Tuesday, October 23, 2018

The End

Salon: Pulitzer winner Chris Hedges: Donald Trump “is the product of a failed democracy” - Acclaimed progressive journalist on Trump’s mastery of political theater, and the downfall of American democracy by Chauncey DeVega

The Onion - Nation’s Fact-Checkers Confirm They’ll Probably Wrap Up Evaluating Trump’s Statements By 2050 At Latest

The Onion: Nation’s Fact-Checkers Confirm They’ll Probably Wrap Up Evaluating Trump’s Statements By 2050 At Latest

Overly Simplistic

  Something tells me this is not going to go over well with the fundamentalists.

Scientific American: Sex Redefined: The Idea of 2 Sexes Is Overly Simplistic - Biologists now think there is a larger spectrum than just binary female and male By Claire Ainsworth
Halfway through her fifth decade and pregnant with her third child, the woman learned for the first time that a large part of her body was chromosomally male.


  This is Bill Palmer's response to the Politico article which suggested that the Mueller report would be nothing but a disappointment.

The Palmer Report: “Prepare for disappointment” from Robert Mueller? Oh give me a break. by Bill Palmer

'People Having A Really Bad Day'


  This entire period since the election has been exhausting. I am at peak saturation point x. I'm trying to stay current with the news but even doing that is hard. We need some good news folks.

Have An Excellent Tuesday

work by Christopher Thompson

Rachel Maddow - Republicans Turn To Dirty Tricks As 2018 Election Approaches

Colbert - Ted Cruz Goes From 'Lyin' To 'Beautiful'


The Palmer Report: Donald Trump and Ted Cruz rally lands with a thud by Bill Palmer


Guardian UK: World's oldest intact shipwreck discovered in Black Sea - Archaeologists say the 23-metre vessel has lain undisturbed for more than 2,400 years
The ship is believed to have been a trading vessel of a type that researchers say has only previously been seen “on the side of ancient Greek pottery such as the ‘Siren Vase’ in the British Museum”.

Fear, Falsehoods, And 'Beautiful Ted'

Guardian UK: 'Beautiful Ted': Trump and Cruz bury the hatchet as midterm anxiety mounts - Their bitter 2016 rivalry was all but forgotten at a Houston rally as Trump turns to a narrative of fear and falsehoods to shore up Republican control of Congress
So the toxic relationship of 2016 was forgotten and the man who once coined the phrase “Lyin’ Ted” bestowed a new epithet, “Beautiful Ted”.

“God Bless Texas and God Bless President Donald Trump,” Ted Cruz declared...


NY Times: Donald Trump Is Lyin’ Up a Storm - Is there an election coming up, or something? By The Editorial Board
...Mr. Trump is not letting reality interfere with his performance. At a rally in Nevada this weekend, the president told the crowd that Californians were rioting to “get out of their sanctuary cities.” (They aren’t.) He also suggested that Democrats will soon be looking to hand out free luxury cars to illegal immigrants. (They won’t.)

Murder Plan

NY Times: Erdogan Says Saudis Planned Khashoggi’s Killing in Turkey By Richard Pérez-Peña
The team of Saudi officials that arrived in stages in Istanbul to carry out the killing included generals, he said, and the Saudis conducted reconnaissance in rural areas outside the city where investigators have been searching for Mr. Khashoggi’s remains.

The Market On Tuesday

  Good morning. At 9:20 a.m. ET DOW futures are -429 and the price of oil per barrel is down. The market is going to severely tank at the opening bell. Someone get the tourniquet.

CNN: The Dow is tumbling again as earnings fears spark selling By Matt Egan and Chris Isidore

Monday, October 22, 2018


The Daily Beast: Black Voters in Georgia Fear Brian Kemp Is Rigging the Election - The man running for governor also oversees the election as Secretary of State. He’s also sitting on voter registrations, sparking a wave of skepticism among voters. by Patricia Murphy


The Atlantic: The U.S. Loved the Saudi Crown Prince. Not Anymore. The disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi will likely cloud the world’s perception of Mohammed bin Salman as a reformer. by Krishnadev Calamur


Salon: To hell with civility: Enough with the pity party for Mitch McConnell, please - Given all the abuse people of color face, it’s shameful for the media to lecture citizens for raising their voices by Heather Digby Parton

The Onion - Study Finds Placing One Foot Forward, Then The Other, Remains Best Method Of Walking

The Onion: Study Finds Placing One Foot Forward, Then The Other, Remains Best Method Of Walking


Scientific American: Oxygen-Rich Liquid Water May Exist on Mars - Brines suffused with the life-giving gas could offer hope for past and even present microbes on the Red Planet, according to a new study By Nola Taylor Redd


Open Culture: Hear Moby Dick Read in Its Entirety by Benedict Cumberbatch, Tilda Swinton, John Waters, Stephen Fry & More

'My Sharona'

The Knack - live performance

Have An Excellent Monday

work by Willy Verginer - the sculptures are made from wood.

Morning Joe - 'Cautiously Optimistic' Congressman Looks To Novembe

Rachel Maddow - E-Mail Revelation Puts Neat Bow On President Donald Trump FBI HQ Scandal


  As we know, a poor performance in a debate does not translate into losing an election. I would point to Trump's remarkably poor debate performance versus Clinton as one of many many examples.

The Palmer Report: Donald Trump has meltdown after his candidate Ron DeSantis performs poorly in Florida Governor debate by Bill Palmer


Guardian UK: Florida: Republican governor candidate flounders over Trump as role model - Ron DeSantis replies to question on children by defending Israel embassy move as Democrat Andrew Gillum shows calm in debate

Black 'Reverse Migration'

Guardian UK: Black 'reverse migration' driving Atlanta and Georgia towards Democrats - Demographic changes could bring success for Democrats and Stacey Abrams - and counter alleged voter suppression against minorities
A “great reverse migration” of African Americans to the US south from the north could turn historically Republican parts of Georgia’s state capital, Atlanta, from red to Democrat blue as early as next month’s midterms, experts say.

The Mob

NY Times: Count Me Among the Mob - If it means people who stand in opposition to Trump’s degradation of the country. By Charles M. Blow
It is true that Donald Trump is not only antithetical to liberal values, he is antithetical to most American values...

The Election

NY Times: House and Senate Latest, Cruz Rally, Florida Debate: 15 Days to Go

The Market On Monday

  Good morning. At 9:20 a.m. ET DOW futures are +111 and the price of oil per barrel is down. The market is poised to open significantly higher.

CNN: Stocks soar in China; Ryanair warning; Fiat Chrysler sells parts business By Ivana Kottasová


Harvard Business Review: I Ran 4 Experiments to Break My Social Media Addiction. Here’s What Worked. by Sarah K. Peck

Expect Nothing

Politico: Mueller report PSA: Prepare for disappointment - And be forewarned that the special counsel’s findings may never be made public. By DARREN SAMUELSOHN