Friday, August 12, 2022


 Have an excellent weekend and see you bright and early Monday morning. I know it's hard, but please try to not steal any nuclear secrets and commit espionage.


 Has this last week been one of the most extreme weeks in terms of news stories or what. Where's the dessert island when you need it.

 NY Times: Polio Has Been Detected in New York City Wastewater, Officials Say - The detection of the virus in sewage suggests it is circulating in the city, Health Department officials said. By Joseph Goldstein and Sharon Otterman

MSNBC - ‘Gravity Is Beginning To Exert Its Pull On Donald Trump’ Says Ben Rhodes



MSNBC - Trump’s Declassification Defenses Won’t Hold Up In A Criminal Trial Says Katyal


 NY Times: The seized documents were part of an inquiry into violation of the Espionage Act and two other laws.

Glenn Kirschner - Search Warrant Shows Trump's Classified Documents Crimes - It's Time To Hold Him Accountable

Andrea Mitchell - Rep. Lofgren- Some In GOP Are Not ‘Tethered To The Facts’ In Anti-FBI Response To Mar-a-Lago Search


 Yahoo News: Trump Under Investigation for Violating Espionage Act By  Dan Ladden-Hall and Jose Pagliery


 NPR: FBI collected multiple sets of classified documents from Trump's Mar-a-Lago home By Deepa Shivaram


 Washington Post: Opinion - After the Mar-a-Lago search, horrific violence follows reckless rhetoric By the Editorial Board


 NY Times: The Absurd Argument Against Making Trump Obey the Law By Michelle Goldberg


 The Wall Street Journal: FBI Recovered Eleven Sets of Classified Documents in Trump Search, Inventory Shows - Trump allies claim the former president declassified the documents recovered from Mar-a-Lago


 Time: Drought Hits Nearly Half of Europe. Experts Warn It Could be the Worst In 500 Years

Morning Joe - Meacham - Biden Wants To Show That Democracy Can Deliver If You Just Do The Work

Morning Joe - Irresponsible Voices On The Trump Right Are Putting Targets On Backs Of FBI Agents

Morning Joe - 'An Epic Showdown Between Rule Of Law And Law Of Power'


 Washington Post: Event venues (like Trump’s Mar-a-Lago) are not good places to store nuclear secrets Analysis By Philip Bump

“there are still notable vulnerabilities, namely the stream of guests who can enter the property without a background check.”


 NY Times: Live Updates: Search Warrant Could Be Released as Soon as Friday After Trump Says He Won’t Object - The former president’s legal team has until 3 p.m. Eastern to oppose the motion to unseal the warrant, which was requested by Attorney General Merrick B. Garland.

The Onion - FBI Turns Over Mar-A-Lago Documents To Dork Agent Who Loves Reading

 The Onion: FBI Turns Over Mar-A-Lago Documents To Dork Agent Who Loves Reading


 Axios: Author Salman Rushdie attacked on stage in New York By Jacob Knutson


 CNN: Report that FBI sought nuclear documents sharpens Trump showdown with Justice Department Analysis By Stephen Collinson



EuroNews - Germany Drought - River Rhine Water Levels Could Fall To Critical Low

Have A Excellent Friday

 work by Mary Fedden 1915 – 2012


BBC News - French Freediver Breaks Deep Dive World Record

Reuters - ‘I Have To Leave’ - New Yorkers Face Record High Rents

Lawrence O'Donnell - How Secure Are U.S. Nuclear Weapon Secrets? Former CIA Director Explains

Lawrence O'Donnell - Rep. Demings - Rubio’s Attacks On FBI Raid ‘Disgraceful’


 The Palmer Report: Donald Trump is in total chaos tonight By Bill Palmer

Al Gore

 Guardian UK: Al Gore hails Biden’s historic climate bill as ‘a critical turning point’ By Oliver Milman


 Guardian UK: FBI searched Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home for classified nuclear weapons documents – report - Suspected presence of such documents could explain why US attorney general took step of ordering FBI agents into a former president’s house By Julian Borger in Washington


 Washington Post: Opinion - A southern offensive opens in the Ukraine war By David Ignatius

With its long-anticipated southern offensive, Ukraine evidently hopes to regain momentum against Russian forces that have suffered heavy losses of soldiers and equipment since they invaded on Feb. 24.


 Washington Post: CDC loosens coronavirus guidance, signaling strategic shift By Lena H. Sun and Joel Achenbach


 NY Times: House Is Set to Pass Climate, Tax and Health Package - The passage of the bill, which appeared dead just weeks ago, would cap a Democratic effort to deliver on major components of President Biden’s agenda. By Emily Cochrane

Mad Man

 NY Times: The Poisoned Relationship Between Trump and the Keepers of U.S. Secrets - The F.B.I. search of Mar-a-Lago is a coda to the years of tumult between an erratic president and the nation’s intelligence and law enforcement agencies. By Mark Mazzetti

Mr. Trump’s behavior led to such mistrust within intelligence agencies that officials who gave him classified briefings occasionally erred on the side of withholding some sensitive details from him.

The Market On Friday

 Good morning. At 6:55 a.m. DOW futures are +107, S&P futures are +16, and NASDAQ futures are +59.25. The market is poised to open significantly higher.

CNN: Yes, Biden politicized inflation data. That doesn't mean he's wrong Analysis By Allison Morrow

Thursday, August 11, 2022

Would Give


Nuclear Documents

 Washington Post: FBI searched Trump’s home to look for nuclear documents and other items, sources say - Attorney General Merrick Garland wouldn’t discuss the search but said he personally signed off on asking a judge to approve it By Devlin Barrett, Josh Dawsey, Perry Stein and Shane Harris


 No question about it now, Trump belongs in jail.

