Tuesday, December 11, 2018

The Market On Tuesday

  Good morning. At 9:25 a.m. ET DOW futures are +305 and the price of oil per barrel is up. The market is poised to open significantly higher.

CNN: Google goes to DC; Brexit chaos; Spotlight on Huawei By Ivana Kottasová

Monday, December 10, 2018

No Plan

NY Times: After Ayers Turns Down Chief of Staff Job, Trump Is Left Without a Plan B - President Trump has announced that John F. Kelly, his chief of staff, would leave his position by the end of the year. by Katie Rogers, Maggie Haberman and Annie Karni

MSNBC - ‘The Bottom Is Going To Fall Out’

Out Of Control

The Atlantic: Trump Doesn’t Want a Chief of Staff - Someone needs to get the White House under control—but the president won’t let it happen. by Rahm Emanuel

CNN - Bernstein - Trump 'Boxed In' By Mueller Filings


Observer: President Trump Really May Go to Jail—For the Rest of His Life By John R. Schindler

'Revenge Cowboy Revenge'

From my new CD Pagliacci

Spotify: Revenge Cowboy Revenge

Happy Dog

 I found this on Twitter at I Love Nature.

The 'Smocking Gun'

Salon: “Smocking gun” is the new “covfefe”: Twitter erupts after Trump misspells the same word twice - “Smocking gun”: ’90s garage band or Trump faux pas? You guess! by Matthew Rozsa

The Onion - GOP-Controlled Wisconsin Legislature Votes To Dissolve State Rather Than Let Democrats Have It

The Onion: GOP-Controlled Wisconsin Legislature Votes To Dissolve State Rather Than Let Democrats Have It

Thick As Thieves

Scientific American: U.S. Stands with Russia and Saudi Arabia Against Climate Science - At a meeting to coordinate climate action, the nations thwarted recognition of a recent report expressing the urgency of reducing emissions By Jean Chemnick

Have An Excellent Monday

work by Polish street artist NeSpoon

CNN - Reporter Breaks Down Stunning Number Of Contacts Between Trump Campaign And Russians

Morning Joe - Axios Asks - How Involved Was President Donald Trump With Russia?

SNL - Weekend Update - Trump Calls for End to Mueller Probe


The Palmer Report: Robert Mueller moves the goalposts on Donald Trump yet again by Bill Palmer


Guardian UK: John Kelly is just the latest victim of Trump's dumpster fire of calamities - The chief of staff is fired or retired or whatever. The only certainty is that another enabler has been brutally tossed aside by Richard Wolffe
Fire someone, obviously. If there’s one thing Trump knows how to do, it’s pretending like he knows how to wield power in front of the gawking media. It worked pretty well on The Apprentice, projecting the image of power onto the boss of a small-time real-estate business with multiple bankruptcies.

Nick Ayers

Guardian UK: New setback for Trump as Pence aide Nick Ayers turns down chief of staff role
Donald Trump’s first choice to replace John Kelly as White House chief of staff has said he will not take the role, creating fresh uncertainty in the top tier of the Trump administration.

Risks Everywhere

NY Times: Wall St. Ignored Signs of Trouble for Months. Now It Sees Risks Everywhere
“Every eye is going to be focused on every piece of commentary on this trade deal,” said Rick Rieder, chief investment officer of global fixed income at BlackRock, which manages over $6 trillion in assets. “Because the impact on growth is so significant.”

A Criminal Presidency

NY Times: Surviving a Criminal Presidency - No one is above the law in America. By Charles M. Blow
But beyond all that, we now have an actual, and one assumes provable, crime. A federal crime. And the president is its architect.

The Market On Monday

  Good morning. At 9:20 a.m. ET DOW futures are -24 and the price of oil per barrel is down. The market is poised to open moderately lower.

CNN: SoftBank IPO; Carlos Ghosn indicted; Huawei and markets By Ivana Kottasová

Friday, December 07, 2018


  Enjoy the weekend, see you bright and early Monday morning.

work by Denise Regan


The Atlantic: Mueller’s Memos and the Alleged Lies of the Trump Lieutenants - The sentencing documents offer the clearest signs yet of how investigators are encircling the president. by Natasha Bertrand

The Memo

Document Cloud: United States Of America Vs Michael Cohen


538: Trump Is Only Popular In Rural Areas By Nathaniel Rakich and Dhrumil Mehta

Solid As A Rock

NY Times: Trump Blasts Tillerson as ‘Dumb as a Rock’ After Former Secretary Criticizes President

Lordy, Lordy, Lordy

  Hey, let the old guy have his little dream hallucination. He's beyond ready for a serious mental health intervention, so just humor him, he still has his finger on the button.

The Hill: Trump says approval rating would be 75 percent without Mueller By Jordan Fabian

'Wicked Game'

Chris Isaak

Trump's Favorite Things!

