Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Morning Joe - Rural Health Care Would Be Savaged By This Bill


Seadog said...

This is what Donald and the GOP are all about. They get these rednecks and yahoos to vote for them and they even convince them that all these programs have go away because the people they hate are using them and then they stick the knife in their backs and they take them away from them as well. Then comes along the interesting part and this where FOX et al. comes in, these same people are told it's Obama and Hillary's fault it all went away and these idiots believe it and vote the same people back in and they do it over and over again to them. Hell, in the Civil War they had their Great Grandaddies fighting and dying to preserve the right of 2% ( slaveholders) to own other people. These are some dumb MFers.

Jim Sande said...

We call it willful ignorance. It's a global phenomena, and very popular in the USA.