Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Even Nascar Thinks Indiana Shit The Bed

WaPo: NASCAR comes out against Indiana religious freedom law

Indiana Warned By Legal Experts

Daily Kos: Pence and the Indiana Legislature were warned by 30 expert law professors
"In our expert opinion, the clear evidence suggests otherwise and unmistakably demonstrates that the broad language of the proposed state RFRA will more likely create confusion, conflict, and a wave of litigation that will threaten the clarity of religious liberty rights in Indiana while undermining the state’s ability to enforce other compelling interests. This confusion and conflict will increasingly take the form of private actors, such as employers, landlords, small business owners, or corporations, taking the law into their own hands and acting in ways that violate generally applicable laws on the grounds that they have a religious justification for doing so. Members of the public will then be asked to bear the cost of their employer’s, their landlord’s, their local shopkeeper’s, or a police officer’s private religious beliefs."

Arkansas Follows Indiana Off The Deep End

HuffPo: Arkansas Legislature Copies Indiana, Passes Controversial Religious Freedom Bill

NY Governor Cuomo Strikes!


governor.ny: Governor Cuomo Bans Non-Essential State Travel to Indiana

Have A Great Tuesday

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The Onion - Indiana Governor Insists New Law Has Nothing To Do With Thing It Explicitly Intended To Do

The Onion: Indiana Governor Insists New Law Has Nothing To Do With Thing It Explicitly Intended To Do

Weekly Alignment

HuffPo: A Not-So-Little Trick for TRUE Happiness

TRNN - Are The CO2 Emissions Reduction Targets Enough To Stop Climate Catastrophe?


HuffPo: Indiana GOP Leaders Shocked Their 'Religious Freedom' Law Is Seen As Anti-Gay

The Drought

NBC News: As Drought Worsens, Restrictions on Pools Rise in California By Jeff Daniels


Guardian UK: Equality groups ready for counterattack against wave of anti-gay bills across US - Republican-controlled legislatures have introduced more than 85 anti-gay bills

Global Warming - California

Guardian UK: Global warming and drought are turning the Golden State brown - Another study finds that drought will hit California hard as the planet keeps warming

A Brief History Of Congressional Dysfunction

AlterNet: Five of the Worst Congresses in American History - The current Congress is approaching a single-digit approval rating. Believe it or not, there have been worse. By Larry Schwartz

The Market On Tuesday

  Good morning. It is 38 degrees and cloudy with some clear spots here in the Upper Hudson Valley. It looks like we're in for an early Spring type of day with temperatures in the 40s. We can already see some signs of new growth here and there with crocuses popping up. Of course it is also tax season and as I am a last minute filer, April's arrival represents tax time to me. You make a little, you give in the form of taxes a little.

  At 8:45 a.m. ET futures are moderately lower and the price of oil per barrel is declining. The market is poised to open lower.

  The negotiating deadline over Iran's nuclear capabilities is the salient investment headline of the morning. The deal is big because a positive outcome will mean the lowering of various sanctions against Iran meaning that Iran would be able to sell its oil to more countries. Oil is at the center of it today.

CNN: Stocks: 3 things to know before the open
Iran is negotiating with world powers about its nuclear capabilities, and talks are coming down to the wire. Tuesday at 6 p.m. ET marks the "self-imposed" deadline for all sides to agree on a general framework for a deal.

Monday, March 30, 2015

South African Comedian Trevor Noah On Black Americans

Trevor Noah will replace Jon Stewart on The Daily Show.

'Doors and Distance' - Birdman Original Score

Antonio Sanchez

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The Onion - Master Architect Constructs Most Structurally Innovative Pile Of Dirty Dishes To Date

The Onion: Master Architect Constructs Most Structurally Innovative Pile Of Dirty Dishes To Date

Weaning Off Meds

NYT: Other People’s Happiness By Diana Spechler

TRNN - The Republican Budget Vs The People's Budget

The Drought

CNBC: Farmers in near 'survival mode' as California drought drags on

Not So Juicy...

Guardian UK: Personal details of world leaders accidentally revealed by G20 organisers
“The personal information which has been breached is the name, date of birth, title, position nationality, passport number, visa grant number and visa subclass held relating to 31 international leaders (ie prime ministers, presidents and their equivalents) attending the G20 leaders summit,” the officer wrote.

Domestic Delivery Drones

Guardian UK: Amazon tests delivery drones at secret Canada site after US frustration

Global Warming - U.N. Plans

Scientific American: U.S. Set to Meet Global-Warming Plan Deadline with UN - A U.S. plan will be submitted early this week but most governments will miss an informal March 31 deadline, complicating work on a global climate deal due in December

Emotionally Medicated

AlterNet: Feeling Intense Emotions Doesn't Make You Crazy—But That's Not What Big Pharma Wants You to Think - In a new book, Dr. Julie Holland argues that pharmaceutical companies target women and medicate their emotions. By Allegra Kirkland

The Market On Monday

  Good morning. It is 32 degrees and at this very moment lightly snowing here in the Upper Hudson Valley. The forecast is predicting Spring-like temperatures this week and we can sure use that. I hope you had a good weekend. I spent a good part of the weekend untethered from the computer, phone, and TV. I recommend it, try it sometime. No need to pontificate here, it's just a nice break.

  At 8:40 a.m. ET futures are significantly higher and the price of oil per barrel is down. The market is poised to open higher.

  This morning's bounce is the ripple effect from a speech Janet Yellen gave on Friday. In the speech she describes a very gradual movement in the raising of the base interest rate. Investors like to hear stuff like that. Notice that oil is winding it's way down again with light crude now trading around $48 a barrel.

CNN: Stocks: 4 things to know before the open
(On Friday Fed Chair) Yellen said the U.S. central bank would be slow and steady with its upcoming interest rate hikes. "In her own words, Yellen described it as a 'gradualist approach'."

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Have A Great Sunday

  I'll be taking a planned hiatus from the blog today. JCSande.blogspot will be back bright and early on Monday morning when we can recommence our shared interest in the current and the curious. Enjoy your Sunday and be well.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

New 'X'

Hey a new 'X-Files' is in the works, a six episode mini-series.

NYT: David Duchovny on the New ‘X-Files’ and Why Mulder Was a Terrible F.B.I. Agent


trailer - I watched this on a Netflix rental the other night and I was very impressed. 'Birdman' is an unusually strong movie.

FOX Vs Science

Thanks to Gary for posting this remarkable article. Please read and don't smirk too much afterwards...

Reddit: Ever wonder who writes Fox News' science articles? Spoiler: not people with science backgrounds.

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The Onion - Troubling Report Finds Dreamily Sliding Down Back Of Door After Kissing Date On Porch Plummets 78%

The Onion: Troubling Report Finds Dreamily Sliding Down Back Of Door After Kissing Date On Porch Plummets 78%

Unique Idea In Health Care - Communication!

NYT: Company Thinks It Has Answer for Lower Health Costs: Customer Service

TRNN - Only Appropriate Public Event for Bush Is War Crimes Trial

M.E. Version 19.823

  Can anybody make any sense out of this? Following the trail of the connections and cross connections of the M.E. are beyond rational discussion. The U.S. is backing the Saudi's in Yemen which is a proxy type of war against Iran, and simultaneously the U.S. more or less collaborates with Iran in fighting ISIS and gives tacit approval to the Israeli's to whack off Iran's nuke scientists - off the records. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Some people are approving of this attempt by M.E. countries to handle their own regional ongoing wars, but what is there to make of it? The histories, the complexities require a PhD to get through.