A Randy Rainbow Song Parody

MSNBC - Donald Trump Lashes Out On Twitter Ahead Of Big Day In Russia Probe


The Daily Beast: Rex Tillerson: I Had to Stop Trump From Doing Illegal Things - The ex-secretary of state also reiterated that ‘there’s no question’ Russia interfered in the 2016 election. by Pilar Melendez

William Barr

The Atlantic: Trump Picks a Washington Insider as His Next Attorney General - William Barr served in the role under President George H. W. Bush from 1991 to 1993 and has been critical of the Russia probe. by Elaina Plott


What a joke.

Salon: Trump picks former Fox News host Heather Nauert as next UN ambassador - Nauert has spread conspiracy theories about Benghazi and suggested a swim class for Muslim girls was “sharia law” by Igor Derysh

The Onion - Revlon Releases New Functionless Translucent Gel For Women Who Don’t Need Makeup

The Onion: Revlon Releases New Functionless Translucent Gel For Women Who Don’t Need Makeup


Scientific American: The World's First Space Telescope - 50 years ago, astronomers launched the Orbiting Astronomical Observatory, whose descendants include the Hubble, Spitzer and James Webb telescopes By James Lattis

Read This Article

  Seth Abramson is in the very top echelon of those who understand Trump-Russia and the investigation. Read this article.

Salon: Author and attorney Seth Abramson on why Mueller “will ultimately be victorious.” Part 2 of 2 - Author of “Proof of Collusion” on how “one of the most infamous scandals” in American history unfolds from here by Chauncey DeVega
"This situation is scary because the president of the United States is fully compromised by multiple hostile foreign nations. What that means is that, at this point, the foreign policy of the United States, at least as it comes out of the executive branch, is effectively an ideological vassal state of our enemies. There is no reason for us to be confident that any decision made by Donald Trump on the question of foreign policy is being made with the best interest of you and your family in mind."

Have An Excellent Friday

Ivan Aivazovsky 1817 - 1900

Morning Joe - John Brennan - President Donald Trump Showing Us He's Incompetent

Morning Joe - No White House Plans For Confronting Robert Mueller Report: Atlantic

Stephen Colbert - Are We Proud Of Him For Not Ruining A Funeral?


The Palmer Report: “Jesus take the wheel” – Donald Trump’s handlers admit he’s toast by Bill Palmer

Ted Malloch

Guardian UK: Trump aide's appearances on RT channel are focus for Russia inquiry - Ted Malloch, a Trump campaign adviser, has been questioned about his relationship with the Kremlin-controlled broadcaster
...RT, which US intelligence authorities have called Russia’s principal propaganda arm.

Mueller Today

Guardian UK: Trump launches Twitter offensive before Mueller filings on Russia inquiry - President rails at ‘conflicts of interest’ ahead of disclosures to court about ex-presidential aides Manafort and Cohen

Starvation In Yemen

NY Times: U.S. Tax Dollars Help to Starve Children - The famine in Yemen could become the worst the world has seen in a generation. By Nicholas Kristof
He is an eight-year-old boy who is starving and has limbs like sticks, but Yaqoob Walid doesn’t cry or complain. He gazes stolidly ahead, tuning out everything, for in late stages of starvation the human body focuses every calorie simply on keeping the organs functioning.

Hypocrite In Chief

NY Times: Making President Trump’s Bed: A Housekeeper Without Papers - At the president’s New Jersey golf course, an undocumented immigrant has worked as a maid since 2013. She said she never imagined she “would see such important people close up.”
During more than five years as a housekeeper at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J., Victorina Morales has made Donald J. Trump’s bed, cleaned his toilet and dusted his crystal golf trophies. When he visited as president, she was directed to wear a pin in the shape of the American flag adorned with a Secret Service logo.

Because of the “outstanding” support she has provided during Mr. Trump’s visits, Ms. Morales in July was given a certificate from the White House Communications Agency inscribed with her name.

Quite an achievement for an undocumented immigrant housekeeper.

The Market On Friday

  Good morning. At 9:25 a.m. ET DOW futures are +21 and the price of oil per barrel is up. The market is poised to open slightly higher.

CNN: Why the stock market is freaking out By Matt Egan

Thursday, December 06, 2018

Abramson On Trump's Treachery

Salon: Attorney and author Seth Abramson: Donald Trump sets “new paradigm for treachery.” Part 1 of 2 - Author of “Proof of Collusion” unpacks “the most wide-ranging federal criminal investigation” of our lifetimes by Chauncey DeVega
... Donald Trump will be the new paradigm for treachery and traitorous conduct against the United States.

Donald Trump's scale of treachery against the United States, and frankly all people worldwide who want us to be safe and healthy and free from additional wars, goes well beyond the scope of Benedict Arnold selling out a single fort in New York during the Revolutionary War.

Odd Man Indeed

  Yesterday's news but still so relevant. Trump is the elephant in the room, he's also the elephant in the country.

