Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Buck Up

NY Times: Buck Up, Democrats by David Leonhardt
“Worth remembering,” Philip Bump of The Washington Post tweeted last night, “that the two seats tonight that are both running close were won by GOP candidates 7 months ago by 23.4 and 20.5 points.”


Seadog said...

The Dems. did well considering the ground they had to make up. They did especially well in So. Carolina given they didn't back the candidate there hardly at all $$ wise. He only lost by 3% !! The previous holder had won by 21% 7 mos. ago. Ga., was a more problematic where they lost by 5% and the previous guy had won by 24%. These attempts to win carefully gerrymandered ultra RED districts if anything showed how weakened the GOP is just 7 mos into Trumplandia we are. We just need to keep fighting and to get new leadership. The rightwing Dems. that still dominate the Nat'l party just don't have their hearts into winning. Like Lincoln, at the start of the Civil War we lack generals that want to win and know how to.

Jim Sande said...

You make many good points. I think the lack of good generals or perhaps even the restriction of potential generals is an issue. We need new blood, young, dynamic, articulate, multi-cultural-ly minded, pluralistic about religion, female or Latino or black, hopefully brilliant, and inspiring, someone who walks the walk - tall order I guess. Also it's true the Dems made up a boatload of ground in predictably red areas. But the crusher is - we lost.