Guardian UK: Egypt's president backs united Arab force to tackle regional security threats - Abdel Fatah al-Sisi says Arab world faces ‘unprecedented’ threats – and describes Shia rebels in Yemen ‘stooges of Iran’

The Drought

sfgate.com: California drought: Sierra Nevada snowpack hits historic low By Peter Fimrite

Global Warming - A Very 'Special' President

Salon: President Ted Cruz’s dystopian America: The scorched hellscape of a climate-denying White House - Welcome to the nation of Ted Cruz's dreams — and the planet's nightmares by Lindsay Abrams

File Under - WTF?

  If you thought Indian Point nuke plant just north of NYC was bad enough, now they are going to build a high pressure gas pipeline right next to it. I shit you not.

AlterNet: Why on Earth Did the Feds Approve a High-Pressure Gas Pipeline Near a Nuke Plant? Nuclear safety expert: "We're talking tens of millions of people who could be endangered." By Alison Rose Levy

Reich's Latest

Robert Reich: Why College Isn’t (and Shouldn’t Have to be) for Everyone

Friday, March 27, 2015

Iran Non-Proliferation Agreement

CS Monitor: Ahead of nuclear deadline, Iran and US grope for trust - But trust isn't the only thing lacking as the latest round of nuclear negotiations head into the home stretch. By Scott Peterson

Greenwald's Latest

The Intercept: Court Accepts DOJ’s ‘State Secrets’ Claim to Protect Shadowy Neocons: a New Low, article By Glenn Greenwald

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The Onion - Man Who Baked Banana Bread Spends Entire Party Anxiously Watching It Go Uneaten

The Onion: Man Who Baked Banana Bread Spends Entire Party Anxiously Watching It Go Uneaten

Eat It

Health.com: 9 Foods That May Help Save Your Memory

TRNN - Bush Administration Official Defends Iraq War At Conference

The Drought

Guardian UK: Groundwater records should not be kept confidential in drought-prone California - The state’s database of 800,000 well logs is not publicly available because of a 64 year-old law that considers them proprietary to well drillers

Harry Is Out

Guardian UK: Senate minority leader Harry Reid will not seek re-election - Will focus instead on helping Democrats regain control of Senate - Also cites 1 January accident that left him struggling to regain sight in right eye

Up To Speed

AlterNet: 9 Things Many Americans Just Don’t Grasp (Compared to the Rest of the World) - Americans' lack of worldliness clouds their views on everything from economics to sex to religion. By Alex Henderson

Global Warming - Anti-Environmental Rhetoric, The GOP, And The Election

Guardian UK: Republicans face dilemma as climate change rises up political agenda - Candidate Ted Cruz’s comment likening climate change activists to ‘flat-Earthers’ begins election in which scientists suggest issue may receive much higher billing than before
“Are they (The GOP) going to move in the direction of logic and rationality, or are they going to continue to pursue this anti-scientific fringe movement within their party that is personified by people liked Ted Cruz?

The Market On Friday

  Good morning. It is 37 degrees and cloudy here in the Upper Hudson Valley. Finally we may be into a warming trend as we head towards April. The ground snow coverage is down to a mere minimum and the ground itself is a little mushy and soft. Hey, is anyone else noticing that websites, especially major websites, are stuffing their pages with more and more advertising and junk. My computer is starting to react slowly to it, and we are right back to the start of the web when computers would seize up and freeze, we rebooted all the time. Computer technology is the perfect fit for the overall marketing profit need for planned obsolescence.

  At 8:40 a.m. ET futures are modestly lower while the price of light crude per barrel is hovering close to $51. The market is poised to open lower.

  The market has trended lower almost the entire week. Two hot spots on the globe, Yemen and Greece, are causing concerns in the investment world. The US government has revised or rather unrevised the fourth quarter GDP to the same 2.2% growth. The weekend is at hand and hooray for that.

CNN: Stocks: 4 things to know before the open
"Geopolitical risk [is] set to remain over the weekend with the situation in Yemen tense and Greece needing to deliver serious and useful economic reforms by Monday if it is to receive the funds it needs so badly..."

Thursday, March 26, 2015


  Does this mean that the people who don't believe in evolution are devolving faster as well, because it sure seems that way...

Guardian UK: Study shows humans are evolving faster than previously thought - Results of largest ever genetics study of a single population could also help refine dates for major events during human evolution

Bolton Bomb

  The author - none other than neocon John Bolton, of course he wants war. It's unfortunate but this guy is going to follow us around through the news for as long as we care to read it. How does a hack like this keep popping up on TV and then in the NYT?

NYT: To Stop Iran’s Bomb, Bomb Iran

PoliticusUSA: John Bolton Was Wrong About Iraq WMDs But Says Trust him on Iran Nukes By Hrafnkell Haraldsson


Reuters: Oil up after Saudi air strikes in Yemen; dollar limits gains By Barani Krishnan

US Backed Strikes In Yemen

Guardian UK: Gulf states consider Yemen ground offensive to halt Houthi rebel advance - Iran aligns itself with the Houthis and objects to Saudi-led air strikes in Yemen, urging their immediate halt

Have A Great Thursday

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The Onion - Gerrymandering Mishap Leaves Nation Without Any Borders Whatsoever, U.S. In Chaos After All District, State, National Boundaries Erased Overnight

The Onion: Gerrymandering Mishap Leaves Nation Without Any Borders Whatsoever - U.S. In Chaos After All District, State, National Boundaries Erased Overnight


PsychCentral: How to Fall in Love and Uncover Happiness in Four Minutes or Less By Elisha Goldstein, Ph.D.

TRNN - Regional Banks Say Regulation Costs Too High

The Drought

Quartz: These stunning images of Yosemite’s Half Dome show the severity of California’s drought

Andreas Lubitz

Guardian UK: Germanwings flight 4U9525 deliberately flown into mountain, says prosecutor - Prosecutor in France says co-pilot – named as 28-year-old Andreas Lubitz – crashed plane deliberately

Dump Away

EcoWatch: Renowned Scientists Urge Museums to Drop Climate-Denier Donors, BP Dumps ALEC by Anastasia Pantsios

Global Warming - Ted

  I think we can safely say that we understand Ted's policy pattern and thought process. Let's use some examples - by taking away food stamps Ted would actually be helping the poor get proper nutrition, or, by starting a war in Iran Ted is bringing peace to the Middle East, or, by imposing Martial Law Ted is bringing democracy to the country. All I want to know is how does someone with such intelligence become such a slimy creature, how does that happen. Is it the crazy daddy archetype playing out in a son of such high thinking capacity that his subjective interpersonal view is completely stunted and so he constantly enters the world as a bull in a china shop. If you are wondering which politician would use a nuclear weapon without a second thought as if he were commanded by god, that would be Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz is the closest thing to a fanatic that America has to offer at present.

HuffPo: Ted Cruz: 'Global Warming Alarmists Are The Equivalent Of The Flat-Earthers'

The Market On Thursday

  Good morning. It is 37 degrees and foggy cloudy here in the Upper Hudson Valley. The temperature is expected to go up around 50 today and there may be some rain as well. The snow in my area is covering around 5% of yards with most of that being the high piles that need a little time to melt down. It's looking like the very tragic downing of the German Airbus was a deliberate terrorist like event. We lack the words needed to express this level of suffering. What the hell was going on there.

  At 8:30 a.m. ET futures are significantly lower and the price of light crude is higher now trading near $52 a barrel. The market is poised to open lower.

  It looks like the Saudis are getting into the warring business with air strikes on Yemen. This has caused today's spike in the price of light crude. Usually whenever there is a warring disruption in the M.E., which is a frequent event as we know, we get an oil spike on fears that supplies are getting cut and one suspects the cut never happens. Meanwhile Ted Cruz continues on his campaign to redefine the English language with his claim that scientists are flat Earthers because they somehow invented global warming.