Yahoo: Trump odd man out as presidents assemble for Bush funeral by Associated Press CATHERINE LUCEY and ZEKE MILLER


The Daily Beast: Fox Business Network Apologizes for Louie Gohmert Spreading Anti-Semitic George Soros Conspiracy - The openly anti-Semitic attack initially went unchallenged by host Stuart Varney, who later issued an apology. by Matt Wilstein


The Atlantic: Wisconsin Republicans Are Shooting Themselves In the Foot - My friend Scott Walker should not sign the power-grabbing legislation. by Charles J. Sykes


Salon: Attorney and author Seth Abramson: Donald Trump sets “new paradigm for treachery.” Part 1 of 2 - Author of “Proof of Collusion” unpacks “the most wide-ranging federal criminal investigation” of our lifetimes by Chauncey DeVega

The Onion - Woman Finds It Worrying That All Of New Boyfriend’s Previous Relationships Ended In Breakups

The Onion: Woman Finds It Worrying That All Of New Boyfriend’s Previous Relationships Ended In Breakups


Scientific American: CO2 Emissions Reached an All-Time High in 2018 - The uptick follows several years of relatively flat emissions, underscoring the urgency of climate action By Chelsea Harvey

Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm

Crash Test Dummies

Stephen Colbert - Flynn's Sentencing Memo Was So [Redacted]

Have An Excellent Thursday

work by Stanley Spencer (British, 1891 – 1959)

Brian Williams - Maya Wiley - If I'm President Trump I'm Losing Sleep And Dreaming Stripes

Rachel Maddow - Flynn Oddly Immune From President Trump Wrath, Even After Mueller Memo


The Palmer Report: Former U.S. intel official suggests Michael Flynn was wearing a wire by Bill Palmer


Guardian UK: Trump disputes climate change report as poll shows most Americans worried by findings – live


Guardian UK: Newly empowered Democrats ramp up calls for stronger gun control - Democratic majority in the House expected to introduce legislation to impose background checks on all gun sale


NY Times: Is Trump A Traitor?


NY Times: Trump Gets It All Wrong - Beware of busloads of voters with phony mustaches. By Gail Collins

The Market On Thursday

  Good morning. At 9:25 a.m. ET DOW futures are -451 and the price of oil per barrel is down. The market is poised to drop through the floor at the opening bell.

CNN: Dow faces 400-point slide after Huawei executive's arrest renews trade fears By Matt Egan

Wednesday, December 05, 2018

When An Architect Tries Baking

Psychiatrist - Trump Supporters Think Like Five Year Olds


The New Yorker: The Neurons That Tell Time By Ingfei Chen
In it, the researchers argue that the neurons in the L.E.C. are creating “timestamps” that record the order of unfolding events.

Not His Problem

The Daily Beast: Trump on Coming Debt Crisis: ‘I Won’t Be Here’ When It Blows Up - The president thinks the balancing of the nation’s books is going to, ultimately, be a future president’s problem. by Asawin Suebsaeng and Lachlan Markay

'Sex On Fire'

Kings Of Leon

The Atlantic - Trump’s Emergency Powers Are 'Ripe for Abuse'

Michael Isikoff On Mueller - Flynn

Digby On Flynn

Salon: Michael Flynn’s sentencing memo is a puzzle — but the clues look bad for Donald Trump - Michael Flynn’s “substantial” cooperation with Robert Mueller remains murky, but likely means big trouble for Trump by Heather Digby Parton

The Onion - Producer Tells Actress Non-Disclosure Agreement Pretty Standard For Getting Away With Abusing His Power

The Onion: Producer Tells Actress Non-Disclosure Agreement Pretty Standard For Getting Away With Abusing His Power

Gut And Brain

Scientific American: A New Connection between the Gut and the Brain - A surprising way that diet leads risks of stroke and cognitive impairment By Jonathan D. Grinstein
The researchers used mice, and found that immune responses in the small intestines set off a cascade of chemical responses reaching the brain’s blood vessels, reducing blood flow to the cortex and hippocampus, two brain regions crucial for learning and memory. This, in turn, brought a decline in tests of cognitive performance.

He Knows

Wired: 14 Trump and Russia Questions Robert Mueller Knows the Answers To

Have An Excellent Wednesday

work by Jaime Corum

Rachel Maddow - Robert Mueller Memo On Flynn Shows Cooperation On Three Investigations

Brian Williams - What's The Political Fallout From Robert Mueller's Flynn Memo For Trump?

Colbert - Tariff Man May Have Spoken Too Soon


The Palmer Report: Everything is on fire and Donald Trump is drowning by Bill Palmer

Up Is Down

Guardian UK: Anti-fascists were stabbed at a neo-Nazi rally. Then police tried to charge them - Revealed: California has not prosecuted anyone for the stabbings, but sought hundreds of charges against counter-protesters
California law enforcement pursued criminal charges against eight anti-fascist activists who were stabbed or beaten at a neo-Nazi rally while failing to prosecute anyone for the knife attacks against them, according to police records reviewed by the Guardian.


Guardian UK: Michael Flynn: Mueller recommends no prison time for ex-Trump adviser - Special counsel says former national security adviser offered ‘substantial’ help in Russia inquiry
The two-part sentencing memo said Flynn had given first-hand accounts of “interactions between individuals in the presidential transition team and Russia” following Trump’s election win in November 2016. A further 24 lines of text detailing his assistance with the Trump-Russia investigation were redacted.

