Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Reuters: Mueller probing Trump's attacks on attorney general: Washington Post

How Indeed

Raw Story: Trump berated Hope Hicks for telling Congress she sometimes lies for him — and that was her ‘final straw’: report
...Trump asked Hicks after the testimony, how she could she be so stupid...

Seth Abramson -
"Note that when Trump said, "How could you be so *stupid*?" to Hicks, he was berating her for telling the *truth* (about her having told lies for him), not berating her for lying. It's a key insight into how the man thinks and how he seeks to cover up past crimes or indiscretions."


NY Times: Kushner’s Business Got Loans From Companies After White House Meetings - Apollo, the private equity firm, and Citigroup made large loans last year to the family real estate business of Jared Kushner, President Trump’s senior adviser. By JESSE DRUCKER, KATE KELLY and BEN PROTESS


CBS News: Hope Hicks' resignation marks departure of one of Trump's closest confidantes

Florida Votes To Arm Teachers

Tampa Bay Times: Despite Parkland’s opposition, Florida House panel votes to arm teachers - After vote, Speaker Richard Corcoran takes credit for ending 'gun-free zones' in classrooms By Steve Bousquet


The Atlantic: Trump Thought the Rules Didn’t Apply—and Now He’s Paying the Price - The Trump administration decided early on that many guidelines were either antiquated or punitive, and is belatedly discovering that they were there for its own protection. by David A. Graham


icebergproject: 8 Swear Words in Italian to Add Sass to Your Vocabulary


Salon: Mike Rogers gives a warning as Trump’s swamp drowns Washington - On Tuesday, one important voice stood out among the revelations from Trump’s inner circle by Heather Digby Parton

The Onion - Spanx Introduces New Shapewear Hood To Smooth Unsightly Heads

The Onion: Spanx Introduces New Shapewear Hood To Smooth Unsightly Heads

Mushroom - Medicine

NPR: Mushrooms Are Good For You, But Are They Medicine?

Have An Excellent Wednesday

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Lawrence O'Donnell - Mueller's New Questions About Jared Kushner

Rachel Maddow - News Day Inundated With Trump Scandals

Piling On Jared

The Palmer Report: Congressman Ted Lieu piles on after Jared Kushner’s security clearance is revoked

Richard Ojeda

Guardian UK: Could this 'military guy' Democrat find a magic formula to win back blue-collar voters? Richard Ojeda is part of a wave of Democrats who have the ability to connect with working class white voters in districts where Trump won by double digits
“Put me in a room with 50 people and I guarantee you 48 them are going to walk out saying ‘Ojeda’s my guy’,” he said to a room full of campaign volunteers. “And if they’re Republicans I can still get ‘em.”


Guardian UK: Florida students return to school two weeks after mass shooting that killed 17 - Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students return to classes as their fight to strengthen gun control laws continues
“But I’m graduating,” she said. “I just want to get out of here.”

The AR- 15

NY Times: With AR-15s, Mass Shooters Attack With the Rifle Firepower - Typically Used by Infantry Troops By C. J. CHIVERS, LARRY BUCHANAN, DENISE LU and KAREN YOURISH
When a gunman walked into Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Feb. 14, he was carrying an AR-15-style rifle that allowed him to fire upon people in much the same way that many American soldiers and Marines would fire their M16 and M4 rifles in combat.


NY Times: Dick’s, Major Gun Retailer, Will Stop Selling Assault-Style Rifles By JULIE CRESWELL
“We love these kids and their rallying cry, ‘enough is enough.’ It got to us.”

The Market On Wednesday

  At 9:15 a.m. ET DOW futures are +75 and the price of oil per barrel is up. The market is poised to open moderately higher.

CNN: Retailers report; GDP updates; Stocks muddle along by Alanna Petroff

Tuesday, February 27, 2018


The Daily Beast: The Deep State Takes Out the White House’s Dark Clown Prince - Jared Kushner had a very bad terrible no good day. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. by Rick Wilson

Business Dealings

CNN: Mueller team asks about Trump's Russian business dealings as he weighed a run for president By Kara Scannell, Pamela Brown, Gloria Borger and Jim Sciutto

Trump Adminstration Continues To Degrade

CNN: Kushner security clearance is downgraded By Kaitlan Collins, Kevin Liptak and Pamela Brown

Nucking Futs

NY Mag: House GOP Floats Tax Credit for Armed Vigilantes Who Prowl Schoolyards By Eric Levitz


Axios: Mueller moves to dismiss charges against Gates

Trump's Hero

Salon: China’s Xi hopes to rule forever. Donald Trump would love that - Xi, Putin, Erdogan, Sisi and Duterte all get to do what they want and execute their opponents. Trump feels cheated by Heather Digby Parton


  Cynthia Heimel recently passed away.