CNN: Stocks: 4 things to know before the open
The world's biggest and most powerful oil producing nation -- Saudi Arabia -- has launched airstrikes in neighboring Yemen, where rebels have intensified a violent campaign against the government. Saudi Arabia says it has the support of nine mostly Arab countries.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


  Unfortunately this act does not demolish the potential for school shootings to occur again. Hopefully the people of that area can somehow find a little bit of peace in having the home removed.

MSNBC: Connecticut demolishes home of Newtown shooter

Koch Hawker

Raw Story: Watch Sarah Palin push a Koch-backed scheme to kill the VA and replace it with vouchers


Slate: Did Jupiter Destroy the Solar System’s First Planets By Phil Plait


Yahoo: Were We Getting Alzheimer’s Wrong? New Study Could Pave Way To Better Treatment by Cherie Berkley

Have A Great Wednesday

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The Onion - Nation’s Money Constantly Disgusted By What Americans Doing With It

The Onion: Nation’s Money Constantly Disgusted By What Americans Doing With It

How Much

Neurologica: How Much Water?

TRNN - What Is Behind The Collapse Of The Centre Left Parties In Europe?


  In the past few years I've learned a lot about alcoholism, rehab, AA, programs, etc. I have two new friends that have gone through it all and have come out the other side intact. Alcoholism is a paralyzing problem and it is everywhere, in all classes, shapes and sizes, ages and levels of education. It is pervasive. I hope that Hamm's revelation somehow helps those who are on the edge of seeking treatment. It can work, it's not easy, but I've seen people who have made it work and made it last.

Guardian UK: Jon Hamm reveals he went to rehab for alcoholism before final Mad Men season - Disclosure of Mad Men actor’s treatment for alcohol addiction comes as his character Don Draper returns for the final episodes of the US advertising drama

The Drought

LA Times: California drought: Photos show skiers on more dirt than snow at Squaw Valley

President Cruz And Vice President Carson

AlterNet: For Ignorance on World Affairs Among GOP 2016 Candidates, Ben Carson Takes the Cake - Carson doesn't know Israel's political parties and thinks Syria's civil war is just like Ferguson. By Zaid Jilani

Justice American Style

Guardian UK: Arizona woman cleared after 22 years on death row: 'This is not happiness' - Debra Milke describes her release as ‘bittersweet’ after 25 years served for the murder of her son, in a case that rested on the work of disgraced detective

Global Warming - The Region Between Newfoundland And Ireland

Real Climate: What’s going on in the North Atlantic?

The Market On Wednesday

  Good morning. It is 27 degrees and sunny here in the Upper Hudson Valley. The forecast has it going up around 50 degrees today and it may rain too. I am looking forward to that 50 degrees, heatwave. I hope you are drinking your 3 liters of water per day. I must admit it's a hard thing to do on a daily basis but the possibility of getting another kidney stone keeps me motivated. Drink lots of water, it's really good for you.

  At 8:40 a.m. ET futures are slightly lower and the price of oil per barrel is hovering just below $48 per barrel. The market is poised to open in the flat to lower area.

  The big news this morning is the massive aromatic merger of Kraft and Heinz. Let's just say that is going to be one gigantic food company. On the other hand calling it food, well. It's not the best food but America and the world sure loves it. Ketchup on some macaroni and cheese anyone?

CNN: Stocks: 5 things to know before the open
Shares in Kraft have shot up by about 18% premarket after it announced plans to combine with Heinz to create a food giant called The Kraft Heinz Company.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


  On a cynical day I could easily see myself jumping on the Cruz bandwagon. It's like, let's get this party started and just go right for the jugular. Cruz would take the country down to such a low broken point, not even imagined, that people might actually get off their backsides and get active.

Boston Herald: Cruz eyes insurance via Obamacare, a law he vows to scrap

The Borowitz Report - Disturbed Man Tries To Get Into White House

New Yorker: Disturbed Man Tries to Get Into White House

Joke Of The Week

You'll get a kick out of this.

Ted Cruz.com

Have A Great Tuesday

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The Onion - Ted Cruz Boldly Declares Nation Not Deserving Of Better Candidate

The Onion: Ted Cruz Boldly Declares Nation Not Deserving Of Better Candidate

Diet No

Chicago Tribune: America has fallen out of love with diet sodas, and possibly for good

TRNN - Ted Cruz Running For President As Defender Of Wealth

The Drought

HuffPo: California Governor Says Mitch McConnell's Pro-Coal Effort 'Borders On The Immoral'


NYT: What Ted Cruz Would Need to Do to Win By JONATHAN MARTIN


Guardian UK: African elephants could be extinct in wild within decades say experts - The Africa Elephant Summit being held in Botswana hears of alarming drop in numbers due to poaching

Global Warming - Ocean Circulation

  I need to interject here, that it is getting hard to read this stuff knowing full well that virtually nothing of any major significance is going on to stop CO2 emissions and that the USA is home to the denying power of the GOP. It is the tragedy that is beyond measure.

WaPo: Global warming is now slowing down the circulation of the oceans — with potentially dire consequences

Keeping It Real

AlterNet: New Way to Identify Pesticide-Free, Non-GMO Food - Organic farmers can have their products certified at a cost less than the USDA's certification program. By Radha McLean

The Market On Tuesday

  Good morning. It is 17 degrees and sunny here in the Upper Hudson Valley. The forecast is promising a return to warmer temperatures starting today and the 60 degree day once promised for Thursday is now downgraded to 50 degrees. I wonder if it's going to get hot here this Summer and considering how unusual the temperatures have been it could go either way, scorcher or cool. We see there is this horrible plane crash in France, god help them, it's beyond tragic. It's a terrifying way to go, and I hope that it never happens again. Even imagining the plane descending and the screaming, it's paralyzing.

  At 8:30 a.m. ET futures are slightly lower and the price of oil per barrel is holding at around $47.50 a barrel. The market is poised to open lower.

  The article indicates that the E.U. is progressing out of it's long drawn out recession and that China is losing some steam to it's runaway growth economy. News on inflation in February is scheduled to come out soon and with the lower price of oil one suspects the news is minimal. Presently with the dollar slightly weaker against major currencies, the price of oil has risen a few dollars.

CNN: Stocks: 6 things to know before the open
The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics is releasing inflation data for February at 8:30 a.m. ET.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Beyond Wacky

Raw Story: 12 ridiculous Ted Cruz quotes that show why the ‘proud wacko bird’ will never be president

Have A Great Monday

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The Onion - God Shoots Himself While Cleaning Gun

The Onion: God Shoots Himself While Cleaning Gun

Paranoid Indeed

Paranoid, yes, but let's not forget delusional...

The Atlantic: The Paranoid Style of Ted Cruz - Shouting fire in a room crowded with New Hampshire conservatives sends them running—not for the exits, but straight to the polls. by David Ludwig

What Is Happiness?

The Atlantic: Weight Loss Doesn't Always Lead to Happiness - Research has shown that dropping pounds doesn't mean higher well-being. by Ed Cara

TRNN - The Global African: Selma, Jim Crow, And Urban Development

The Drought - In Pictures

ABC News: Yosemite web camera pictures show lack of snow in high Sierra

Paris In Springtime

Guardian UK: Paris smog forces authorities to get tough on traffic - French capital introduces vehicle ban and 20km speed limit alongside free public transport and parking to curb soaring pollution levels


AlterNet: Many Fears Stalk the Aging As Safety Nets Shrink; Media Stereotypes Miss the Full Story - Proud aging in America is undermined by inequality and ongoing anxiety. By Steven Rosenfeld

Global Warming - The Mini-LHR

McClatchy DC: Could absolute consensus on global warming come in a suitcase? By DAVID HASEMYER

The Market On Monday

  Good morning. It is 17 degrees and sunny here in the Upper Hudson Valley. The forecasters are dangling a new carrot in front of the area's collective face with a prediction of temperatures around 60 degrees on Thursday. I sure hope so. After yet another ridiculously cold Winter period, a respite could be in site. Will we ever see warmth again. I hope you had a good weekend. I watched the hideously bad Knicks play on Sunday for 1 1/2 periods. The end of the season can't come soon enough. Phil Jackson's experiment in building a team based on the triangle offense is off to a pathetic start, a start that I classify as the worst imaginable possibility.

