Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Moore's Ten Point Plan

Kurt Eichenwald's Latest

Read It And Weep

Authentic American Troubled Soul

  It's interesting, the story of Jesus surrounds the movement of a supreme spiritual leader whose simplicity of lifestyle, humility, morality, and nobility of spirit eventually earns him the banishment of the state and torturous execution. Of course Jesus is not forgotten but is fundamental to Christianity, his namesake. Then along comes Trump whose lifestyle represents an utter disdain for humility, morality, nobility of spirit etc etc etc, and he is made the supreme leader while simultaneously seeking to strengthen and deepen his power at the expense of democracy, and yet he is supported by the Christians. Milo is more or less a barnacle on the underbelly of the Trump Titanic.

Salon: Breitbart considers firing Milo Yiannopoulos after extreme backlash for comments: report - Critics of those who gave Milo a platform are not impressed with Breitbart and Simon & Schuster's latest statements by Taylor Link

The Round Up


NY Times: New Trump Deportation Rules Allow Far More Expulsions By RON NIXON and MICHAEL D. SHEAR
The program faces resistance from many states and dozens of so-called sanctuary cities, which have refused to allow their law enforcement workers to help round up undocumented individuals.

From Russia

MSNBC: Russian confirmations complicate dubious White House denials by Steve Benen
...despite the White House’s denials, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov and Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak have both said, on the record, that Vladimir Putin’s government was in communications with the Trump campaign before Election Day in the U.S.

The Onion - Trump Staffer Grateful To Work With So Many People He Could Turn Over To FBI In Exchange For Immunity

Brain Interface

Science Daily: Brain-computer interface advance allows fast, accurate typing by people with paralysis
summary - A brain-to-computer hookup can enable people with paralysis to type via direct brain control at the highest speeds and accuracy levels reported to date, a clinical research publication has demonstrated.


Duck And Cover

San Francisco Chronicle: Ex-spy Plame’s big worries: ‘reckless’ president, nuclear weapons By Kevin Fagan
Plame said she sees the country heading into a dangerously unstable period that just might result in disaster involving her No. 1 concern of the past several years:

Nuclear bombs.

Blame it on President Trump, his reckless ways, and the “low-quality people he surrounds himself with,” she said.

'Chained To The Rhythm'

Katy Perry

Have An Excellent Tuesday

work by Laura Ellen Bacon

Maddow - Trump Deportation Memos Show Stripping Of Immigrant Protections

Blond On Blond

Guardian UK: Why do all the women on Fox News look and dress alike? Republicans prefer blondes - From pundits like Ann Coulter to Kellyanne Conway, American rightwingers are a uniform vision of don’t scare-the-horses dressing
The uniformity of this style suggests a political statement which, indeed, it is. Theirs is a look that defiantly embraces the most conservative notions of femininity and firmly rejects any idea of modernity, let alone feminism. The idea of dressing for themselves – to have fun, to experiment with different styles – is as anathema to them as questioning the political, social and moral beliefs they have absorbed since they were 14 years old.

He's Still Going

Guardian UK: MPs pour scorn on 'racist and sexist' Donald Trump in state visit debate - Three-hour debate on whether invitation to US president should be revoked comes after 1.8 million people sign petition
The US president was compared to a “petulant child” and had his intelligence questioned by MPs during a three-hour debate triggered after more than 1.8 million people signed a petition urging Theresa May to cancel her invitation.

Stick It To Them

NY Times: What to Watch: Republicans Return to Town Halls, and Protesters Follow By THOMAS KAPLAN, TRIP GABRIEL and LIZETTE ALVAREZ
Many (chickenshit) lawmakers have no such meetings scheduled — sparing them the possibility of a “YouTube moment,” but opening them up to criticism that they are ducking their constituents.

Actors Get Down

NY Times: Political Drama at This Year’s Oscars? Yes, Very Likely By CARA BUCKLEY
Clearly, staying apolitical was no longer an option for many Hollywood players, which likely will affect the character of the Academy Awards ceremony.

The Market On Tuesday

  Good morning. It is cloudy and 28 degrees here in the Upper Hudson Valley, the forecast predicts a partly cloudy day with temperatures in the high 40s this afternoon. Looking ahead the longer range forecast is predicting temperatures in the 60s Thursday, Friday, and Saturday with Thursday even approaching 70 degrees. That pretty much is going to mess with nature in all kinds of ways considering we are technically still in the middle of Winter. The snow continues to retreat, even the high piles at the end of parking lots are shrinking.

  At 9:15 a.m. ET DOW futures are +66 and the price of oil per barrel is up now closing in on $55 per barrel, the highest it's been in roughly over 2 years. The market is poised to open moderately higher.

  The market continues to forge ahead into new positive territory. Oil is more costly and so expect higher gas prices, they will creep up and up. Today it's also about fourth quarter corporate results from major retailers. Party on.

CNN: Retailers report; Central bank chatter; Stock rally resumes? by Alanna Petroff
Top officials from the U.S. Federal Reserve are expected to make public speeches Tuesday, which could give investors more insights into their expectations for the U.S. economy and interest rates.