Amazon: Sex Tips For Girls Paperback by Cynthia Heimel

The Onion - Corporate Retreat Teaches Employees How To Dick Around As Team

The Onion: Corporate Retreat Teaches Employees How To Dick Around As Team


GreenBiz: Mushroom-beef burgers from Sodexo, Sonic are cutting calories and emissions by Richard Waite and Daniel Vennard
...a beef-mushroom blend that maintains, or even enhances, that meaty flavor with significantly less environmental impact.


  One of the internet interactive jokes.

Push Trump Off A Cliff

Running Into The Fire

From Hunter who contributes to the Daily Kos

Have An Excellent Tuesday

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Rachel Maddow - Banker's Divorce Could Expose Role In Manafort Trump Scandal

Lawrence O'Donnell - Rubin - Trump An 'Empty, Damaged Soul' — Not A Hero


The Palmer Report: Donald Trump frantically tips off that everything is falling apart for him

Most Corrupt Administration Ever

Guardian UK: Housing official says she was replaced for rejecting Carson's costly office redecoration - Department’s ex-chief administrative officer says she was replaced by a Trump appointee and told ‘$5,000 will not even buy a decent chair’
Foster, 47, claimed that she also faced retaliation for exposing a $10m budget shortfall, and for protesting when she was barred from handling a pair of sensitive freedom of information act (FOIA) requests relating to Trump apparently because she was perceived to be a Democrat.

What Will Happen On Guns

Guardian UK: What gun control proposals are being considered – and will they succeed? Efforts to ban bump stocks, improve background checks and arm teachers are among ideas officials have recently floated


NY Times: The Force of Decency Awakens by Paul Krugman
Suddenly, it seems as if the worst lack all conviction, while the best are filled with a passionate intensity...we may be in the midst of a transformative moment.

Colbert On Running Into Fire Trump

NY Times: Stephen Colbert Doesn’t Think Trump Would Have ‘Run’ Into Florida School - Best of Late Night By GIOVANNI RUSSONELLO

The Market On Tuesday

  At 9:15 a.m. ET the DOW is -20 and the price of oil per barrel is down. The market is poised to open modestly lower.

CNN: Fed chair speaks; Comcast's Sky bid; Macy's earnings by Alanna Petroff

Monday, February 26, 2018

Just Watch


The Atlantic: Male Violence Is Everywhere - The Parkland shooting is yet another reminder of America’s dangerous model of masculinity—but that model could be changing. by Michael Reichert

Plain Sight

The Atlantic: Trump’s Real Scandal Is Hiding in Plain Sight - The emphasis placed on whether the Trump team colluded with Russia to interfere in the election threatens to overshadow the scandal in plain sight. by David A. Graham


The Daily Beast: Trump’s Longtime Lawyer, Michael Cohen, Knows Way Too Much. So Why is He Still in Exile? He’s the president’s ‘Ray Donovan.’ But he never had a home at the White House. Now, he’s plotting his next act. by Brandy Zadrozny and Asawin Suebsaeng

Odious Spectacle

Salon: CPAC has always been an odious spectacle, but this year was special - Global far right gets the spotlight at Trump-centric GOP confab — but is that worse than the Ann Coulter days? by Heather Digby Parton


Gizmodo: New Report on Emerging AI Risks Paints a Grim Future by George Dvorsky forms of cybercrime, physical attacks, and political disruption over the next five to ten years.

The Onion - Report - Americans Waste Enough Food Each Year To Give Over 1 Billion Third World Residents Diabetes

The Onion: Report: Americans Waste Enough Food Each Year To Give Over 1 Billion Third World Residents Diabetes



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Morning Joe - Trump's Job Approval Falling In Latest Polling

Morning Joe - Michael Steele Pushes Back Against CPAC Race Talk

The Reason

The Palmer Report: The real reason Robert Mueller’s deal with Rick Gates might directly take down Donald Trump

Lab Made Meat

Guardian UK: Lab-made meat could be the next food revolution: here's what it tastes like - Author Paul Shapiro tried the first foie gras made in a laboratory – it was rich, buttery, savory, and very decadent, just as one would expect
Thanks to them, we may today be witnessing the start of the next food revolution: cellular agriculture, the process of growing real animal meat and other animal products in a lab while leaving the animals alone. Using technology first developed by academics and the medical field and now being commercialized by several startups, innovators are taking tiny biopsies of animals’ muscle and then culturing those cells to grow more muscle outside the animals’ bodies.