  At 8:45 a.m. ET futures are flat and the price of oil is down probably from post closing levels, now trading between $46 and $47 per barrel. That is up from last week's lows. The market is poised to open in the flat territory.

  Followers of the stock market know that last week's trading produced some record highs. This morning's activity is being regarded as a thoughtful step back as it were. The serious wrinkle in the fabric of the European Union is being looked at today with a pow wow between Greece and Germany. The implications affect the global economy. Ted Cruz? Isn't he Canadian and is the clown car big enough to carry his a massive weighty ego?

CNN: Stocks: 5 things to know before the open
Greece's new prime minister Alexis Tsipras is meeting Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel Monday to discuss Greece's financial crisis. The results of the talks could influence market movements across Europe.

Sunday, March 22, 2015


Sunday Express: Scientists at Large Hadron Collider hope to make contact with PARALLEL UNIVERSE in days - SCIENTISTS conducting a mindbending experiment at the Large Hadron Collider next week hope to connect with a PARALLEL UNIVERSE outside of our own. By Paul Baldwin

Jerry's On The Money

Jerry is actually kind as he only points to Cruz's absurd statements on climate change as evidence of Cruz being unfit for the presidency. Cruz is unfit to be president for dozens and dozens and dozens of reasons...

Chicago Sun Times: Jerry Brown rips Ted Cruz as 'absolutely unfit' to be president

Have A Great Sunday

work by Greg Gossel

The Borowitz Report - Congress’s Approval Rating No Longer Detectable By Current Technology

New Yorker: Congress’s Approval Rating No Longer Detectable by Current Technology

Moving To Happiness

Live Science: The 10 Happiest Countries Are All in Latin America by Laura Geggel

TRNN - Europe Tilts East Towards China

The Drought

UT San Diego: It’s time to get serious about the California drought By U-T San Diego Editorial Board

Clown Car Filling Up Fast

Guardian UK: US Republican Ted Cruz 'to announce presidential run' - Conservative senator plans to announce on Monday that he will bid for the presidency in 2016, Texan newspaper reports

Global Warming - Anti-Science GOP

This article is from an Australian publication and gives US citizens a glimpse into how America is viewed around the world regarding global warming.

The Sydney Morning Herald: Republican frostiness toward modern science gathers pace by Nick O'Malley (Republicans who increased their control of congressional committees after midterm elections seem to scorn climate change and science.)

Spiked Tea

AlterNet: Tea Party and the Right - 7 Demented Right-Wing Moments this Week: Fox Gives New Meaning to March Madness - Ayn Randian on Fox News: "It's racist to talk about race." By Janet Allon
6. Rep. Steve King lectures Jewish people on how to be better Jews. To be an Obama-loving liberal is to be anti-Semitic in King’s eyes.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Man Up

Salon: “Man up and apologize”: Stephen King sets Maine’s Tea Party governor straight - After Paul LePage falsely insinuates the author has abandoned Maine, King fires back by Luke Brinker

Pure Inhuman Savagery

She was 'accused' of burning the Koran.

CNN: Arrests after woman beaten, set ablaze in Afghanistan

Innate Intelligence Of Dogs

Gary turned us on to this story.

KTLA5: Mother Dog Saves Puppies From Forest Fire in Chile by Digging Hole and Placing Them Inside


I think we already know this at least on some level.

TPM: Princeton Study: U.S. No Longer An Actual Democracy
...over the past few decades America's political system has slowly transformed from a democracy into an oligarchy, where wealthy elites wield most power.


The Jim Sande Ensemble - recent live recording

Have A Great Saturday

work by Martial Raysse

The Onion - Study: Not Many Disco Songs About Daytime

The Onion: Study: Not Many Disco Songs About Daytime

Not Wealth

Irish Examiner: Irish pensioners: Health, not wealth, brings happiness

TRNN - Report Finds At Least 109 Killed In Police Custody In Maryland From 2010-2014

The Drought

WSJ: How ‘Virtual Water’ Can Help Ease California’s Drought - Market incentives will reverse the economic logic that drives local farmers to plant more water-intensive crops. By Bill Davidow And Michael S. Malone

Carnufex Carolinensis - 'Carolina Butcher'


Guardian UK: Revealed: the terrifying 9ft-long crocodile that walked upright - US scientists say they have discovered fossils of the ‘Carolina butcher’, a pre-dinosaur beast with sharp teeth

Close To Home

Guardian UK: Two men convicted of terrorist plot to attack New York-Toronto train - Raed Jaser and Chiheb Esseghaier, who investigators say were advised by al-Qaida members, could face life sentences after Canadian court verdict

Global Warming - 'Earth’s Global Temperature For February Was Among The Hottest Ever Measured'

Slate: Welcome to Global Warming’s Terrifying New Era By Eric Holthaus


Salon: “They made it crystal clear that the ask was from Hillary”: Inside the Clinton fundraising machine — as secretary of state - Sometimes in D.C., the crime is what's legal: Inside the massive Clinton fundraising operation at State by Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes

Friday, March 20, 2015

'The Robots'


Have A Great Friday

work by Martial Raysse

The Onion - New Speech Recognition Software Factors In User’s Mouth Always Being Full

The Onion: New Speech Recognition Software Factors In User’s Mouth Always Being Full

March 20 Is International Day Of Happiness

Today: 10 basic rules for a happier life — and most may surprise you

TRNN - The Fed Sits On Interest Rates Waiting Greater Recovery

The Drought

LA Times: Gov. Brown, lawmakers plan short- and long-term strategy on drought

San Francisco?

Guardian UK: San Francisco church doused homeless people with water to deter sheltering

Global Warming - Skeptics Wrong Again

WaPo: This is climate skeptics’ top argument about Antarctica — and why it’s wrong

'The Readiness Of Republicans To Violate Long-Standing Norms Of Institutional Conduct In Order To Advance A Highly Divisive, Intensely Partisan Agenda'

AlterNet: Republicans’ Private Terror: Why They Despise the Modern American State — and Embrace Fanaticism - The Iran letter said more about the GOP than Tom Cotton and company ever intended. Here's their demented logic. By Kim Messick

The Market On Friday

  Good morning. It is 24 degrees and cloudy here on the first day of Spring in the Upper Hudson Valley. Snow is expected later today. Well at least the light is back and sooner or later it will get warmer, I just know it. Yesterday I went to see a new dentist and let me say with conviction that not all dentists are the same. Find the best one out there for yourself and don't stop until you do. My previous dentist wanted me to get a crown on a front lower tooth and the new dentist bonded it in about 10 minutes, it looks and feels as good as new. The previous dentist had many positive qualities and I'm grateful for his help.

  At 8:30 a.m. ET futures are significantly higher and the price of oil is around $45 a barrel which is up from yesterday's opening price and down from overnight numbers. The market is poised to open higher.

  The article offers little reasoning for today's opening bounce. Let me simply say then that corporate earnings are above expectations and the general outlook on the American economy remains very positive.

