Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Lawrence O'Donnell - Firing Mueller Like Writing 'I'm Super Guilty' In The Sky


Seadog said...

Many people have been saying from way back before Trumpf was elected that if he was elected he would try and rule as a Dictator or at a min. as a very Authoritarian President and that given the composition of Congress, he'd probably be able to get away with it. What none of us realized at the time was just how corrupt and just how tied to the Russians this man and his gang are and have been for a very long time. All that now has come to pass and we are facing a spectacle unlike any we've had since Watergate 47 yrs. ago. This whole situation though is playing out in fast forward compared to that scandal.

Jim Sande said...

Republicans have been reprehensible. The bar is below the ground at this point and the real issue now is that this country is on the decline. Democracy is in tatters. There are still many many good people. Trump is not the country's president, Trump is the president of Trump, he is an independent dictator ruling over his company.