Guardian UK: What is white culture, exactly? Here's what the stats say


Guardian UK: 'See the facts': top Democrat defends Russia memo as Trump fumes - Democrats’ memo, initially blocked by White House, responds to claim FBI wrongfully obtained a wiretap on Trump adviser
...Schiff told CNN. “But it’s important for the public to see the facts, that the FBI acted appropriately in seeking a warrant on Carter Page, that they are not part of some deep state as the president would like the public to believe.”


NY Times: Arming Teachers? The Idea Gets an F
Let’s consider for a moment the imbecility of the suggestion that teachers be armed and ready to return fire in the event of another school shooting. If the perpetrator is a student at the school, the teachers would be firing at a child; how many teachers do you know who would actually do this?

The Gun

NY Times: America Is the Gun by Charles M. Blow
We must treat gun violence in this country as a public health crisis, because it is.

The Market On Monday

  At 9:15 a.m. ET DOW futures are +134 and the price of oil per barrel is down. The market is poised to open significantly higher.

CNN: Stocks surge; Buffett moves markets; Samsung in spotlight by Alanna Petroff

How To Grow Leather-Like Material Using Bacteria

How To Make A Myco-Brick



Organic Facts: 7 Incredible Benefits of Bladderwrack

Friday, February 23, 2018


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The Noose Tightens

Seth Abramson - I'd add that Manafort—despite being in financial trouble—offered his services to Trump as Campaign Manager FOR FREE. That means he expected to get money in the job by other means—a possible smoking gun that his direction of Trump's Russia policy was part of a criminal conspiracy.

Stephen Colbert - Trump Wants More Guns In Schools

Gates Pleads Guilty

  Gates is pleading guilty to lying to the FBI. One thought is that Gates lied thinking that the Nunes Memo would squash the Mueller investigation.

NY Times: Rick Gates, Trump Campaign Aide, to Plead Guilty in Mueller Inquiry and Cooperate By MARK MAZZETTI and MAGGIE HABERMAN


work by print maker Rob Barnes

Pink Or Black

OpticsPlanet: Guard Dog Security ProShield 2 Bulletproof Backpack Up to 30% Off w/ Free Shipping — 2 models
Salon: is arming teachers the answer

The Onion - Sighing, Resigned Climate Scientists Say To Just Enjoy Next 20 Years As Much As You Can

The Onion: Sighing, Resigned Climate Scientists Say To Just Enjoy Next 20 Years As Much As You Can

What Happens When You Are Shot

  Remember, this is a handgun, an AR-15 causes much much more damage.


Just Security: The Pardon Boomerang: Why Trump Associates May Need to Decline Any Offer of a Pardon
...individuals run a significant risk that acceptance of a pardon would be used by state prosecutors as an admission of guilt—bolstering the potential success of any prosecution for related crimes in New York and elsewhere.

Wayne's World

Slate: The NRA’s Wayne LaPierre at CPAC: The Left Wants to Kill You. So Buy Guns! By Osita Nwanevu

Have An Excellent Friday

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Rachel Maddow - Mueller Adds New Piece To Plot With New Manafort Gates Indictment

Lawrence O'Donnell - The President Lives In A Fantasy World

This Is Nuts

Guardian UK: White House indicates it could find funds to train and arm 1 million teachers - President proposes paying bonuses to armed, trained teachers - ‘Gun-adept teachers/coaches would solve the problem instantly’ - Update: Trump insists on arming teachers despite lack of evidence it would stop shootings

Utter Stupidity

Guardian UK: Giving women guns wouldn't prevent rape: it would land women in jail - NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch says guns will protect vulnerable women. But a court system that already blames rape victims won’t be kind to those who kill their attackers by Jessica Valenti


Independent UK: NRA representative says media ‘loves mass shootings’ as ‘crying white mothers are ratings gold’ - School shooting in Parkland, Florida and its aftermath have drawn heavy media coverage by Jeremy B White
“I’m not saying you guys love the tragedy but I am saying you love the ratings,” she added. “Crying white mothers are ratings gold”.


