Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Vanity Fair: The Trump Organization Is Flirting with a Major Constitutional Violation - The president’s businesses aren’t tracking the foreign cash pouring into his hotels after all. by Emily Jane Fox


  This is how we rid ourselves of the pestilence of fake news, take away the funding.

HuffPo: Advertisers Pull Ads From Sean Hannity’s Fox News Show


  Upstate NY residents, beware of scam phone number 518-487-2145. Starts out with a plucky young woman saying Hi, pure scam bs.

Oh The Horror



Five Thirty Eight: Donald Trump’s Base Is Shrinking By Nate Silver

Global Warming Ya Idiot

NY Times: The Pope’s Gifts to Trump Send Some Clear Messages By MARK LANDLER and JASON HOROWITZMAY

MSNBC Is On The Rise

  Trump-Russia means big ratings.

LA Times: Trump-Russia story is a threat to Fox News' ratings dominance
(MSNBC) led by “The Rachel Maddow Show,” (is) now the No. 1 show in cable news with an average nightly viewership of 2.9 million viewers last week...

Peace Trump

  Looks like Trump has had a complete spiritual rebirth after having met the Pope. Trump is now all in on pursuing peace in the world, as long as it includes tax cuts for billionaires and serious cuts in social spending for the poor including food stamps, oh and as long as the war machine gets a huge boost. Treason is optional.

BBC: Trump 'determined to pursue peace' after Pope meeting


  I have not been following the Hannity story about Rich because let's face it, anything that Hannity gets his hands on is going to turn out to be another sordid mess. However if he is feeling some heat for offering another sordid mess, then that might be for the best. America would be much better off if Hannity's fate went the way of O'Reilly's.

Salon: Sean Hannity calls himself the victim as evidence emerges that Seth Rich was not the WikiLeaks source - Besieged by "liberal fascism," Hannity has been on a tear since Rich's family asked him to drop the conspiracy VIDEO - by Taylor Link

The Onion - Rural Working-Class Archbishops Come Out In Droves To Welcome Trump To Vatican

The Onion: Rural Working-Class Archbishops Come Out In Droves To Welcome Trump To Vatican


Science Daily: New type of planetary object proposed: Synestia
summary - There's something new to look for in the heavens, and it's called a 'synestia,' according to planetary scientists. A synestia, they propose, would be a huge, spinning, donut-shaped mass of hot, vaporized rock, formed as planet-sized objects smash into each other.

Chris Matthews - Reagan - Trump Needs To Be Removed From Office

  Somehow I missed this, but the sentiment is mine as well. This is from Tuesday night.

Have An Excellent Wednesday

work by Camille Pissaro

Brian Williams - Fmr. CIA Boss Brennan - Russians Can Lead Americans To Treason


NBC News: Hillary Clinton: Trump Budget Shows ‘Unimaginable’ Cruelty

Only Nine

  The GOP has stepped into it but good with healthcare.

Axios: New GOP fear: nine months of failure


The Palmer Report: How a single word from former CIA Director John Brennan has changed everything about Trump-Russia By Bill Palmer

Over The Top

  The man is unfortunately losing it. He's so wound up with the plaque of being impossibly partisan and hateful that he is moving into crazy land. A lot of what I hear from FOX seems crazy, but here we are talking about he's hallucinating, it's pathological.

Guardian UK: Sean Hannity and the conspiracy theory that was too much even for Fox News - The news channel has told its Trump-boosting host to stop insinuating that a Democrat was killed for passing emails to WikiLeaks. But that hasn’t prevented him tweeting about it …

Three Arrested

Guardian UK: Manchester bombing: three arrested in south Manchester – live updates - Manchester police say three men held in connection with bombing

Potential Wider Plot

NY Times: Salman Abedi, Manchester Bomber, Most Likely Had Help, Officials Say By KATRIN BENNHOLD, STEPHEN CASTLE and NOUR YOUSSEF
“It seems likely — possible — that he wasn’t doing this on his own,” Britain’s home secretary, Amber Rudd, said on Wednesday.


NY Times: Trump’s Budget Doesn’t Make Sense By MAYA MACGUINEAS
Exaggerated growth assumptions in presidential budgets are an age-old tradition, but this budget takes it to new levels, assuming we reach 3 percent growth, a full percentage point above what the Congressional Budget Office forecasts.

The Market On Thursday

  Good morning. It is cloudy and 59 degrees here in the Upper Hudson Valley, the forecast predicts a cloudy day with temperatures in the 70s this afternoon. Hey it looks like we are in for a very nice looking weekend with some sunshine and perfect temperatures.

