Friday, May 26, 2017

Aaron Nevins

Salon: GOP strategist admits he colluded with Russian hackers to hurt Hillary Clinton, Democrats - It’s bigger than Trump by Sophia Tesfaye


Seadog said...

Nothing new here. Sadly, cooperating even coordinating with the Russians isn't unlawful, maybe. Plus, unless it can be absolutely proved Don the Con ordered it nothing much will come of these investigations. The reasons are a bit arcane but lets just say that its not treasonous to do these things because were not at War with the Russians yet. So, does a faction of the GOP like Russia and Putin? Yes! Is it treason to take aid and comfort from them, probably not. To call what they were doing Collusion, however, denotes criminal acts and that will have to be proven in a court of law. Good luck to us trying to prove that one. The best thing these hearings etc. can show is how deeply entwined the GOP and Herr Trumpf et al. are with a deeply Corrupt and Dictatorial regime in Russia. We have to stop already with the magical thinking in some qtrs. of the left these days that proving this gets us a do over of the elections last fall it doesn't folks. Let's prepare for 2018 by nominating a team of great Progressive candidates to take over Congress. Let the GOP deal with Herr Trumpf and his Russian Fascist pals. He's their boy now they own this klown not us.

Jim Sande said...

There is a criminal element though. They stole information from the DNC and used it to swing the election. That's Watergate with a middle man - Russia. Look at how Trump used the psy-ops type of tactic in his campaign stump speeches, does this come from stolen DNC info? I do not believe for an instant that Trump is capable of saying the types of things that he said, things that I was livid about, things that cut Clinton up and roused his crowds. In a way it's painful seeing Trump fail so dramatically and hourly almost, but as long as it stays in this mode, let him stay for 3 1/2 more years. He'll drag the GOP under and that should be the Dems main object - to continuously link Trump to the GOP in all kinds for ways. Put that weight around the GOP neck.