CNN: Stocks: 3 things to know before the open
Shares in Nike are rising after investors welcomed their latest quarterly earnings.


The Weather Channel: Vernal Equinox: Science Behind the First Day of Spring

Thursday, March 19, 2015

For Your Consideration

  One article that I have linked directly below is about NASA's warning that California has one year of water left as the state faces more drought. I want to point out that this is a warning that is made regarding the weather and the climate by NASA scientists. I want to also point out that we haven't heard from people on the GOP side complaining about this warning. We have not heard this is nonsense, there's no drought and there's no water shortage.

  Contrast that with the second article linked below which points out how the GOP is objecting to NASA's focus on global warming. Notice that Ted Cruz wants NASA to 'explore space' and not do 'Earth Science'.

   - California drought/water prediction and warning by NASA which includes data on the climate is okay.
   - Global warming focus by NASA which includes climate data is not okay and let us not forget the vigorous way that the GOP denies global warming to begin with.

  Call it cherry picking NASA as needed.

Guardian UK: Drought-stricken California only has one year of water left, Nasa scientist warns - As backup supply dwindles, Jay Famiglietti says state has about one year of water left and calls for a more ‘forward-looking process’ to deal with crisis

Climate Central: Ted Cruz Unhappy with NASA’s New Focus on Global Warming


Guardian UK: Federal probe launched after black Mississippi man found hanging from tree - Local reports named the deceased as Otis Byrd, 54, who disappeared 10 days ago and whose body was found in the woods near his last known residence

'Oh Yeah'



BuzzFeed: All The Types Of Sex You’ll Have Living In New York City - “Waking Up And Not Knowing What Borough You’re In Sex.” Consider this a to-do list.

Santorum Takes A Question

  Listen to Santorum take an audience question - "why are ya'll rolling over and letting this Communist dictator destroy my country?...I want him out of the White House, he's not a citizen..." The fireworks start almost right away.

Have A Great Thursday

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The Onion - U.S. Worried About Living Up To Netanyahu Campaign Promises

The Onion: U.S. Worried About Living Up To Netanyahu Campaign Promises

Heavenly Sleep

NYT: Better Sleep for a Better Sex Life By Nicholas Bakalar

TRNN - Report: Environmental Inequality Disproportionality Affects Black And Latino Communities

The Drought

Sf Gate: California drought: State OKs sweeping restrictions on water use By Kurtis Alexander

New B.A. In Concealed Weapons Program...

Guardian UK: Texas set to allow college students to carry concealed weapons on campus - State senate expected to approve bill on Thursday that would allow anyone with a license to carry a gun on public college and university campuses

Global Warming - Defense Cuts

  As far as I can recall, and I could be wrong, but I believe the Daily Caller is opposed to global warming science, a denier publication as it were. Therefore I regularly ignore their endless denier headlines. However, this one is important.

The Daily Caller: Republicans Look To Cut ‘Global Warming’ Research From The Defense Budget

Oh What Fun!

  The clown car is filling up fast. Hopefully Sarah Palin gets in along with my favorite Michele Bachmann. No doubt there is some radical right wing Tea Partier as of yet unknown to the general public who needs to join and really shake up this bunch.

Union Leader: Trump drops 'Apprentice,' will launch presidential exploratory committee By DAN TUOHY

The Market On Thursday

  Good morning. It is 19 degrees and sunny here in the Upper Hudson Valley. The relentless Winter of 2015 continues on with ridiculously cold temperatures. I do see a 50 degree day in the forecast - 10 days from now... We see that Donald Trump is launching an 'exploratory' committee apparently to check out the landscape for a presidential run in 2016. Now that's a lot of fun, that makes me very happy because the clown show is going to be a hoot and a half as the GOP shoots itself senseless once again on it's crazed march to Jeb Bush in 2016.

  At 8:40 a.m. ET futures are moderately lower and the price of oil per barrel is down. The market is poised to open lower.

  We see that first time weekly unemployment numbers are up this week at 292,000. After a day of major gains on Wednesday, the market is back in a wait and see mode. It's a day of rest as it were. After the Fed's announcement yesterday which went over very well, it's kind of like - well now what. No doubt the answer is coming.

CNN: Stocks: 5 things to know before the open
Leaders from across the 28 nations in the European Union are meeting Thursday to kick off a summit where they're expected to discuss a range of issues, including Russian sanctions and Greece's fate.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

New 3-D

Time: Futuristic 3-D Printing Technology ‘Grows’ Objects From Liquid by Kevin McSpadden


Reuters: U.S., Iran focus on technical details in nuclear talks By Parisa Hafezi and John Irish


NYT: As Netanyahu Prevails in Israel, a Thorny Relationship Persists for U.S. By MICHAEL D. SHEAR

Of Course...

MSNBC: Jeb Bush makes the case against the federal minimum wage By Steve Benen

Have A Great Wednesday

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The Onion - Man Has Carefully Calculated Timeline For Revealing Negative Personality Traits To New Girlfriend

The Onion: Man Has Carefully Calculated Timeline For Revealing Negative Personality Traits To New Girlfriend


South China Morning Post: How meditation can improve our health and happiness

TRNN - Kerry Opens A Door To Negotiating With Assad In Syria

The Drought

NYT: As California Drought Enters 4th Year, Conservation Efforts and Worries Increase By ADAM NAGOURNEY


Feels like 2004, when GW Bush won re-election.

Guardian UK: Israel elections: Netanyahu scores dramatic victory after late surge in support - Opposition leader Isaac Herzog concedes election after prime minister recovers from low poll numbers in runup to vote to lead his Likud party to 30 seats in Knesset

Global Warming - Low Carbon Fuels

Guardian UK: Six changes to fuel consumption that could combat global warming - A new report shows how widespread adoption of low-carbon fuels could stall climate change

Lower Education

AlterNet: Penn State Shuts Down Fraternity Over Facebook Images of Unconscious Women, Drug Deals and Hazing Rituals - A member of Kappa Delta Rho told local police about the postings. By David Usborne

The Market On Wednesday

  Good morning. It is a 23 degrees and mostly sunny here in the Upper Hudson Valley. The extremely harsh Winter of 2015 continues to raise its frigid head. The ten day forecast as of this morning doesn't show that nice warm break in the weather that we all want either, that Spring is here 55 degree day. It shows temperatures floating between the 20s and 40s. The first day of spring is this Friday and it's going to still feel like Winter. We lost a lot of snow yesterday, the huge piles of snow at the end of parking lots are going stay around for a while.

  At 8:30 a.m. ET futures are moderately lower and the price of oil per barrel is down closing in on $40 a barrel. The market is poised to open lower.

  The Fed wraps up its two day meeting today. At 2 pm. Janet Yellen may give some indications to the investment world about expected changes in the base interest rate. If the market closes in a distinctly harsh manner, investors will not have liked Yellin comments.

CNN: Stocks: 5 things to know before the open
Investors are particularly interested in what chairwoman Janet Yellen will have to say at 2 p.m. ET about the timing of an interest rate rise.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Putin Goes Off The Range

Independent UK: Vladimir Putin says Russia was preparing to use nuclear weapons 'if necessary' and blames US for Ukraine crisis

Schock Resigns

Politico: Aaron Schock resigns after new questions about mileage expenses By Jake Sherman, Anna Palmer and John Bresnahan

And The Winner Is...