NY Times: Nasty, Brutish and Trump by Paul Krugman
...Donald Trump proposed his answer: arming schoolteachers.

It says something about the state of our national discourse that this wasn’t even among the vilest, stupidest reactions to the atrocity.


NY Times: Trump Suggests Teachers Get a ‘Bit of a Bonus’ to Carry Guns By JULIE HIRSCHFELD DAVIS
President Trump on Thursday enthusiastically embraced a National Rifle Association position to arm highly trained teachers to fortify schools against mass shootings like the one last week.

The Market On Friday

  At 9:20 a.m. ET the DOW is +76 and the price of oil per barrel is up. The market is poised to open significantly higher.

CNN: Big stock swings; Cinemark earnings; Beijing grabs Waldorf Astoria by Alanna Petroff

Thursday, February 22, 2018


Metro: Twitter just purged ‘Russian bots’, and Trump fans are crying as their followers vanish by Rob WaughRob Waugh

The Damage

The Atlantic: What I Saw Treating the Victims From Parkland Should Change the Debate on Guns - They weren’t the first victims of a mass shooting the Florida radiologist had seen—but their wounds were radically different. by Heather Sher
The high-velocity bullet causes a swath of tissue damage that extends several inches from its path. It does not have to actually hit an artery to damage it and cause catastrophic bleeding. Exit wounds can be the size of an orange.

New Charges

USA Today: Mueller files new charges against former Trump aides Paul Manafort, Rick Gates


Stephen Colbert - The Kids From Florida Aren't Acting

'Helplessly Hoping'

Brandi Carlile

Best AR-15 For Under $450

Dark Deeds

Salon: Trump’s source of inspiration? Paul Manafort’s dark deeds and dubious clients - Former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych had one rival locked up and may have poisoned another. Trump’s dream? by Heather Digby Parton

The Onion - Man Just Going To Assume This Counts As ‘Minced’

The Onion: Man Just Going To Assume This Counts As ‘Minced’

AR-15 - The Gun Behind So Many Mass Shootings


Vox: Poll: most Americans aren’t noticing a tax cut in their paychecks - According to a new poll, high earners are noticing the tax bill in their paychecks — others, not so much. By Emily Stewart


Vox: Paul Manafort got $16 million in loans after the election. Mueller finds that very interesting. The loans came from a Trump adviser’s bank that specialized in affordable mortgages for military veterans. By Andrew Prokop

Have An Excellent Thursday

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Lawrence O'Donnell - Why Arming Teachers Is A Fantasy War Game

Rachel Maddow - America's Youth Become America's Conscience On Gun Violence

One Can Hope

The Palmer Report: Marco Rubio can kiss his career goodbye

Six Things

Guardian UK: Six things we learned from the Florida town hall on gun control - At event held a week after Stoneman Douglas massacre, Marco Rubio dodged NRA questions while assault rifle ban divided the crowd


Guardian UK: Furious Florida survivors assail NRA and politicians and urge action on guns - Marco Rubio and NRA’s Dana Loesch grilled over gun control

Parkland Conspiracy Theory


NY Times: The Making of a No. 1 YouTube Conspiracy Video After the Parkland Tragedy By JOHN HERRMAN
With that terse descriptor, “mike m.” tapped into conspiracies circulating online that the survivors of the Parkland shooting, many of whom have recently spoken out in favor of gun control, were “crisis actors” hired to do the bidding of left-wing activists.

By noon on Wednesday, YouTube had pulled the video for violating its policy on harassment and bullying.

Asinine Idea

NY Times: Trump Says He Advocates Arming Only Teachers With Special Training By EILEEN SULLIVAN
"I never said “give teachers guns” like was stated on Fake News @CNN & @NBC. What I said was to look at the possibility of giving “concealed guns to gun adept teachers with military or special training experience - only the best. 20% of teachers, a lot, would now be able to"

The Market On Thursday

  At 9:20 a.m. ET the DOW is +72 and the price of oil is up. The market is poised to open significantly higher.

CNN: Stock markets dip; Diesel ban ruling; Tobacco company suffers by Alanna Petroff

Wednesday, February 21, 2018


The Palmer Report: Donald Trump’s plot with Russia wasn’t collusion. It was treason.