The Report

NY Times: On Climate, the Facts and Law Are Against Trump - A recent government report predicts dire consequences from climate change. That complicates efforts to weaken environmental laws. By Richard L. Revesz
Now that this report is part of the official government record, the administration cannot credibly suggest that climate policies should be weakened. Prepared by dozens of experts and government officials, the assessment predicts hundreds of billions of dollars in damages from storms, crop failures, ruined infrastructure and climate-related deaths and illnesses. Stronger regulations to limit emissions are needed, it says.


NY Times: Saudi Prince ‘Complicit’ in Khashoggi’s Murder, Senators Say After C.I.A. Briefing By Eric Schmitt and Nicholas Fandos
A bipartisan group of senior senators said on Tuesday that a classified briefing by the C.I.A. director had only solidified their belief that Mohammed bin Salman, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, ordered the killing of the Saudi dissident Jamal Khashoggi.

The Market On Wednesday

  Good morning. At 9:25 a.m. ET DOW futures are +109 and the price of oil per barrel is up. The market is poised to open significantly higher.

CNN: OPEC is meeting this week. Here's what it could do By Zahraa Alkhalisi

Tuesday, December 04, 2018


NY Times: Flynn Was a Key Cooperator and Deserves Little Prison Time, Mueller Team Says

Stone Pleads The Fifth

The Palmer Report: Roger Stone pleads the Fifth by Bill Palmer

Improvising On Classical Guitar

Andrew York - The top video is part one, middle is part two, and the bottom one is part three. Part four is not out quite yet.


Chicago Tribune: Mueller to detail ex-NSA Flynn's cooperation in Russia probe

Present Danger

Salon: Yale Psychiatrist Bandy Lee on Donald Trump: “His disorder is on display for the world to see” - Waiting for 2020 is “reckless in its lack of understanding of the present danger the president poses,” Lee argues by TANA GANEVA

The Onion - Ohio State Begins Scouting For Next Scandal

The Onion: Ohio State Begins Scouting For Next Scandal


Scientific American: Why Smart People Are Vulnerable to Putting Tribe Before Truth - Science literacy is important, but without the parallel trait of "science curiosity," it can lead us astray By Dan M. Kahan
But given what positions on climate change have now come to signify about one’s group allegiances, adopting the “wrong” position in interactions with her peers could rupture bonds on which she depends heavily for emotional and material well-being. Under these pathological conditions, she will predictably use her reasoning not to discern the truth but to form and persist in beliefs characteristic of her group, a tendency known as “identity-protective cognition.”

'Got To Give It Up'

Marvin Gaye

'Enjoy The Silence'

Depeche Mode Live in Berlin

Isikoff On Mueller

Yahoo: Mueller preparing endgame for Russia investigation by Michael Isikoff
Special counsel Robert Mueller’s prosecutors have told defense lawyers in recent weeks that they are “tying up loose ends” in their investigation, providing the clearest clues yet that the long-running probe into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election may be coming to its climax, potentially in the next few weeks, according to multiple sources close to the matter.

Have An Excellent Tuesday

work by Sandrine Pelissier

MSNBC - Is Bush 41's 'Kinder, Gentler' America Gone In The Age Of President Trump?

Rachel Maddow - Michael Cohen Says He Kept 'Client 1' Apprised Of Kremlin Contacts

The Squatty Potty

  This is a real thing, no intention to gross you out.

Sitting Is Everything

Guardian UK: Bowel movement: the push to change the way you poo - Are you sitting comfortably? Many people are not – and they insist that the way we’ve been going to the toilet is all wrong. By Alex Blasdel
More than 5m Squatty Potties have been sold since they first crept on to the market in 2011. Celebrities such as Sally Field and Jimmy Kimmel have raved about them, and the basketball sensation Stephen Curry put one in every bathroom of his house. “I had, like, a full elimination,” Howard Stern, the celebrity shock jock, said after he first used one, in 2013. “It was unbelievable. I felt empty. I was like, ‘Holy shit.’”

GOP Wreak Havoc In States After Election

Guardian UK: 'This is not democracy': Republicans try to shrink power of incoming Democrats - Weeks after the midterms, several states face continued wrangling as GOP accused of undermining voters’ will
The most intense battle is playing out in Wisconsin, where Republican lawmakers are attempting a power grab that would strip key functions from the state’s incoming Democratic governor and attorney general. Opponents are denouncing the move, which sparked protests on Monday, as a blatantly undemocratic negation of the November election results.


NY Times: That Christmas When the Trumps Saw Red - Anger can be power. But maybe it shouldn’t be. By Gail Collins and Bret Stephens
And now, of course, every former president looks great compared with Donald Trump. If Warren Harding had died this week, we’d all have been thinking: “Well sure his Secretary of the Interior went to jail, but compared to Donald Trump …”

Those blood-red pseudo-firs are truly memorable. And sort of perfect for an administration that so frequently makes the nation go, “Yipes!”


NY Times: Why Michael Cohen, Trump’s Fixer, Confessed to It All By Benjamin Weiser
Mr. Cohen has concluded that his life has been utterly destroyed by his relationship with Mr. Trump and his own actions, and to begin anew he needed to speed up the legal process by quickly confessing his crimes and serving any sentence he receives, according to his friends and associates, and analysis of documents in the case.

