Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Why Oh Why

NY Times: Investigation Turns to Kushner’s Motives in Meeting With a Putin Ally By MATTHEW ROSENBERG, MARK MAZZETTI and MAGGIE HABERMAN
That has raised questions about why he (Russian banker, Sergey N. Gorkov) was meeting with Mr. Kushner at a crucial moment in the presidential transition, according to current and former officials familiar with the investigations.


Glynn Kilara said...

We need to see this man's taxes. It's obvious now he's up to his ears in the Russian Oligarchs/mafia/ Gov't. His supporters don't care they even see Russia as an ally. What's happening his the frame through which see today's political sphere has shifted. It's no longer purely right /left it's an even deeper split. Anti- Democratic vs. Pro-democratic. At an even deeper level.Authoritarian vs. Anti-Authoritarian. Many of the world's regimes are now both Anti-D and Auth. these are the kinds of regimes Trumpf likes and he and a large part of his base and the leadership of the GOP want to emulate. The rest of us including a significant slice of the GOP doesn't want to be either or it just wants to be one of either.

Jim Sande said...

The thing that's holding up exposing Trump in flagrante with everything, all of it, is the GOP controlled Congress. It's that simple. These people are disgusting sycophants, and not in the least concerned with the overall health of the country including all of us. It's a disgusting situation.