Monday, February 20, 2017

CIA Veteran Quits Because Of Trump

A Matter Of Time

Alternative Friendship

Alternative Math

2 + 6 = 33

2 x 5 = 87,000

6 - 1 = 9

Rebuild Sweden

'I Just Don't Get It'

Salon: Donald Trump’s supporters have trouble understanding why liberals are shunning them - Trump supporters say they were bullied into supporting a very disliked president by Matthew Rozsa

Washington Post: Trump supporters see a successful president — and are frustrated with critics who don’t
“If he hadn’t gotten into office, 70,000 miners would have been put out of work,” Patricia Nana, a 42-year-old naturalized citizen from Cameroon. “I saw the ceremony where he signed that bill, giving them their jobs back, and he had miners with their hard hats and everything — you could see how happy they were.”

The regulation actually would have cost relatively few mining jobs and would have created nearly as many new jobs on the regulatory side, according to a government report — an example of the frequent distance between Trump’s rhetoric, which many of his supporters wholeheartedly believe, and verifiable facts.

The Onion - Last Remaining Ivory-Billed Woodpecker Really Squandering Species’ Final Weeks

Titanium Dioxide In Foods

Science Daily: Food additive found in candy, gum could alter digestive cell structure and function - Small intestinal cells hindered by chronic exposure to common food additive
summary - The ability of small intestine cells to absorb nutrients and act as a barrier to pathogens is 'significantly decreased' after chronic exposure to nanoparticles of titanium dioxide, a common food additive found in everything from chewing gum to bread, according to new research.

'Hate Has No Home Here'

Have An Excellent Monday

work by Laura Ellen Bacon

MSNBC - Joe: Trump's Media Statement 'Very, Very Dangerous'


MSNBC: Trump points to imagined violence at brazenly dishonest rally By Steve Benen
Take a moment to appreciate how bonkers this is. The sitting president believes major news outlets pretend to have sources in order to publish made-up stories. That’s obviously absurd, but it’s also an unnerving example of projection: Trump, whose rise to political notoriety was based in large part on racist conspiracy theories, has a habit of making up sources and conversations in order to make one false claim after another.

More Like Oroville

Guardian UK: Expect to see more emergencies like Oroville Dam in a hotter world - Scientists predicted decades ago that climate change would add stress to water management systems like Oroville Dam
Northern California is in the midst of its wettest rainy season on record – twice as wet as the 20th century average, and 35% wetter than the previous record year. It proved to be almost too much for America’s tallest dam to handle. Water managers were forced to use Oroville Dam’s emergency spillway for the first time ever, which then began to erode, posing the threat of a failure and catastrophic flooding of nearby towns.


  Is there a creepier person out there? Stone...

Guardian UK: Trump ally Roger Stone: Americans can now choose 'alternative' truths - Stone’s book The Making of the President is presented as an in-depth look at how the country’s ‘greatest salesman’ took office, with help from alternative media
Stone began by discussing how Trump courted a plethora of new rightwing websites such as Breitbart and Infowars during the election campaign as a way of bypassing mainstream media and reaching out to a previously untapped audience of disgruntled white working-class voters. “This is the election in which the tipping point was reached,” he said. “The pendulum swung away from the mainstream media, which lost their hammer-lock monopoly on the dissemination of political information.”

Trump Diplomacy

NY Times: A Back-Channel Plan for Ukraine and Russia, Courtesy of Trump Associates By MEGAN TWOHEY and SCOTT SHANE
Mr. Sater, 50, a Russian-American, pleaded guilty to a role in a stock manipulation scheme decades ago that involved the Mafia. Mr. Artemenko spent two and a half years in jail in Kiev in the early 2000s on embezzlement charges, later dropped, which he said had been politically motivated.

Krugman's Latest

NY Times: On Economic Arrogance by Paul Krugman
In Trumpworld, numbers are what you want them to be, and anything else is fake news.

The Market Is Closed On Presidents Day

  Good morning it is sunny and 37 degrees here in the Upper Hudson Valley, the forecast predicts a sunny day with temperatures in the low 40s this afternoon. It is brilliant outside, the birds are chirping up a storm and it's still February. The longer range forecast has it going up into the 60s by Thursday and continuing like that. This is quite out of the ordinary. We are told by the climate scientists that the Northeast will experience global warming stronger than most regions of the world. There will come a time relatively soon apparently when we will no longer have any snow through the Winter.

  The question being asked this morning is, can the Trump rally continue? First off, Trump has very little to do with the economy at this point. Give it a few months, even a year, then he can own it. Second, no, it will not continue at least not indefinitely. Since when does the market continuously rise, it does not. Eventually we hit the wall, that's how it works.

CNN: Earnings, earnings and more earnings; Can the Trump rally continue? by Minyoung Park
The stock market has been performing well ever since Trump took office. The Dow and S&P 500 are at record highs. Investors will be curious to see if the stocks can keep it up next week.

By The Numbers