Friday, June 02, 2017

Brian Williams - Team Trump Had Secret Plan To Ease Russia Sanctions


Glynn Kilara said...

Trumpf is a totalitarian, It's all in for Trumpf or you're the enemy to be dealt with. Soon, Donald et al. are going to come right out and say as much as regards his alliance with Putin and the Russians. He'll say he's decided that any further investigations are unnecessary because he says so and anyone trying to carry them forward will be arrested or silenced. His loyal followers will all put their right hand up in the Trumpian salute to BIGLY BROTHER HERR DONALD !! SIEG HEIL !! ONE DONALD !! ONE AMERICA !!

Jim Sande said...

If it gets there, expect a lot of resistance. My friends around here that share my political interests see Trump in the worst light I've ever experienced. This is way beyond W or Nixon.