Friday, May 26, 2017

We Shall See

HuffPo: The Death Rattle Of The Trump Presidency Has Begun - The end began when the adults took over the investigation.


Seadog said...

We'll see. It's really going to be up to the GOP whether or not this guy is to stay and right now I think they haven't decided. I hope he stays around at least for the next yr and half. Pence or Ryan in the Oval office pushing the reset button is a real bad outcome for us for many reasons. So, let's hold our noses and try to relax and watch the show because the replacement acts are even uglier in political terms. Donald is totally incompetent and better yet he's uncontrollable. It's like watching a wild animal go crazy onstage mauling his own handlers and the other actors. Just as long as he doesn't leap at us we should just watch.

Jim Sande said...

It's true, Trump is utterly out of control. I mean the crazy stuff this man says and his actions, eesh. One thing that I find somewhat amusing, is the way some of his supporters like to whine about how there's so much anti-Trump sentiment out there and that he's not getting a fair shake. That's just pathetic.