Friday, May 26, 2017

Seth Myers - Greg Gianforte, Trump And The First Amendment


Seadog said...

It's going to be funny right up until these thugs start killing reporters like they do in Russia and the other Authoritarian countries. The truth is they hate the 1st Amendment and they aren't going to bother tolerating it when it's not them or their followers trying to use it. That will put the ball back into our corner and we can't expect the Police or the courts to help us out.

Jim Sande said...

I think Myers did a good job, he ripped Gianforte a new one on national TV, and it's so deserving. Myers was thorough, he linked up a lot of angles. He made him look like a fool. As long s we can ridicule these guys, we're okay. Along with killing reporters, when they haul off comedians, we're in big trouble.