 Newsweek: Nuclear Weapons Documents Among Items Sought From Trump in FBI Raid: Report By Jake Thomas

Glenn Kirschner - Georgia DA Willis Destroys Rudy Giuliani's Efforts To Weasel Out Of Testifying About Trump's Crimes


 Washington Post: Opinion - Merrick Garland’s surprise announcement calls the Trump-GOP bluff By Paul Waldman and Greg Sargent

Morning Joe - Midterm Election Is Far From Won For The GOP, Editorial Board Writes

MSNBC - Garland’s Message To Trump Was ‘Put Up Or Shut Up’ Says Weissmann

MSNBC - Police Exchange Gunfire With Man Who Threatened FBI

MSNBC - We're About To Know Exactly Why The FBI Raided Trump's Mar-a-Lago

 Trump has till 3PM Friday to oppose the move to unseal the warrant, and it seems likely given that since it's Trump, he will oppose it. Just a guess though and we will know soon enough.


 NPR: Justice Department asks a federal court to unseal warrant used to search Mar-A-Lago By Deepa Shivaram


 Washington Post: Opinion Garland is no gambler. My bet is he’s acting on more than a hunch. By Michael Gerson


 NY Times: Live Updates: Justice Dept. Moves to Unseal Warrant in Trump Search - Attorney General Merrick B. Garland said he had personally approved the decision to seek the warrant and was asking to unseal it because of “substantial public interest.” The former president has until 3 p.m. on Friday to oppose the motion.

Tipped Off

 HuffPost: FBI Tipped Off By Informant Who Guided It To Documents In Mar-A-Lago Raid: Reports - Government officials reportedly said the raid was timed for when former President Donald Trump was out of town. By Marco Margaritoff


 CNN: Feds seized documents from Mar-a-Lago in June with grand jury subpoena By Evan Perez, Gabby Orr and Pamela Brown

Morning Joe - Flash Flooding Overwhelms Northeast Washington

Morning Joe - David Ignatius - 'A Classic Picture Of The Walls Closing In'

Ari Melber - Trump’s Tailspin - In 'Scarface Mode' After Pleading 5th And Having Home Searched By Feds


 Washington Post: Climate change’s impact intensifies as U.S. prepares to take action - As U.S. prepares to pass landmark bill, the planet isn’t waiting around By Chris Mooney , Brady Dennis and Sarah Kaplan

The study suggests that warming in the Arctic is happening at a much faster rate than many scientists had expected.

He Ignored The Subpoena

 NY Times: Subpoena Preceded Search Warrant in Push to Retrieve Material From Trump - The Justice Department had sought the return of classified documents it believed might still be at Mar-a-Lago before it sent F.B.I. agents this week to look for them. By Maggie Haberman, Ben Protess and Glenn Thrush

The subpoena suggests that the Justice Department tried methods short of a search warrant to account for the material before taking the politically explosive step of sending F.B.I. agents unannounced to Mar-a-Lago, Mr. Trump’s home and members-only club.

The Onion - SNAP Recipients Now Required To Prove Need By Eating All Their Groceries On Spot

 The Onion: SNAP Recipients Now Required To Prove Need By Eating All Their Groceries On Spot

MAGA Strikes Back

 Axios: FBI says armed person tried to breach Cincinnati office By Herb Scribner

'Glory Of Love'

HSCC covers Peter Cetera

Have An Excellent Thursday

 Guest Host David Alan Grier on Trump Pleading the Fifth & MAGA Faithful Assembling at Mar-a-Lago

BBC News - Domino's Pizza Closes Final Shops In Italy

Reuters - Thyssenkrupp Profits Treble On Steel Price Jump

Ali Velshi - Details Of FBI's Search Of Mar-a-Lago Lead Experts To Suspect National Security Aspect

Lawrence O'Donnell - ‘Trump Knows What The FBI Found’ In Search Of FL Home

Trump Fraud In NY

 The Palmer Report: It’s over now By Bill Palmer


 Guardian UK: An anxious American west sizes up historic climate bill: ‘We need every tool’ - While the legislation provides renewed hope, work remains to be done to ensure the funding is put to best possible use By Gabrielle Canon


 Guardian UK: America’s summer of floods: climate crisis fueling barrage, scientists say By Oliver Milman

At least 37 people died (in Kentucky) after five days of pounding record rain washed down mountainsides and drowned entire towns, an event that scientists say is a once in 1,000 year occurrence.

Yes And No

 Washington Post: Opinion The GOP makes its choice: Trump, yes. Rule of law, no. By E.J. Dionne Jr.


 Washington Post: Opinion - Pelosi has found the Democrats’ midterm strategy By Jennifer Rubin

Always The Victim

NY Times: Trump Claims He’s a Victim of Tactics He Once Deployed - Donald J. Trump’s efforts to politicize the law enforcement system have now become his shield as he tries to deflect accusations of wrongdoing. By Peter Baker

Throughout his four years in the White House, Mr. Trump tried to turn the nation’s law enforcement apparatus into an instrument of political power to carry out his wishes.


 NY Times: Gas Prices in the U.S. Fall Below $4 a Gallon - After peaking in mid-June, they have tracked a global decline in oil prices and are back where they were in March. By Isabella Simonetti

The Market On Thursday

 Good morning. At 6:45 a.m. ET DOW futures +130, are S&P futures are +12.00, and NASDAQ futures are +26.50. The market is poised to open significantly higher.

CNN: Elon Musk's antics may finally be catching up to him By Allison Morrow