The Market On Tuesday

  Good morning. At 9:25 a.m. ET DOW futures are -94 and the price of oil per barrel is up. The market is poised to open significantly lower.

CNN: Investors send pot stock soaring on possible tobacco deal By Paul R. La Monica

Monday, December 03, 2018


NY Times: The Best Foods for Athletes - More fat? More carbs? How should we eat for peak athletic performance?
If you are an Olympic athlete, then, yes, the minutiae of your diet’s composition and timing are very consequential. The rest of us should concentrate on simple, healthy eating.

St. Louis

The Atlantic: Sadism in the St. Louis Police Department - Three cops who expressed an eagerness to brutalize protesters unintentionally targeted the one person likely to get them arrested. by Conor Friedersdorf



Salon: Behind Michael Cohen’s deal: All the lies surrounding Trump start to crumble - Michael Cohen has been talking to Mueller and other prosecutors for months: This is very bad for Team Trump by Heather Digby Parton

The Onion - G20 Leaders Attend Saudi Crown Prince’s Informative Seminar On Eliminating Dissident Journalists

The Onion: G20 Leaders Attend Saudi Crown Prince’s Informative Seminar On Eliminating Dissident Journalists

How Much

Scientific American: Here’s How Much Climate Change Could Cost the U.S. - Warming could exact a major economic toll, but reducing emissions and adapting to changes can alleviate those costs By Andrea Thompson

Have An Excellent Monday

Giovanni Bellini (Italian, 1430 – 1516)

Chris Matthews - Reminisces On HW Bush's Kindness And Humor

MSNBC - Lawyer For Donald Trump Jr. Is Confident His Client Won’t Be Indicted

SNL - Trump Argentina Cold Open


The Palmer Report: Welcome to Manic Monday by Bill Palmer

He's Got The Goods

Axios: Mueller's breadcrumbs suggest he has the goods


Guardian UK: Trump absent again as Kennedy Center Honors pay tribute to Bush - Trump misses event for second year running as ex-president gets standing ovation and Hamilton gets special award

Pay Attention

Guardian UK: David Attenborough: collapse of civilisation is on the horizon - Naturalist tells leaders at UN climate summit that fate of world is in their hands
Recent studies show the 20 warmest years on record have been in the past 22 years, and the top four in the past four years. Climate action must be increased fivefold to limit warming to the 1.5C scientists advise, according to the UN.


NY Times: What Happens If ...The possibilities ahead in the Russia investigation suggest we are not reaching the end of a nightmare, but rather entering one. By Charles M. Blow
A crime had been committed by Russia and Trump cheered the crime and used the loot thereof to advance his candidacy. That is clear.

The Russians made repeated attempts to contact people in Trump’s orbit and in some cases were able to meet with members of the team, as evidenced by the Trump Tower meeting. That is clear.

The Prince Ordered The Killing

NY Times: Intercepts Solidify C.I.A. Assessment That Saudi Prince Ordered Khashoggi Killing

The Market On Monday

  Good morning. At 9:20 a.m. ET DOW futures are +438 and the price of oil per barrel is up. The market is poised to open significantly higher.

CNN: Stocks and oil jump after the US and China reach trade truce By Jethro Mullen

Friday, November 30, 2018


  Enjoy the weekend, see you bright and early Monday morning.

work by Sandrine Pelissier


Guardian UK: The pleasure revolution: the sex women really want

Why Not

Women In The World: Dominatrix specializes in turning ‘white, right-wing men’ into socialists

Defensive Crouch

Vanity Fair: “Trump Was Totally Caught Off Guard by the Cohen Plea”: Inside Trumpworld, Some Fear Mueller Has Laid a Perjury Trap - Rudy Giuliani is frustrated at Mueller’s tactics. The White House is in a defensive crouch. “It’s an untethered situation,” a person close to the president said. by Gabriel Sherman

'Trump Is Compromised By Russia'

NY Times: Trump Is Compromised by Russia - Michael Cohen's latest plea is proof. By Michelle Goldberg
Speaking to reporters before flying to Argentina on Thursday, Trump justified his pursuit of a Moscow project this way: “There was a good chance that I wouldn’t have won, in which case I would have gotten back into the business, and why should I lose lots of opportunities?” This could be read as a confession of motive. In the 2016 campaign, Russia wanted to humiliate Hillary Clinton and delegitimize America’s election. Trump wanted help building his brand.

