Friday, June 23, 2017

Trump Works To Undermine Mueller

  This is one of Trump's main plays, he persistently works to undermine anything that threatens him. This is Trump, and it is simultaneously one of the main reasons why he is a dangerous president.

Guardian UK: Trump questions impartiality of Russia investigation chief Robert Mueller - Trump says Mueller, a former FBI director, is ‘good friends’ with James Comey and that his Russia investigation staff ‘are all Hillary Clinton supporters’


Seadog said...

I personally believe the ONLY reason he hasn't fired Mueller yet is he's been warned by GOP Senators that if he does they'll just reinstate Mueller and the investigation some other way. Why? Because they need this investigation as a lever to use against Trumpf's treachery against them. They want him to sign off on their whole agenda and they have Mueller as a hedge if he doesn't. Of course, once they've gotten what they want they'll probably dump him anyway, maybe. You see they have another problem Trumpf might help them with. Once all their shitty ideas are law they'll need Donald to be the scapegoat they can dump it all on after he's kicked out. They'll pt. at him and say it was all his fault.

Jim Sande said...

We are in a tough world now Glenn. Democracy is over, elections a re mostly meaningless and corrupted, and to top it off the worst individual in the country is the president. Stand a roll with it, or move somewhere else. Maybe America has run it's course. The internet ruined music, poetry, writing, art to a certain extent, and now elections resulting in increased corruption and the destruction of democracy. What do we do?