Guardian UK: Israel elections: Netanyahu declares 'great victory' as exit polls show tie with Herzog – live updates - Isaac Herzog leads prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu by slim margin - Netanyahu appeals to right wing by rejecting Palestinian statehood

Polls Close At 4PM EDT (10PM In Israel)

NYT: Live coverage: In Close Race, Netanyahu Struggles to Hang On

No Comment

CNN: Meth lab found inside Walmart bathroom

Have A Great Tuesday

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The Onion - Vatican Policymaking Once Again Manipulated By Powerful Second Commandment Rights Groups

The Onion: Vatican Policymaking Once Again Manipulated By Powerful Second Commandment Rights Groups

Health Apps

NYT: Questioning the Value of Health Apps By Joshua A. Krisch

TRNN - Zionist Union Leader Herzog Willing To Form A Coalition With Netanyahu’s Likud

The Drought

MSNBC: California drought reaches critical point

Israel Votes

Guardian UK: Polls open in Israel at end of bitter election campaign - Analysts predict one of largest turnouts since 1999 as Binyamin Netanyahu fights for his leadership

Global Warming - New Measurement Device

Inside Climate News: Could Absolute Consensus on Global Warming Come in a Suitcase? Emily Wilson has big plans for her portable instrument that measures carbon dioxide and methane from the ground to four miles into the sky. By David Hasemyer

Reich's Latest Article

Robert Reich gets into our future economy and how technology is changing everything. Fascinating.

Robert Reich: The “iEverything” and the Redistributional Imperative

The Market On Tuesday

  Good morning. It is 37 degrees, gray, and ever so lightly misting/raining here in the Upper Hudson Valley. The transition towards Springlike temperatures has been extremely gradual in this part of the country. Tomorrow the forecast has it going down below freezing and the low in the teens. This is one stubborn Winter as it were. It's hard to believe but Friday is the first day of Spring. One thing we do have that is Springlike is the light, we are approaching 13 hours of daylight per day if you include the 1/2 hour before and after sunrise.

  At 8:30 a.m. ET futures are moderately lower and the price of oil per barrel is down. The market is poised to open lower.

  The Fed begins a two day meeting today and all eyes will be focused on any indication that base interest rates will be raised. The low interest rates and quantitative easing have fueled an incredible long lasting bull market. Change is in the air, actually change is always in the air.

CNN: Stocks: 5 things to know before the open
The key word is "patient." Analysts are speculating if that word is dropped from the Fed's statement, a rate hike could be on the cards as early as June.

Monday, March 16, 2015

"They (Iranians) Already Control Tehran..."

  I'm sure you've all seen this, but it speaks to the utter lack of knowledge someone like Cotton uses to make profoundly glaring errors of judgment. How about that, the Iranians already control Tehran, shocking especially if you are geographically challenged as Cotton reveals this very impairment to the world and in so doing further deepens the sense that the GOP is the laughing stock of America. Unfortunately the likes of Cotton control Washington D.C, and whether Cotton knows this or not and apparently he may not, Washington D.C. is the capitol of the United States. Dust off your books Cotton or better yet take off the plastic wrapping which has yet to be removed, we're starting to think you're Sarah Palin in pants and a haircut.

MSNBC: Being Tom Cotton means never having to say you’re sorry By Steve Benen

16 Million

Guardian UK: Obamacare triggers massive drop in Americans without health insurance - More than 16 million people gained insurance through Affordable Care Act - Data likely to strengthen efforts to prevent bill being rolled back

Have A Great Monday

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The Onion - Report: Whites More Likely To Be Named CEOs Than Equally Sociopathic Black Candidates

The Onion: Report: Whites More Likely To Be Named CEOs Than Equally Sociopathic Black Candidates

TRNN - Chile’s Growing Corruption Scandal Underscores Need For Whistleblower Protections

The Drought

Time: California May Crack Down Further This Week on Water-Wasters by Justin Worland

Anti-Abortion Section Hidden In Bill Holds Up Lynch Nomination

Guardian UK: Loretta Lynch nomination vote stalled as Republicans announce new delay

Global Warming - Food

MBN: Climate change to bring tasteless carrots, bad pizzas and poor quality steak in Australia

The Attack On Democracy

AlterNet: Tom Cotton’s Unpatriotic Forefathers: Treasonous Iran Letter Not the First Time GOP Has Crossed the Line - The ideology of movement conservatives is not simply partisanship. It is an attack on American democracy itself. By Heather Cox Richardson

The Market On Monday

  Good morning. It is 29 degrees and sunny here in the Upper Hudson Valley. The forecast has the temperature rising near 50 degrees today. Quite a bit of the thick snow coverage melted away over the weekend and right now I would say the ground is 60% covered with snow and ice. I hope you had a good weekend. I'm still recovering from the last bit of a really deep flu, there's still some coughing and such but overall I'd say I'm 90% better.

  At 8:30 a.m. ET futures are moderately higher and the price of oil per barrel is down now below $45 a barrel. The market is poised to open higher.

  I'd have to go with a planned Fed meeting this week for the most salient award. It is anticipated that the Fed will raise base interest rates this Summer. Otherwise look for energy stocks to continue to be pelted by the cheap price of oil.

CNN: Stocks: 6 things to know before the open
Most European markets are rising in early trade, with Germany's DAX pushing above 12,000 points for the first time, as the newly-launched money printing program by the European Central Bank continues to support stocks. The DAX is the world's hottest market so far this year.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

You Can Believe The Senator With A Snowball Or Every Major American Scientific Society

This is outstanding and needs to be seen by all Americans.


Amazon: Disease-Proof: The Remarkable Truth About What Makes Us Well by David L. Katz M.D. The skills you need to slash your risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and more—by 80 percent

Have A Great Sunday

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The Onion - Man’s Bloodstream Enjoys Hour-Long Intermission Between Coffee, Alcohol Blitzes

The Onion: Man’s Bloodstream Enjoys Hour-Long Intermission Between Coffee, Alcohol Blitzes

TRNN - Israelis And Palestinians See Little Hope For Change In Upcoming Election


Guardian UK: Obama roasts himself and Republicans at annual Washington event - Governors Scott Walker and Terry McAuliffe also sharpened their wits for the Republicans and Democrats, respectively, at Gridiron dinner
Noting that Walker remarked recently that he couldn’t say whether Obama was a Christian, the president said his religion taught forgiveness and cracked, “So, Governor Walker, salaam alaikum.”


Guardian UK: Cyclone Pam: more deaths and water shortages to follow storm - First news from cut-off communities in Vanuatu suggests category five twister destroyed more homes and left villages without drinking water

The Drought

Climate Central: Southern California’s Fog Falls Victim to Concrete by John Upton

Global Warming - Summer Heat

Climate Central: Summer Heat Waves May be Linked to Arctic Warming by Andrea Thompson


Mother Jones: People on Food Stamps Make Healthier Grocery Decisions Than Most of Us - Which is why we shouldn't tell them what to buy. By Tom Philpott

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Zionist Union Alliance

Guardian UK: Binyamin Netanyahu fights for political survival at Israeli general election - Netanyahu faces determined opposition and an electorate who seem ready to force a change
...Netanyahu pleaded with voters on local radio last week. “I will not be elected if the gap is not closed, and there is a real danger that Tzipi [Livni] and Bougie [Herzog] will form the next government.” Herzog and Livni are the joint leaders of the centre-left Zionist Union alliance that is competing in the election.

'Natural's Not In It'

Gang Of Four - great tune

War Planning

  Let's see if we can connect some dots here surrounding Iran, Jeb Bush, neocons, The Cotton letter, and Netanyahu's House speech.

  First it's important to recall that the neocons have expressed an interest in an Iran War way back when, even before Bush 2, GW, assumed power from the 2000 'election'. Cheney brought on board that administration's neocon team, just think Paul Wolfowitz. Read over the Project For A New American Century documents, a neocon device as it were, and you will clearly see the signees and the intentions for war. The Iraq War came out of this neocon influence during Bush 2.

