Monday, March 27, 2017

36% And Dropping

Gallup: Trump's Approval Rating Drops to New Low of 36% by Frank Newport

Scott Pelley Interviews Conspiracy Nut


The East St. Louis Riot 1917

  I'm taking a history class on WWI. I'd thought I'd pass on a little of the information I'm getting. - The American Experience: The East St. Louis Riot
On July 1, 1917, a rumor spread claiming that a white man had been killed by a black man, and tensions boiled over. The next day, the city of East St. Louis exploded in the worst racial rioting the country had ever seen. Most of the violence -- drive-by shootings, beatings, and arson -- targeted the African American community. The riots raged for nearly a week, leaving nine whites and hundreds of African Americans dead, and property damage estimated at close to $400,000. More than six thousand black citizens, fearing for their lives, fled the city.

The carnage was all the more shocking because it occurred only shortly after American's entry into World War I. According to historian Winston James, "You have black troops going off to fight to make the world safe for democracy in April and in July you have black people being murdered in the most wanton and barbaric manner in East St. Louis; children being thrown back into flaming houses, people being boarded up in their houses before they're torched so that they couldn't escape. So even by American standards, East St. Louis was a horror."

Ignoring Facts

Salon: “We’re in two different universes” is an announcement that trolls don’t want to live in the real world - "60 Minutes" provides us a look at a "spin-first" mentality, and the excuse when claims can't be proven by Jeremy Binckes
There are people who hold a certain set of beliefs, and may alter their arguments when faced with evidence that dispels their beliefs. And then there are people who will ignore facts if it gets in the way of a good conspiracy theory.

The Onion - Sessions Rattles Baton Along Prison Bars In Speech Vowing To Crack Down On Violent Crime

The Onion: Sessions Rattles Baton Along Prison Bars In Speech Vowing To Crack Down On Violent Crime

Global Warming - The Jet Stream

Science Daily: Extreme weather events linked to climate change impact on the jet stream
summary - Unprecedented summer warmth and flooding, forest fires, drought and torrential rain -- extreme weather events are occurring more and more often, but now an international team of climate scientists has found a connection between many extreme weather events and the impact climate change is having on the jet stream.


Washington Post: Scientists convert spinach leaves into human heart tissue — that beats By Ben Guarino

Have An Excellent Monday

work by Romaine Brooks

Lawrence O'Donnell - Trump Presidency Effectively Over After Repeal Failure

Ari Melber - 'Normal' Or Not - Sean Spicer's Credibility Gap

Morning Joe - Here's Why That Bill Needed To Fail


Guardian UK: Donald Trump blames everyone but himself for healthcare legislation failure - President’s targets include conservatives, Democrats and a possible veiled jab at Paul Ryan as Republican hand-wringing over repeal-and-replace failure continues
“I still believe that there is a good chance, if moderates and conservatives can come together, that we repeal and replace Obamacare, bring premiums down, cover more people.” (said the leader of the Freedom Caucus, Mark Meadows of North Carolina)

Freed Of 'Fraudulent' Green Legislation

Guardian UK: Top US coal boss Robert Murray: Trump 'can't bring mining jobs back' - The founder and chief executive of Murray Energy supports Donald Trump’s move to roll back Obama’s clean power plan but cautions the president to go easy on talk of a jobs revival
America’s biggest coal boss is hopeful that his industry will soon be freed of “fraudulent” green legislation that has hampered his industry, but warned Donald Trump to “temper” expectations about a boom in mining jobs.

Can't F Up Health Care, Yet, Onto F-ing Up Taxes

NY Times: Dealt a Defeat, Republicans Set Their Sights on Major Tax Cuts By ALAN RAPPEPORT
They have to have a victory here,” said Stephen Moore, a Heritage Foundation economist who advised Mr. Trump during the presidential campaign. “But it is going to have to be a bit less ambitious rather than going for the big bang.”

Charles M. Blow's Latest

NY Times: The King of Crash and Burn by Charles M. Blow
These people weren’t elected to govern, but to impede governance. Their mandate isn’t to generate ideas and solve problems by the effective exercise of government. Their singular crusade is that government is ineffective and the solution is to forever see government itself as the problem. Ideas for them are anathema.

The Market On Monday

  Good morning. It is 37 degrees and rainy here in the Upper Hudson Valley, the forecast predicts rain and temperatures in the high 40s this afternoon. The week's forecast shows a stream of days with temperatures mostly in the 50s. Exactly two weeks ago we were preparing for a huge snow blizzard. Today that snow is really retreating and in my neighborhood the snow on the ground is like cheese on a pizza, spotty but present. However it does really still seem like Winter out there.

  At 9:15 a.m. ET DOW futures are -159 and the price of oil per barrel is stable around $48. The market is poised to open significantly lower.

  The Trump administration came up with a huge goose egg with it's highly flawed roll out and non-vote mess with the American Health Care Act. This alleged health care act was more like a sickness, illness, and death booster. not a whole lot of health in there. This thing was garbage. Here's the problem, the GOP only does two things: cuts taxes for the rich, and then destroy valuable institutions of all sorts be they governmental or cultural or both. The GOP is the ISIS of America, these guys want to cut out from America pretty much anything the doesn't spell we love tax free rich white guys and born again Southern Christianity. This is not conservatism, this is regression. I mean at this rate, they may want to destroy the Constitution and join back up with England.