Bit By Bit

'Enjoy The Silence'

Depeche Mode

'Barro Tal Vez'

Cande Buasso, Paulo Carriz

The Plea

The Atlantic: Three Remarkable Things About Michael Cohen's Plea - These developments would, under normal circumstances, end a presidency. by Ken White


Beauty Of Planet: NASA Has Just Released 2,540 Stunning New Photos of Mars



PBS: Physicists Confirm That We're Not Living In a Computer Simulation - Scientists have discovered that it's impossible to model the physics of our universe on even the biggest computer. By Allison Eck

The Deal

Salon: Michael Cohen’s deal is an outright catastrophe for Trump — and he knows it - Supposed mastermind Donald Trump made an enemy out of a longtime loyalist. Now he’s going to pay the price by Heather Digby Parton

The Onion - Shop Class In Rich School District Just Teaches Students How To Deal With General Contractors

The Onion: Shop Class In Rich School District Just Teaches Students How To Deal With General Contractors


NBC: Anchorage Hit by Major Earthquake, Tsunami Warning Issued - It was unclear whether there were injuries in the temblor, centered several miles from Alaska's largest city

Have An Excellent Friday

work by Kanako Abe - all cut out of paper

Rachel Maddow - Michael Cohen Plea Shocker Exposes Trump Camp Lies About Russia Dealings

Brian Williams - Legal Expert - Michael Cohen Claims On Trump Are 'Enormous' And 'Criminal'

Colbert - Cohen Exposes Trump's Business Ties With Russia

The Crazy Part

The Palmer Report: Here’s the crazy part by Bill Palmer

Nobody's Safe

Guardian UK: Why no US region is safe from climate change - In the final part of our series looking at the climate report Trump tried to bury over Thanksgiving, we examine how regions will experience climate change

One Can Hope

Guardian UK: Donald Trump Jr may face legal peril after Cohen admits lying to Congress - Special counsel Robert Mueller’s willingness to prosecute should make the president’s son and other aides who testified worried

Liar, Traitor, Resign

NY Times: What Cohen’s Deal Means for Trump - We can expect even bigger bombshells — and White House threats against Mueller — in the coming weeks. By Barry Berke, Noah Bookbinder and Norman Eisen - Mr. Berke is co-chairman of the litigation department at Kramer Levin Naftalis and Frankel. Mr. Bookbinder is executive director of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. Mr. Eisen is a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution.
The disclosures in Mr. Cohen’s criminal information filing provide valuable detail on one piece of Mr. Mueller’s puzzle: They reveal that Mr. Cohen, the Trump Organization and Mr. Trump himself continued to pursue a Russia-related development deal into the summer of 2016 — long after Mr. Trump had essentially clinched the Republican nomination. Not only does that contradict what Mr. Cohen said in congressional testimony, but it also puts the lie to the president’s claims that he had no dealings with Russia during his candidacy.

The Turning Point

NY Times: Cohen Lied. Here’s Why It Matters. With Michael Cohen’s latest deal, the special counsel shows he is unafraid of crossing Donald Trump’s red lines on Russia. By The Editorial Board - The editorial board represents the opinions of the board, its editor and the publisher. It is separate from the newsroom and the Op-Ed section.
When all is said and done, the April raids by federal prosecutors targeting Michael Cohen’s office and other premises in Manhattan may be seen as a turning point for Donald Trump’s presidency.


NY Times: How a Lawyer, a Felon and a Russian General Chased a Moscow Trump Tower Deal By Mike McIntire, Megan Twohey and Mark Mazzetti
When Donald J. Trump took a run at building a tower in Moscow in the middle of his 2016 presidential campaign, it was the high point of a decades-long effort to plant the “Trump” flag there.

The Market On Friday

  Good morning. At 9:25 a.m. ET DOW futures are -85 and the price of oil per barrel is down. The market is poised to open significantly lower.

CNN: G20 summit; Deutsche Bank raids; Oil in focus By Ivana Kottasová

Thursday, November 29, 2018


BuzzFeed: The Trump Organization Planned To Give Vladimir Putin The $50 Million Penthouse In Trump Tower Moscow - During the presidential campaign, Michael Cohen discussed the matter with a representative of Putin’s press secretary, according to two US sources. by Anthony Cormier and Jason Leopold


ShareBlue: If Mueller’s busting people who lie to Congress, Don Jr.’s in trouble By Oliver Willis

Rudy Squirms

The Daily Beast: Rudy Giuliani Tries to Distance Trump From Trump Tower Moscow: ‘This Was Cohen’s Deal’ - The president told Mueller he abandoned the proposal by mid-2016 and didn’t know when Cohen ditched it, according to Trump's lawyer. by Betsy Woodruff and Asawin Suebsaeng


The Atlantic: Michael Cohen Takes Mueller Inside the Trump Organization - The president’s former personal lawyer admitted lying to Congress about efforts in 2016 to build a Trump Tower in Moscow. by Natasha Bertrand


Salon: Surrounded by foes, Emperor Trump moves to put himself above the law - Donald Trump’s claims of innocence are getting harder to believe. So he and his supporters try a bold new strategy by Amanda Marcotte

The Onion - ‘You’ve Got Them Right Where You Want Them, Mikey,’ Michael Cohen Mutters To Self After Pleading Guilty Again

The Onion: ‘You’ve Got Them Right Where You Want Them, Mikey,’ Michael Cohen Mutters To Self After Pleading Guilty Again

Tear Gas

Scientific American: How Tear Gas Works: A Rundown of the Chemicals Used on Crowds - There are two broad types of tear gas—and they’re both engineered to cause pain By Angus Chen

Have An Excellent Thursday

work by Merab Abramishvili 1957 - 2006


  Obviously with Cohen pleading guilty to lying to Congress, the day will be a very fluid news day. It appears we are very much on the verge of something huge. The forces are at play. Trump is writhing and doing all he can to end the investigation, and Mueller is hot on his trail. I personally believe justice will prevail and if it does not, America is no more.