Trump's Empathy Cheat Sheet

Punitive Actions

CNN: Schools threaten to punish students who join walkouts over gun control By David Williams

Blah Blah Blah

Reuters: Trump vows action on gun background checks after Florida shooting by Jeff Mason, Zachary Fagenson

A Little T And P

Michelle Kingdom

embroidery by Michelle Kingdom

Lies, Cheats, Demeans, And Announces He Is The Victim!

Salon: Russian trolls, fake news and provocateurs: That’s been Trump’s method all along - Mueller’s indictments confirm my “wrestling heel” theory: Trump’s a master showman who rigged the whole spectacle by Chauncey DeVega

The Onion - Ant Hoping Queen Will Notice Pretzel Crumb He Got Her

The Onion: Ant Hoping Queen Will Notice Pretzel Crumb He Got Her

It's Legal

USA Today: The AR-15 rifle butchers the human body; so why is it legal, exactly?
Semiautomatic assault rifles like the AR-15 fire a relatively small round at a high speed. Where tissue damage from a pistol would be confined largely to a bullet's pathway, the shock wave from an assault-style rifle round — like the high bow wave from a speed boat — creates a corridor of damage.

Colbert - If Politicians Won't Take Action, These High Schoolers Will

Have An Excellent Wednesday

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MSNBC: The right finds a new enemy: survivors of the Parkland shooting By Steve Benen

Morning Joe - Support for Gun Control Hits A Record High In Quinnipiac Poll

Lawrence O'Donnell - Thomas Friedman's 'Code Red' Warning About Trump

One Can Hope

The Palmer Report: MSNBC contributor: Donald Trump will resign in two weeks if Paul Manafort flips


Guardian UK: 'Dirty meat': Shocking hygiene failings discovered in US pig and chicken plants - Previously unseen government records detail ‘deeply worrying’ incidents in pork and poultry plants, raising fears of ‘dirty meat’ entering the UK under a post-Brexit trade deal
...a new analysis reveals that as many as 15% (one in seven) of the US population suffers from foodborne illnesses annually.

More Power To Them

  Welcome to the GOP students. The GOP doesn't even hear you and now they think you are not students and are 'couched' by somebody into protesting. In other words, the GOP thinks you are fake news.

Guardian UK: Students take fight for gun control to Florida legislators' doorstep - Students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas trekked eight hours and 450 miles with a simple message: end school shootings

No, Congress Will Choose Guns

NY Times: Will America Choose Its Children Over Guns? By THE EDITORIAL BOARD
Enough of the ritualistic mouthing of thoughts and prayers for the victims. Enough of living in fear that they could be next in the cross hairs of a well-armed deranged killer, even with all the active shooter drills and lockdowns they’ve gone through.

Diet And Weight

NY Times: The Key to Weight Loss Is Diet Quality, Not Quantity, a New Study Finds By ANAHAD O’CONNOR
It found that people who cut back on added sugar, refined grains and highly processed foods while concentrating on eating plenty of vegetables and whole foods — without worrying about counting calories or limiting portion sizes — lost significant amounts of weight over the course of a year.

The Market On Wednesday

  At 9:15 a.m. DOW futures are +5 and the price of oil per barrel is down. The market is poised to open slightly higher.

CNN: Oil under pressure; Fed minutes; U.K. jobs by Ivana Kottasová

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Cray Cray

  Now this, this, is the definition of mental illness.
BREAKING: In wake of school shooting, Florida legislators vote down attempt to revive bill to ban assault rifles.

Impeachment Parties

Newsweek: Trump Impeachment Parties, Featuring ‘Comey Cake Balls,' Try to Entice Congress to Remove President By Jessica Kwong
...Levinski concocted a “Lock her up-side-down cake” alluding to Hillary Clinton and Trump supporters’ chant to “lock her up.”

New Charges

CNN: Mueller charges lawyer with lying about interaction with Rick Gates By Katelyn Polantz and Marshall Cohen


Steve Schmidt -
The profoundly stupid were well represented when Jack Kingston sat in the Congress.


Salon: Trump begins to face the truth on Russia — with a new round of lies - In Trump’s epic weekend meltdown, he denies his past denials — and desperately searches for someone else to blame by Heather Digby Parton

The Onion - Teen On Brink Of Experiencing Incredible Journey Of Motherhood Instead Asks Boyfriend To Use Condom

The Onion: Teen On Brink Of Experiencing Incredible Journey Of Motherhood Instead Asks Boyfriend To Use Condom


Quartz: The sociological explanation for why men in America turn to gun violence
International evidence now makes us incredibly confident when we say that the number of guns in a society is positively correlated with the number of mass shootings in a society, as supported by a study spanning three decades of analysis in a collection of nations around the world.

