Wednesday, January 27, 2010

S.O.T.U. And You

Ah the good old days, that would be late January of 2009. Bush Junior got sent home packing thrilling the country, and a new president was bringing hope and reconciliation. The Democrats would fix this broken country and Republicans would STFU and lick their bruised loins.

Oh dear.

McClatchy: Obama to emphasize jobs, economy in State of the Union
Now he labors under 10 percent national unemployment and a 48 percent job approval rating in the latest Gallup tracking poll. The stimulus' true cost is now projected at $862 billion, and no health overhaul has passed yet. The Democrats lost their slam-dunk Senate supermajority when Republicans won the special election last week in Massachusetts. A testy electorate also seems eager to boot many Democrats out of Congress in this year's midterm elections.


GlennK said...

& Barry thinks we need debt reduction 1st? He's fucking clueless. What a mess.

Sande said...

All I know is that 9 months ago, the economy was about to literally collapse. At least that was avoided.