  At 9:10 a.m. ET DOW futures are +12 and the price of oil per barrel is down. The market is poised to open modestly higher.

  We got to see the vicious quality of Trump's hideous budget yesterday. The irony of course being that the people who voted for this monstrosity of a president will indeed be among those most adversely affected. When we talk about things like cutting food stamps, recall that it is white poverty in areas like Kentucky and West Virginia that rely on food stamps to exist and who also utilize this benefit more than anyone else.

CNN: China debt downgrade; U.K. terror; Nintendo gains by Ivana Kottasová

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Third World

The Intellectualist: Study By MIT Economist: U.S. Has Regressed To A Third-World Nation For Most Of Its Citizens

'She's Got to Be Somewhere'

David Crosby - the old boy's still got it.


How The World Views Trump Now

BBC: Melania's 'slap' and other weird Trump trip moments


Raw Story: This is why RussiaGate will inevitably destroy the Trump presidency


Colbert - Trump's Israel Visit Aims To Promote Lasting 'Peach'

Charles M. Blow's Latest

NY Times: Blood in the Water by Charles M. Blow
It isn’t possible Pence knew nothing. I believe Pence is a liar like his boss.


NY Times: Former C.I.A. Chief Tells of Concern Over Possible Russia Ties to Trump Campaign By THE NEW YORK TIMES

Believe It Or Not

Salon: 10 incredibly fake facts Trump supporters think are true - Facts are not the way to Make America Great Again by Michael Hayne, Alternet
10. Trump is honest and trustworthy

The Onion - Officials Struggling To Condense Trump’s Intelligence Briefing Down To One Word

The Onion: Officials Struggling To Condense Trump’s Intelligence Briefing Down To One Word

Graecopithecus Freybergi

Science Daily: 7.2-million-year-old pre-human remains found in the Balkans - New hypothesis about the origin of humankind suggests oldest hominin lived in Europe
summary - Scientists analyzing 7.2 million-year-old fossils uncovered in modern-day Greece and Bulgaria suggest a new hypothesis about the origins of humankind, placing it in the Eastern Mediterranean and not -- as customarily assumed -- in Africa, and earlier than currently accepted. The researchers conclude that Graecopithecus freybergi represents the first pre-humans to exist following the split from the last chimpanzee-human common ancestor.


Have An Excellent Tuesday

work by Picasso

Endless Trump Scandal

Axios: Copying Clinton, Trump builds scandal war room

MSNBC - Why Did Michael Flynn Take the Fifth?

Another Horrible Trump Day

The Palmer Report: Donald Trump’s no good very bad horrible day just got even worse for him

More Trump Garbage And Disaster

Guardian UK: Trump's budget: major slashes to social programs – but $1.6bn for the wall - Millions of people stand to lose Medicaid access, alongside cuts to welfare and food stamps, under a proposed budget that still has numerous hurdles to jump

Eight-Year-Old Saffie Rose Roussos

Guardian UK: Second Manchester bomb victim named as eight-year-old Saffie Rose Roussos - ‘Beautiful little girl’ was at Ariana Grande concert in Manchester with her mother and sister when the explosion happened

David Brooks' Latest

NY Times: The Alienated Mind
The events of the past four months have demonstrated that Donald Trump is not going to solve the problem he was elected to address; neither the underlying economic and social ruptures nor the alienation that emerges from them.


NY Times: ISIS Claims Responsibility for Manchester Concert Attack; Toll Rises to 22 By CEYLAN YEGINSU and STEVEN ERLANGER attack that appeared to have targeted adolescents and their families.

The Market On Tuesday

  Good morning. It is 57 degrees and somewhat sunny here in the Upper Hudson Valley, the forecast predicts a mostly cloudy day with temperatures in the 70s this afternoon. The longer range forecast for the week is mild, temperatures in the 60s and 70s during the day and a mix of rain and sun. It's been a very rainy Spring in these parts.

  At 9:10 a.m. ET DOW futures are +41 and the price of oil per barrel is slightly lower. The market is poised to open moderately higher.

  I've had the good fortune of being completely and utterly out of touch with the news over the past three days. Checking in briefly right now, we see there's been a bombing in England. I'm sorry to see this because as we know, these incidents tend to make people gravitate towards the tough talking reactionaries in society, meaning it all ends in further disaster.

CNN: Investors keep calm; Trump's budget; Take-Two tumbles by Alanna Petroff