Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Down Down Down

  I like the Palmer Report mostly because the headlines themselves are so compelling. However, read it with a grain of salt and remain skeptical, but do enjoy the headline. This one is perhaps the most appealing yet.

The Palmer Report: Donald Trump is going down for Russian money laundering, and now there’s nothing he can do to stop it


Seadog said...

It's no secret he's a money launderer for the Russians, at least not in ACNJ it's not. Whether or not the rest of America will care one way or another is another thing. Must of his following would call these crimes "business deals."

Jim Sande said...

I was thinking recently, who really gives a shit if Sean Hannity is running his mouth all the time to Trump supporters. Who the fuck is he anyhow, just some loud mouth ass who holds zero political power. I don't think Trump is going to bully his way through the various governmental departments that are investigating him. He's trying but this dictator meme is dead.