Rachel Maddow - Unlike Richard Nixon, Donald Trump Misconduct Piling Up In Full Public View

Colbert - Paul Manafort Auditions For A Pardon

Bundy Comes Out Against Trump!

Guardian UK: Cliven Bundy rebukes Trump over attack on migrants: 'We should have a heart' - The Trump-supporting rancher and his sons have now become unexpected critics, telling the Guardian: ‘I don’t like walls’


Guardian UK: Nancy Pelosi nominated by Democrats to be next House speaker - Pelosi ran unopposed but number of members who voted against her could signal a messy battle when new Congress convenes


NY Times: Senators, Furious Over Khashoggi Killing, Spurn President on War in Yemen By Gardiner Harris, Eric Schmitt, Helene Cooper and Nicholas Fandos

What Is He Thinking

NY Times: What Is Robert Mueller Thinking? Paul Manafort may be after a pardon from President Trump, but his alleged lying to investigators may deliver far more than he bargained for. By Cristian Farias - Mr. Farias is a member of the editorial board.

This Is Huge!

Chicago Tribune: Michael Cohen pleads guilty to lying to Congress about Trump project in Russia

The Market On Thursday

  Good morning. At 9:30 a.m. ET DOW futures are +5 and the price of oil per barrel is up. The market is poised to open in the flat area.

CNN: The Great Oil Crash of 2018: What's really happening By Matt Egan, CNN Business

Wednesday, November 28, 2018


NY Times: Why Did Manafort Cooperate With Trump Over Mueller? Lawyers for Manafort and Trump engaged in a brazen violation of criminal defense norms. The move could pay off, or it could blow up spectacularly. by Ken White, Mr. White, a criminal defense lawyer, is a former federal prosecutor.


NY Times: Democrats Nominate Pelosi to Be Speaker but With Significant Defections By Julie Hirschfeld Davis


The Atlantic: Papadopoulos’s Russia Ties Continue to Intrigue - The former foreign policy advisor to the Trump campaign boasted of a Russia business deal even after the election, according to a new letter under review. by Natasha Bertrand and Scott Stedman

Manafort Pardon

TPM: Trump On Manafort Pardon: ‘Why Would I Take It Off The Table?’

Losing It

Salon: Mueller probe nears a climax: And “collusion” is definitely back on the menu - As the Paul Manafort saga gets more tangled and the noose tightens around Roger Stone, Donald Trump is losing it by Heather Digby Parton

The Onion - Historians Reveal Thousands Of Immigrants Were Forced To Change Hairstyle At Ellis Island

The Onion: Historians Reveal Thousands Of Immigrants Were Forced To Change Hairstyle At Ellis Island


Scientific American: The Biology of Sugars Points to a Sweet Strategy for Treating Cancer - Long-ignored field attracts interest from companies trying to develop next-generation immune therapies By Esther Landhuis

Have An Excellent Wednesday

work by painter Catherine Murphy


The Daily Beast: Sensing Defeat, Trump Cries ‘Witch Hunt’ - A princeling who’s literally lived in a golden tower for most of his adult life is not good with stress. And there’s a lot of stress on him now, and much more coming. by Rick Wilson

Colbert - Jon Stewart's Flipped Interview With Stephen Colbert

Morning Joe - A 'Huge Change' In The President's Poll Numbers

Rachel Maddow - Apparent Robert Mueller Documents Connect Dots From Trump Camp To Wikileaks


The Palmer Report: Wow is Donald Trump stupid by Bill Palmer


Guardian UK: Barack Obama lambasts Trump over legal troubles - Ex-president defends probity of his administration and laments rise of ‘politics based on hatred’ under successor
“Not only did I not get indicted, nobody in my administration got indicted,” the former president said at an event in Houston on Tuesday, “which by the way was the only administration in modern history that that can be said about. In fact, nobody came close to being indicted, partly because the people who joined us were there for the right reasons. We were there to serve.”


Guardian UK: Trump officials accused of using deadly wildfires to boost logging - Interior secretary Ryan Zinke says he hopes new laws will end environmental reviews and allow ‘thinning’ of forests
Ryan Zinke, the interior secretary, said that he hoped new legislation would allow for the “thinning” of forests to help prevent wildfires. He said he was confident Congress would soon pass a new farm bill that would remove environmental reviews for the removal of trees and brush, as well as the building of roads through federal forests.


