Thursday, June 22, 2017

Global Warming - Here Comes The Heat

NY Times: 95-Degree Days: How Extreme Heat Could Spread Across the World By BRAD PLUMER and NADJA POPOVICH
Extremely hot days, when temperatures soar to 95 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, can be miserable. Crops wilt in the fields. Electric grids strain to keep pace with demand. People are at greater risk of dying. And those hot temperatures are expected to be much more frequent in the coming decades.


Seadog said...

Just keep adding huge amounts of CO2 and Methane ( CH4) and sit back and do nothing but complain and blame poor people. That's the strategy of the hard right.

Jim Sande said...

The hard right has lost its way in the world. Too many years of inbred philosophy, aggression, hatred, arrogance, and authoritarianism have ripened this thing into what it is today.