Friday, May 12, 2017

GOP Health Care Disaster

Guardian UK: Republican voters criticize health bill amid fears over pre-existing conditions - With measure poised to hit Trump-supporting states hard, voters and analysts voice concern about ‘moral obligation’ of affordable insurance
“It’s not that the policy that costs $45,000 wouldn’t include coverage for my pre-existing condition, it’s just that I will never be able to afford that policy..."


Seadog said...

It's another joke isn't it? Not content to be able to charge whatever they want the so called Health ( Oxymoron) Ins. Corps. also, want to be able to reject people once again for pre-existing conditions!

Jim Sande said...

Health care has to unbelievably get worse and more expensive than it already is, before people come around to seeking and wanting out single payer. We have a generation of GOPers in there now who are stuck in 1950. Unfortunately the friction between 1950 and 2017 is extraordinarily expensive and harmful.