Friday, May 26, 2017

Bogus Journey

Salon: Donald’s bogus journey: President Trump’s behavior at NATO summit makes a bad trip even worse - It would have been easy for Trump to provide our allies a little reassurance. Instead, he confirmed their fears by Gary Legum


Seadog said...

Good, let Don the Con keep going down this dead end of being pro-Russian / Pro-Putin. It only divides the GOP and encourages those factions that don't like Donald in that party. We need them to keep a check on him especially the group in the Senate. 2018 is right ahead and that's going to be where we get a real shot at these klowns. With Donald at the helm the job will be that much easier.

Jim Sande said...

Don't forget though that this next election in 2018 favors the GOP. the Senate seats coming up for election 1/3 of them to be exact, includes a lot of Dems in states that went for Trump. The Dems have to get the word out on the brutality of Trumpcare and such plus if this investigation is stuck around Trump's neck, over time, it takes a toll. We already see some softening of his base in terms of support. Trump is in power as we know on the slimmest of margins, he can't afford to have a softening of support like this. Unfortunately this brings us back around to the big fear, the Reichstag moment. But there's also a good amount of positive activism right now and young people don't like Trump, a good portion that is.