  Now recall that Bush 3, Jeb, has hired Paul Wolfowitz, neocon, onto his foreign policy team. The neocons fell out of favor publicly with the election of Obama and the rejection of the uber war neocon stance which would have carried on under McCain. This is in 2008. Bush 2, GW Bush, of course left office with incredibly low popularity ratings given his 'deft' handling of the Iraq war and the economy. However with the arrival of Bush 3, Jeb, there is an interest to retrieve the neocon project, and let us not forget that part of that project is an Iran War.

  Enter Netanyahu into Congress to essentially spell out one thing. That one thing is an intent to go to war with Iran. This interest is from the hard line right wing section of both the neocon view and the Israeli view. So we have Netanyahu setting the stage as it were, probing it, selling it. He comes in and creates a little fear note, a very effective right wing device, and says war.

  Now we have Arkansas Senator Cotton writing a letter to Iran with 46 additional GOP Senators signing on essentially denouncing a 'peace' agreement between Obama and Iran on Iran's nuclear issues. Once again the point of the letter is that there is only one solution, war. A quick study of Cotton's words indicates his hawkish stance and let us not forget Cotton's $700,000 for his senate campaign from the Emergency Committee for Israel, curious bedfellows indeed.

  The stage is being set for a new war, that would be the Iran War. The war already has the tacit support of the GOP 47 at least, plus the neocons, plus the right wing hardliners in Israel. Recall McCain's 'humorous to the loyal' bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran Beachboy parady.

  As an observer to this situation one primary thing that comes to mind is - the vast majority of American people don't connect these dots. This is the beauty of modern politics where the trail although not beyond simple ordinary human intelligence is well hidden and unclear and simultaneously gets that tacit approval of party supporters.

Israel's Election

Haaretz: New poll: Netanyahu's Likud down to 20 seats - The two final polls published before Israel's election predict that Zionist Union will have a four-seat margin over the prime minister's Likud.

The Jerusalem Post: Latest polls: Zionist Union maintains lead, but Netanyahu still in position to form government

Have A Great Saturday

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The Onion - Wall Street Firm Develops New High-Speed Algorithm Capable Of Performing Over 10,000 Ethical Violations Per Second

The Onion: Wall Street Firm Develops New High-Speed Algorithm Capable Of Performing Over 10,000 Ethical Violations Per Second

Sound Advice

GoodTherapy.org: 5 Ways to Improve Your Mental Health and Increase Happiness

TRNN - Republicans Spin UN Meeting About Iran Sanctions

US And Iran Cooperate On ISIS

Guardian UK: CIA director suggests Iraq functions as interlocutor in US-Iran fight against Isis - Brennan: ‘There’s an alignment of some interests between ourselves and Iran’ - First US official to imply cooperation of both countries via Iraqi government

The Drought

Inquisitr: California Drought 2015: NASA Predictions Claim Water Running Out In 2016 As Megadrought Hits

Global Warming - Ted Cruz Vs NASA

Global warming denier Cruz gets schooled on 'Earth Science'.

Krugman On Ayn Rand Republicans, The Economy, And The Rising Dollar

NYT: Strength Is Weakness by Paul Krugman

Scare Advertsing

AlterNet: 8 Industries That Scare You Into Buying Things You Don’t Need - Disaster is lurking and we will save you! By Larry Schwartz

Friday, March 13, 2015

History Lesson For Cretins

NYT: We Have a President for a Reason - A History Lesson for the Republicans Who Wrote to Iran By KATHLEEN DuVAL

White House Petition

270,000 signees when I signed. Nothing will happen, no on will be charged, but it might make a little stink.

Whitehouse.gov: File charges against the 47 U.S. Senators in violation of The Logan Act in attempting to undermine a nuclear agreement.


Raw Story: Netanyahu behind in final polling day before election

National Disgrace

Politico: Obama ‘embarrassed’ for GOP senators who signed Iran letter By Nick Gass


NYT: ISIS Still on the Attack, Despite Internal Strife and Heavy Losses By HELENE COOPER, ANNE BARNARD and ERIC SCHMITT

Mean Tweets - President Obama Edition

Have A Great Friday

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The Onion - Woman Has No Business Being An Extrovert

The Onion: Woman Has No Business Being An Extrovert

Lake Shasta And Lake Oroville

kalw.org: What's it going to take to get out of the drought? By Hana Baba and Audrey Dilling
Right now, the state’s two biggest reservoirs, Lake Shasta and Lake Oroville, are around half full. Both those reservoirs feed into the Delta, which supplies about 23 million people in the state with water, plus farmlands. In an average year those reservoirs hover around three quarters full, so we don’t need them to be filled to the brim. But that’s still quite a difference.

TRNN - Senator Rand Paul Says AUMF Will Further Endless War

The Drought

LA Times: California has about one year of water left. Will you ration now?

Four New Satellites

Guardian UK: Nasa satellites safely in orbit after Atlas V rocket launch - First space mission dedicated to study of magnetic reconnection – thought to be the catalyst for some of the most powerful explosions in solar system

Global Warming - Deniers Have Nothing To Stand On

Slate: Unlike Temperatures, Climate Change Deniers Are Falling Fast By Phil Plait
If your political stance is based on nonsense, and you’re called out, all you can rely on is doubling down, making lots of noise over nothing, or making increasingly embarrassing stunts. You certainly can’t rely on reality, because you’ve long since left that behind.

The Newest Most Brazen War Mongerer In The Senate

AlterNet: 10 Horrifying Facts About GOP Senator Tom Cotton - One of the worst bullies in the Senate? By Medea Benjamin, Nalini Ramachandran

The Market On Friday

  Good morning. It is a cool 22 degrees and mostly sunny here in the Upper Hudson Valley. The forecast has the temperature going up into the 40s today. Ever so slowly more and more little patches of ground are being revealed as the snow retreats. Looking out the backyard window where I am typing I would say roughly 95% of the yard is covered in snow. That 5% ground took a lot of hard work to get to! Regardless, it's the weekend and hopefully you can get some rest and I can kill off the remaining coughs and spurts of my lingering flu/cold.

  At 8:40 a.m. ET futures are moderately lower and the price of oil per barrel is down. The market is poised to open lower.

  Investors are figuring out how to factor in an anticipated Fed base interest rate hike. Next week there will be a Fed announcement which probably will but may not address this issue. In my opinion it is still the Fed that holds the biggest stick in the endless monetary struggle.

CNN: Stocks: 4 things to know before the open
Investors are expecting the Fed to raise interest rates in the next few months as the job market improves and salaries rise. The expectations for tighter monetary policy have helped the dollar rally to new highs and caused some jitters in U.S. markets.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Health Leads

NPR: When Life Overwhelms, This Group Lends A Healthy Hand

Piling On

Yahoo: Germany lashes US Republicans over Iran letter


Just look at the 3rd grade level stupidity these jokers are saying in the wake of their latest cretin tome.

McCain - “I think we probably should have had more discussion about it, given the blowback that there is.”

Toomey - “didn’t have any particular anticipation of the level of controversy”

One problem is these same jokers have been going on and on about leadership in Washington. Do these statements sound like leadership? No. They sound like sorry assed apologetics from a 1st grader.

Politico: Iran letter blowback startles GOP - John McCain: “It was kind of a very rapid process. Everybody was looking forward to getting out of town because of the snowstorm.”

Have A Great Thursday

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The Onion - Fraternity Members To Undergo Racial Sensitivity Hazing

The Onion: Fraternity Members To Undergo Racial Sensitivity Hazing

Answered! Damnit!

