Friday, January 22, 2010

Third Stinker

The DOW tanked for the third day in a row dropping a massive 216 points.

Added to similar numbers over the last few days and that stings.

Fortunately the weekend is here, and now the talking heads get a chance to clear the airs over the weekend.

Volatility is back big time.

Reuters: Wall Street slides on bank plan, Google
...on fears the White House's plan to curb bank risk-taking would cut profits....

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GlennK said...

The Banks are going to get a thumping up ahead they've been identified as the WH's political whipping boyz because of the politics of 2009. The Admin. has been seen as coddling them and Big Pharm, Big Ins. and Big Gov't with a failed stimulus that only gave Gov't employees a life line while throwing everyone else under the bus. Add in the endless wars and what u had was the worst of both world's and they were obviously getting their heads handed to them everywhere because of it.