Friday, June 16, 2017

What It Means

Washington Journal: Law Professor Just Laid Out What The Obstruction Of Justice Investigation Means For Trump By Sheila Norton


Seadog said...

He's just descending deeper and deeper into a classic Perjury / Obstruction of Justice trap. Trumpf is the motorist stopped for a broken tail light who just can't STFU when the Officer asks for his Lic. and Reg. He has to start right into the officer's face and doesn't stop there. Donald should know better he's been in thousands of lawsuits. He doesn't get it the part of the US being a country of laws not men. He's about to meet the man. He's about to find out who really runs America and it's not him it be the LAW. Yes, he'll be singing the lyrics soon "I fought the law and the law won I fought the law and the law won! " Nixon didn't get it either.

Jim Sande said...

He thinks he is untouchable. It's as simple as that. He also holds the minds of 37% of the population. He's thinking he holds all the cards plus he holds the House and Senate, and he keeps repressing going by destroying the credentials of the opposition - Obama, Clinton, Comey, Mueller, and on and on, and in his spare time Rosie O'Donnell FFS. It's a Constitutional crisis, we are in it.

Seadog said...

Yep we are in the middle of a battle for the Republic on one side are a seething pack of Authoritarian wolves and their Russian allies and on the other is the rest of us and at this pt. the "Deep State" of which the Trumpeters have not managed to totally purge and make over in their own image the way they gutted State right at the start. Now it's maybe too late for them since the opposition knows this is a fight to the death literally.