Time: You Asked: Your Top 10 Health Questions Answered

TRNN - Four Years After Fukushima Disaster, Radiation Dangers Remain Unknown

The Drought

ski curbed: Inside the High-Dollar Fight to Save California Skiing

Two Police Officers Shot In Ferguson

Guardian UK: Ferguson police duo shot during protest were seriously injured, officers say - Ferguson police chief says the two officers – one shot in the face and the other in the shoulder – were targeted as they stood outside police HQ

Global Warming - Shifting Opinion

Guardian UK: Consensus and geoengineering - how to convince people about global warming - Social scientists are debating how best to shift public opinion on global warming

Robert Reich - The 3 Biggest Myths Blinding Us To The Economic Truth

The Market On Thursday

  Good morning. It is 33 degrees and sunny here in the Upper Hudson Valley. Yesterday afternoon the temperature ran right around 50 degrees and along with some sunshine there was a virtual stream of water heading into the street drains. The snow is melting down. It still looks like winter out there but the changes are gradually taking place. The first day of spring is less than two weeks away.

  At 8:45 a.m. ET futures are moderately higher and the price of oil per barrel is up. The market is poised to open higher.

  Today the dollar is receding from its recent lofty perch. The fear that the Fed will soon raise base interest rates is temporarily held at bay. First time weekly layoff numbers came in at 289,000 suggesting that the labor market is continuing to improve and stay firmly stronger. Man I am looking forward to the weekend.

CNN: Stocks: 4 things to know before the open
"The pace of the dollar reversal suggests that more corrective activity could be in store."

'The Universal Saltarello'

live recording of The Jim Sande Ensemble from February 2015.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


I truly hope the DOJ goes after these idiots. This guy Cotton is a piece of work.

Slate: Amateur Hour - The letter 47 Republican senators sent to Iran is one of the most plainly stupid things a group of senators has ever done. By Fred Kaplan
Reading this, one can only wonder if these Republicans ever consult their staffs. As the Iranian leaders know, and as the Obama administration and the other P5+1 governments have made clear all along, the deal being negotiated is not a treaty, nor is it an agreement. Rather, it is a nonbinding international arrangement, to be signed (if it is signed) by the United States, the United Kingdom, France, China, Russia, Germany, and Iran.

GOP Height Of Insanity

Guardian UK: John Kerry condemns Republicans over open letter to Iran - Several conservative congressmen and media outlets describe letter as ‘not appropriate or productive’ while others question the legality of its contents

Have A Great Wednesday

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The Borowitz Report - Kim Jong-un Feels Snubbed By Absence Of Letter From Republicans

New Yorker: Kim Jong-un Feels Snubbed by Absence of Letter from Republicans By Andy Borowitz

Parsing Obamacare

NYT: 86 Percent of Health Law Enrollees Receive Subsidies, White House Says By ROBERT PEAR

TRNN - Capital Control May Become Necessary In Greece

The Drought

ABC News 7: EBMUD sounding alarm on California drought
The California drought is as bad as it looks, according to East Bay MUD, which supplies water to 1.3 million people in the Bay Area.

Email Gate

Guardian UK: Hillary Clinton's mea culpa reveals an inevitable (but not invincible) candidate - UN press conference extends ‘emailgate’ as Republicans pounce on new questions about trove of private messages and call appearance ‘unspinnably bad’

Global Warming - Florida Dances

Guardian UK: Florida denies official ban on 'climate change' and 'global warming' - But former government employees and others continue to insist that state’s environmental protection department would not allow terms to be used


AlterNet: HIV-Blocking Drug Truvada Could End AIDS on Earth — So Why Is It So Controversial? “Access to mental health care in rural areas is a key issue," says the author of a new study. By David Ferguson

The Market On Wednesday

  Good morning. It is 41 degrees and overcast here in the Upper Hudson Valley. It looks like we had above freezing temperatures overnight and to our surprise little patches of the ground are starting to reappear here and there with the snow melting away. More melting will go on today. Someone was highlighting an article on Facebook that showed how unpopular Jazz has become in the USA. I fully understand this actually, no matter how we try to preserve our interests in the world, the tastes of world moves on especially in a digital age. My advice is to enjoy the changes, change is unavoidable and at this time in history business and culture are changing at lightning speeds. Let me state the obvious though, human beings have not changed a whole lot, our interests and customs change, our wealth changes, our external circumstances change, but we are still faced with the entire same list of frailties, strengths, weaknesses, maladies, and our fundamental capacity for good things. Our internal world is intact.

  At 8:50 a.m. ET futures are moderately higher and the price of oil per barrel is up nearing $49 a barrel. The market is poised to open higher.

  On Tuesday the market literally blew a huge whole in its tire and went careening off the road into a muddy sink hole. Wednesday is starting out with a fresh take on the world as the global strength of the dollar rises due to the alleged stronger US economy. This is a different sort of shake out as it were. However, it's also probably a decent time to travel abroad, more bang for the buck as they say.

CNN: Stocks: 5 things to know before the open
The dollar has climbed to a 12-year high against the euro of $1.06.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Good Start

Time: Dunkin’ Donuts Is Getting Rid of Titanium Dioxide in Its Food

Nutrition Facts: Titanium Dioxide and Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Have A Great Tuesday

work by Jean Tinguely

The Onion - Man Suddenly Regretting Asking To Be Taken Seriously By Peers

The Onion: Man Suddenly Regretting Asking To Be Taken Seriously By Peers


Every Day Health: 7 Health Benefits of Ginger

TRNN - Open Letter To Ayatollah From The Republicans

  Larry is so on the money here. At the end of the clip he talks about the real reason these senators did this. These guys want war with Iran. Make no mistake, that's what all this Netanyahu, Bush Neocon 3, and this recent Iran 'warning' nonsense is all about. It's about war.

The Drought

WBUR.org: Drought-Stricken California Communities Consider Desalination

GOP Continues To S**t Itself

Guardian UK: Obama denounces Republican letter on Iran nuclear talks - White House accuses senators of making common cause with Iranian hardliners, while Tehran expresses surprise at Republican tactics

Global Warming - The Arctic, North America, And Europe Will Feel The Heat First

Scientific American: Global Warming Could Hit Rates Unseen in 1,000 Years - This finding comes from new research also showing that the Arctic, North America and Europe will be the first regions to transition to a new climate

The Fear Business

AlterNet: Hyping Fear Is an Economic Engine of the News Business, and We All Pay the Price - If Bill O’Reilly’s lies bother you, his fear mongering should really scare you By Sophia A. McClennen

The Market On Tuesday

  Good morning. It is a whopping 27 degrees and it is hazy sunny here in the Upper Hudson Valley. We are going to get another day in the 40s and man have we earned it. It was nice being in 40 degree temperatures yesterday and I will enjoy it again today. There are tiny signs of the very thick covering of snow melting away, the roads are still not their full width with the margins thick with ice. I am feeling better from the most persistent flu I've ever had, still coughing a bit but it is drying up and I know you know what I mean. My voice is now very close to the normal speaking voice with a tinge of stuffy nose in there.

  At 8:45 a.m. ET futures are significantly lower and the price of oil per barrel is down. The market is poised to tank at the opening bell.

  The robust American economy has investors in a fretful state. As a result of the improved economy, the Fed is expected to raise the base interest rate and the free flow of money will be ever so slightly impinged. The party is almost over. Despite today's awful opening, recent trading days have shown some resilience with some recovery by the end of the day, on the other hand, it can get much much worse fast. We shall see.

CNN: Stocks: 4 things to know before the open
Traders have pushed the U.S. currency higher as they expect the Federal Reserve will be forced to hike interest rates soon from rock bottom levels. That contrasts starkly with the eurozone, where massive monetary stimulus has just started.