CNN: Stocks catch a cold; Bank of America tumbles; Oil slips again by Alanna Petroff
"The healthcare bill, although it ultimately won't have a big impact on the economy, was a major litmus test for the president, who has an aggressive policy agenda."

Brooks said a major underlying concern is that Trump won't be able to spend as much as he promised on things like infrastructure, which would support the economy and jobs.

Friday, March 24, 2017

The Weekend!

  Enjoy the weekend, see you bright and early Monday morning.

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Painting Protest

Artnet: Dana Schutz’s Painting of Emmett Till at Whitney Biennial Sparks Protest - “It’s not acceptable for a white person to transmute Black suffering into profit and fun,” says artist Hannah Black. by Lorena Muñoz-Alonso

Trump Blames Democrats!

Washington Post: GOP health-care bill: House Republican leaders abruptly pull their rewrite of the nation’s health-care law

NY Times: Trump Blames Democrats as Major Push to Repeal Health Law Fails By ROBERT PEAR, JULIE HIRSCHFELD DAVIS, JENNIFER STEINHAUER and THOMAS KAPLAN

Barbara Lee Slams Trumpcare And GOP 'Religious' Hypocrites

David Brooks' Latest

NY Times: The Trump Elite. Like the Old Elite, but Worse! by David Brooks
He didn’t mind caving to the Freedom Caucus Wednesday night on policy because he doesn’t care about policy, just the publicity win.


  If your looking for a healthy no-dairy tasty beverage, this is good.

Cookie and Kate: Tahini Date Shake and Tel Aviv

Morning Joe Rips White House Over Trumpcare - 'This Was Such An Obviously Stupid Play'

Another GOP Cover Up

Salon: RNC tried to hide payments for intel gathering on Hillary Clinton: report - The committee paid a low-profile firm to make intelligence reports that sought to prove conflicts of interest by Taylor Link

The Onion - Military Aides Try To Cheer Up Kim Jong-Un After Failed Missile Launch By Putting On Surprise Execution

The Onion: Military Aides Try To Cheer Up Kim Jong-Un After Failed Missile Launch By Putting On Surprise Execution


Science Daily: Spiritual retreats change feel-good chemical systems in the brain - Changes may prime the brain for spiritual experiences
summary - More Americans than ever are turning to spiritual, meditative and religious retreats as a way to reset their daily life and enhance well-being. Now, researchers show there are changes in the dopamine and serotonin systems in the brains of retreat participants.

Have An Excellent Friday

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Chuck Todd - Trump’s Parade Of Evasions And Falsehoods

Lawrence O'Donnell - Trump, Ryan, Nunes In Over Their Heads

Chris Matthews - Sen: There Was Massive Russian Interference In Election

Hated Acroos The Spectrum

MSNBC: Americans reject Republican health plan in striking numbers By Steve Benen

Fountain Of Youth

Guardian UK: Purging the body of 'retired' cells could reverse ageing, study shows - Findings raise possibility that a future therapy that rids the body of senescent cells might protect against the ravages of old age
When mice were treated with a substance designed to sweep away cells that have entered a dormant state due to DNA damage their fur regrew, kidney function improved and they were able to run twice as far as untreated elderly animals.

Break Please

Guardian UK: Make-or-break day for Donald Trump's healthcare gamble US president plays hardball with Congress by threatening to walk away from repealing Obamacare if the House fails to pass his healthcare bill


NY Times: Yes, Senator, You Wouldn’t Want to Lose Your Mammograms — or Women Voters By SUSAN CHIRA


  I'm calling B.S., this man lives in a constant state of self-doubt. If he didn't have self-doubt, he wouldn't need to be emotionally fluffed every waking instant.

NY Times: Trump the Dealmaker Projects Bravado, but Behind the Scenes, Faces Rare Self-Doubt By GLENN THRUSH and MAGGIE HABERMAN


NY Times: Trump Tells G.O.P. It’s Now or Never, Demanding House Vote on Health Bill By JULIE HIRSCHFELD DAVIS, ROBERT PEAR and THOMAS KAPLAN

The Market On Friday

  Good morning. It is 37 degrees with a cloudy grey sky here in the Upper Hudson Valley, the forecast predicts a rainy day with temperatures in the 40s this afternoon. The long range forecast has the temperature remaining in the 40s and 50s during the day through the next full week. Spring is ready to touch down.

  At 9:10 a.m. ET DOW futures are +46 and the price of oil per barrel is up. The market is poised to open moderately higher.

  The unmitigated disaster that is presently occupying the White Hose and Congress is planning to vote on a massive tax break for the rich that coincidentally has attached to it, a hideous health care plan for Americans. The health care plan will save Americans money because no one will be able to afford the deductibles and therefore we will all forego health care. Smart thinking there GOP, way to do it. Do us proud oh creators and lovers of human misery. Trump is probably the most detested man in the world, Ryan is doing his damnedest to catch up in that shoe shit contest.

CNN: U.S. health care; OPEC meeting; Electronics ban by Ivana Kottasova