Friday, June 16, 2017

Chris Matthews - If Trump's Innocent, He Needs To Stop Acting Guilty


Seadog said...

Trumpf is determined to suppress any investigations of himself and then turn the power of the State against his endless enemies list. He has to be stopped. I'm afraid he's going to fire Mueller next and declare the investigation called Russiagate to a close. The GOP will do nothing and the Dems. are essentially powerless.

Jim Sande said...

Possibly, but I suspect the outcry will be deafening considering 60 something percent of the people believe Trump-Russia is a problem. He can fire Mueller but he risks a tremendous amount of upheaval which will also problematic, in a big way. The genie is out of the bottle here. The pressure from the media alone will be deafening. Can you imagine how the NY Times and the Washington Post will go after Trump if he fires Mueller. They will devote even more space and resources to the effort.