Pre Dawn Light

Quora: How long before sunrise does the sky start to lighten?
There are three formal stages of twilight.

Civil twilight = Sun between 0 and 6 degrees below the horizon
Nautical twilight = Sun between 6 and 12 degrees below the horizon
Astronomical twilight = Sun between 12 and 18 degrees below the horizon

When the Sun is below 18 degrees it is true night.

How quickly the Sun gets to any of these elevations depends upon latitude and season.

Have An Excellent Tuesday

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Lawrence O'Donnell - Ex-Intel Staffer - Trump Indictment Reaction 'All About Himself'

Rachel Maddow - New White House Security Rule Could Force Kushner, Others Out

'Suspicious” Transactions'

Buzz Feed: Manafort Under Scrutiny For $40 Million In “Suspicious” Transactions" - As the special counsel investigated President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort, authorities obtained details on “suspicious” banking activity that was first unearthed in 2014 and 2015. Those records were part of an FBI operation to track international kleptocracy that ultimately failed, but which Robert Mueller’s team resurrected.


The Palmer Report: Paul Manafort caught doing something very weird at a Duane Reade drug store

The Trump War On The Environment

Guardian UK: 'Sloppy and careless': courts call out Trump blitzkrieg on environmental rules - A cascade of courtroom standoffs are beginning to slow, and even reverse, the EPA rollbacks thanks to the administration’s ‘disregard for the law’

The Gun Landscape

Guardian UK: Florida shooting survivors are fighting back. Here's what they need to know about gun control - The current battle to reshape gun laws can feel like a stalemate, but there have been victories too. This is what the landscape looks like right now

Bots Jump On Parkland

NY Times: After Florida School Shooting, Russian ‘Bot’ Army Pounced By SHEERA FRENKEL and DAISUKE WAKABAYASHI
“This is pretty typical for them, to hop on breaking news like this,” said Jonathon Morgan, chief executive of New Knowledge, a company that tracks online disinformation campaigns. “The bots focus on anything that is divisive for Americans. Almost systematically.”


NY Times: The Madness of American Crowds by Roger Cohen
The wealthiest society on earth is currently subjected to the chaotic rule of a mean and vulgar charlatan who refined the manipulation of humanity through a TV show that was a ratings smash in its first season, continued under his guidance for more than a decade, and relied on the cruelty of whimsical humiliation for its frisson.

The Market On Tuesday

  At 9:20 a.m. ET DOW futures are -186 and the price of oil per barrel is up. The market is poised to open significantly lower.

CNN: US stocks weaken; Walmart earnings; HSBC stumbles by Alanna Petroff


  Now, I've almost seen everything.

NY Post: These NYFW vagina wigs speak for themselves By Charlotte Willis

Monday, February 19, 2018



Vox: Trump spent the weekend tweeting about Russia. He lied, a lot. Here are the three biggest whoppers from a very long list. By Zack Beauchamp

The Fix And The Fixer

NY Times: Tools of Trump’s Fixer: Payouts, Intimidation and the Tabloids By JIM RUTENBERG, MEGAN TWOHEY, REBECCA R. RUIZ, MIKE McINTIRE and MAGGIE HABERMAN

Last - Of Course

CNN: Political scientists rank Trump last, Lincoln first in presidential greatness survey By Andrew Dunn

Anthony Borges

NBC News: Florida police visit teen Anthony Borges, who was wounded in school shooting by Kiara Alfonseca
The teen was shot in his back and legs as he locked the door and blocked the doorway with his body, leaving the other 20 students unharmed as the gunman continued to fire.

How Much

538: How Much Did Russian Interference Affect The 2016 Election? It’s hard to say. By Nate Silver


Politico: Conservatives urge Trump to grant pardons in Russia probe - As special counsel Robert Mueller builds his case, relatives of former national security adviser Michael Flynn are among those pressing the president to use his unique legal power and 'put these defendants out of their misery.' By DARREN SAMUELSOHN

Low Level

The Atlantic: Russia's Troll Operation Was Not That Sophisticated - “If the Internet Research Agency were a start-up media company, they probably would not be picking up a fresh round of venture capital.” by Alexis C. Madrigal
This is not high-level spycraft. It is, rather, bread-and-butter audience development work.

