Thursday, January 21, 2010

True Colors Come Flying Through

Finally some honesty!

The Supreme Court just made it perfectly clear for the complete and utter nincompoop that America is run by corporations.

Now when government and corporations are firmly linked hand in hand, that is called fascism. I don't make up the definitions. I leave that for smart people.

The point is that democracy and fascism don't really coexist - nope not a shred, not even a molecule.

They say Portugal is an interesting country.

NPR: Supreme Court Ruling: No More Ban On Corporate Campaign Money
Today's decision overturns a 20-year ruling -- Austin v. Michigan Chamber of Commerce -- that prohibited corporations or labor unions from paying for campaign ads. The decision removes spending limits for independent expenditure groups. It threatens to remove spending limits already established in 24 states. And it struck down part of the McCain-Feingold campaign finance law that bars issue ads paid for by corporations or unions in the closing days of a campaign.


GlennK said...

Check out my blog today for an interesting article on this topic I picked up. I think you'll enjoy it.

Sande said...

Yes good article, I enjoyed reading it and it was dead on.

GlennK said...

Now go back and watch the Carlin classic I just posted. Its hard to watch but its soooo good. George when he was on was Right on!

Sande said...

Watched that too, Carlin was A OKay. I saw him live once, and there was a born again right winger in the audience pestering him. He got on that guy and the guy was out the door in no time. Everybody applauded.