NY Times: Roger Stone Sought WikiLeaks’ Plans Amid 2016 Campaign, Associate Says By Sharon LaFraniere and Maggie Haberman

Treason And Traitors

NY Times: Manafort’s Lawyer Said to Brief Trump Attorneys on What He Told Mueller By Michael S. Schmidt, Sharon LaFraniere and Maggie Haberman
A lawyer for Paul Manafort, the president’s onetime campaign chairman, repeatedly briefed President Trump’s lawyers on his client’s discussions with federal investigators after Mr. Manafort agreed to cooperate with the special counsel, according to one of Mr. Trump’s lawyers and two other people familiar with the conversations.

The arrangement was highly unusual and inflamed tensions with the special counsel’s office when prosecutors discovered it after Mr. Manafort began cooperating two months ago...

The Market On Wednesday

  Good morning. At 9:15 a.m. ET DOW futures are +156 and the price of oil per barrel is down. The market is poised to open significantly higher.

CNN: Economy health check; GM and Trump; Cost of Brexit By Charles Riley

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

The Onion - NASA Catches Glimpse Of Hard-Charging Curiosity Rover Just Before InSight’s Communications Go Dark

The Onion: NASA Catches Glimpse Of Hard-Charging Curiosity Rover Just Before InSight’s Communications Go Dark

Coffee Nap

GetPocket: Scientists agree: Coffee naps are better than coffee or naps alone


The Atlantic: Mississippi Isn't Like Other States - It's the blackest place in the country. But black candidates there, like Mike Espy, face systemic obstacles. by Vann R. Newkirk II


The Daily Beast: The Feminist Erotic Film Director Making Porn Hot Again: ‘I Want to Show How Sex Feels’ - Indie erotic cinema director Erika Lust owns the site XConfessions, where women submit fantasies and she adapts them into beautiful pornographic films. by Natalia Winkelman

Panic Time

Salon: Trump is panicked because Robert Mueller has turned on Paul Manafort - Rudy Giuliani said on Tuesday the President has “been upset for weeks” about the “horrible treatment of Manafort” by Matthew Rozsa


NY Times: Trump Lobs Insults at Special Counsel One Day After Prosecutors Say Manafort Lied By Eileen Sullivan


The Palmer Report: Conspiracy against the United States by Bill Palmer


Raw Story: Why today was a blockbuster day in the Russia investigation: New York Times columnist

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Lawrence O'Donnell - President Donald Trump Disapproval Reaches High Amid Border Chaos

Michael McFaul - Donald Trump Too Weak On Putin For Effective Meeting

Colbert - Colbert Looks Back At America's Epic Fall


The Palmer Report: Another rat flees Donald Trump’s sinking ship by Bill Palmer


  It's likely that Hyde-Smith wins.

Guardian UK: Mississippi Senate runoff collapses into referendum on 'old south' racism As ‘blue wave’ talk dissipates, the racial subtext of the race between Cindy Hyde-Smith and Mike Espy has fallen inwards to the state


Guardian UK: Manafort held secret talks with Assange in Ecuadorian embassy - Exclusive: Trump ally met WikiLeaks founder months before emails hacked by Russia were published
A well-placed source has told the Guardian that Manafort went to see Assange around March 2016. Months later WikiLeaks released a stash of Democratic emails stolen by Russian intelligence officers.


NY Times: Maybe They’re Just Bad People - Not all Trump support is ideological. By Michelle Goldberg
Steve Bannon, a quasi-fascist with delusions of grandeur, makes more sense to me than Anthony Scaramucci, a political cipher who likes to be on TV. I don’t think I’m alone. Consider all the energy spent trying to figure out Ivanka Trump’s true beliefs, when she’s shown that what she believes most is that she’s entitled to power and prestige.


NY Times: Manafort Breached Plea Deal by Repeatedly Lying, Mueller Says By Sharon LaFraniere
...repeatedly lied to federal investigators in breach of a plea agreement he signed two months ago, the special counsel’s office said in a court filing late on Monday.

The Market On Tuesday

  Good morning. At 9:25 a.m. ET DOW futures are -90 and the price of oil per barrel is down. The market is poised to open significantly lower.

CNN: Trump on trade; Brexit jitters; End of the soup wars By Charles Riley

Monday, November 26, 2018


The Atlantic: A New Indictment Looms in the Mueller Probe - Jerome Corsi, an associate of the Trump confidant Roger Stone, says he’s been offered a plea deal on one perjury count—but won’t take it. by Natasha Bertrand


The Daily Beast: NASA InSight Probe Successfully Lands on Mars to Relief of Scientists - The probe will take the ground temperature of the Red Planet and look for signs of ‘marsquakes.’ by Victoria Albert

'Fall And Trust Us'

Comedy Special

Salon: Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago comedy special: Just when we thought he could go no lower - Trump’s holiday phone calls with military personnel set a new standard for his presidency. Not in a good way by Heather Digby Parton

The Onion - Study Finds Dogs Twitching In Sleep Are Dreaming About Tearing Owners Limb From Limb

The Onion: Study Finds Dogs Twitching In Sleep Are Dreaming About Tearing Owners Limb From Limb


Scientific American: Climate Change Already Reshaping U.S., Says National Climate Assessment - The impacts of global warming will cost the American economy, according to a new federal report By Chelsea Harvey

A Closer Look - Trump Turns On Allies, Stands By Saudi Arabia


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