John Oliver

Salon: John Oliver gives us six lessons on how to report on Trump - The late-night comic would never call himself a journalist, but he has some pretty sound advice for us anyway by Rachel Leah

The Onion - Pet Turtle Going Hog Wild On Terrarium’s New Stick

The Onion: Pet Turtle Going Hog Wild On Terrarium’s New Stick


Guardian UK: China’s great leap forward in science - Chinese investment is paying off with serious advances in biotech, computing and space. Are they edging ahead of the west? by Philip Ball
Many have been lured back by the Thousand Talents Plan, in which scientists aged under 55 (whether Chinese citizens or not) are given full-time positions at prestigious universities and institutes, with larger than normal salaries and resources.

The Traitor

NY Times: Whatever Trump Is Hiding Is Hurting All of Us Now by Thomas L. Friedman
My guess is what Trump is hiding has to do with money. It’s something about his financial ties to business elites tied to the Kremlin. They may own a big stake in him.

Russian Olympian Doping

  He was on the Curling Team, can you freakin' believe it, the Curling Team.

NY Times: Russian Doping Case Rocks Olympic Curling By SCOTT CACCIOLA


Have An Excellent President's Day

work by John T. Biggers

Morning Joe - Trump Goes After Obama On Russia - Jeh Johnson Responds

Morning Joe - Reflecting On President's Day With Trump In WH

Traitor Hits The Panic Button

The Palmer Report: Everything hits the fan

What Wil The Traitor Do

Guardian UK: Trump faces calls to act against Russia after Mueller's indictments - Democrats and former intelligence officials argue Trump had done nothing to protect future elections from Russian interference

Parkland Students Find Their Voice!

Guardian UK: Florida students, thrust in new role after shooting, find a powerful voice: 'we can't waste this chance' - ‘This right now is the biggest issue in our country,’ said a student who survived the Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school shooting


NY Times: The Propaganda Tools Used by Russians to Influence the 2016 Election By ALICIA PARLAPIANO and JASMINE C. LEE

Russian Operatives Online

NY Times: How Unwitting Americans Encountered Russian Operatives Online By SCOTT SHANE
The Heart of Texas group had more success with a Houston rally to “Stop the Islamization of Texas,” which provoked an angry confrontation in May 2016. United Muslims of America, another Russian creation, called its own rally to “Save Islamic Knowledge” for the same time and place, outside the Islamic Da’wah Center.

Wall Street Is Closed Today

  Wall Street is closed today for the Washington's Birthday/President's Day holiday. The market will reopen on Tuesday.


Observer: Trump Gets Caught in His Own Web of Lies By John R. Schindler
In truth, this is just the first wave of Mueller’s indictments against Team Trump. More, and worse, is headed to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Friday, February 16, 2018


  Enjoy the weekend, see you bright and early Monday morning.

work by Jiwoon Pak

The Hoax Is Trump

NY Times: Indictment Makes Trump’s Hoax Claim Harder to Sell By MARK LANDLER and MICHAEL D. SHEAR

The Connections

Politico: The 284 people connected to the Russia probes By Darren Samuelsohn, Sarah Frostenson and Jeremy C.F. Lin

Semi Automatic Porn

AR Primer

HuffPo: Here’s What You Need To Know About The Weapons Of War Used In Mass Shootings - Mass shooters are well aware that assault-style rifles are easy to obtain and capable of causing enormous casualties. By Nick Wing and Mollie Reilly

AR History

From 2016 - Motherboard: Gunmakers Have Sold AR-15s to Civilians for More Than 50 Years by Joseph Trevithick

'Adult Legos Or Man Barbies' - A Guide To The AR-15


The Daily Beast: Mueller Indicts Trump’s Claim That Russian Interference Is ‘Fake News’ - The President keeps insisting that the Kremlin didn’t meddle in the election. The Special Counsel’s new indictments show how wrong Trump is. by Spencer Ackerman

Trump's Affairs

The Daily Beast: Blockbuster Exposé Claims to Show How Donald Trump Kept His Affairs Secret - New report by Ronan Farrow, published in The New Yorker, explores the methods allegedly employed by Trump to keep his reported relationship with Karen McDougal on the down low. by Jamie Ross


CNN: Special counsel issues indictment against 13 Russian nationals over 2016 election interference By Manu Raju, David Shortell and Veronica Stracqualursi

Closing In On Trump

Mueller: Russians communicated with individuals associated with the Trump campaign and other political activists to coordinate political activities