Friday, June 23, 2017

Rachel Maddow - GOP Threat To Medicaid Threatens Liberty Of Millions Of Americans

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Seadog said...

The entire so-called Social safety net could be at risk these next 17 mos. It's very likely the deeply Reactionary GOP Congress and its deeply compromised leader are going to use this historic moment to finish off the Net plus much more. Oh, and if the rumors are right and Justice Kennedy is going to retire you can count on things getting even worse far worse when Trumpf puts another hardcore GOP Reactionary on the court. Then finally the Majority on the Court will have the five votes it needs to overturn Roe ( Abortion) and Griswold ( Privacy / Contraception.) Then with a majority in Congress, they can proceed to outlaw these things Nationally and they intend to. Could it get even worse than this? Yes, the GOP also is shooting for a Constitutional Convention under Article V of the present Constitution. If they get the necessary States ( 2/3rds) to petition Congress for one and they already have 36 States then we can say goodbye to what's left of democracy. GAME OVER !!!