017

Jumping Ship - Maybe

  Bill Palmer hates Trump. Read his work with a healthy dose of skepticism, that's just my take.

The Palmer Report: As his ship sinks, Donald Trump is losing key political allies by the minute


Seadog said...

I agree with his analysis of how this is going down in front of us and behind us. Trumpf's just too untrustworthy, unstable and treacherous even for Putin. Anyone who knows about the way he's done business the last 40 yrs. knows all about this none of its a surprise. Simply put Donald Trumpf is a con man and much worse. Here in AC we watched him perfect "The Art of the Swindle" the follow-up companion book to his infamous 80's book "Art of the Deal ( Steal)" ( which he had ghostwritten.) Donald is the Tony Robbins of Swindlers. How long will he get away with this high wire act is going to make an entire five yr. TV serial someday. In the mean time, its the scariest ugliest Reality Show not on TV. His latest gambit to hide in plain sight by banning cameras and tape recording devices in Press conferences is an example of just how deluded and paranoid his regime has already become. It's just a matter of time. Then comes the Pence or Ryan regimes and things get even worse in some interesting ways.

Jim Sande said...

It's a very ugly period for this country. I'm not sure we recover. Whatever is left after this monstrosity will be a severely depleted country. People will be further driven into their little pockets of security, more isolation.

Seadog said...

Jim, this too shall pass. "I still believe what MartinLuther King said about, "the arc of history bends gradually toward Justice."