Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Commentary On Trump-Russia

  I’ve been thinking about Trump-Russia and I’ve had a few new ideas. This is purely conjecture, this is not anything that I’ve read or found from other sources. This is simply me trying to put together one plus one.

  We start with last year’s campaign. I had been thinking through one quality that I found in Trump’s stump speech that was hit over and over. This was the quality that Trump was beyond the pale, he was offensive beyond belief. I could not recall a campaigner who was so offensive to not only those things in politics that I appreciate but also offensive to my notion about how a campaigner ought to conduct their campaign. And let's especially not forget about how that offensiveness was so pointed and directed at Clinton, the conspiracies, the emails, the illness, all these made up offensive attacks.

  We know that there is the allegation that Trump colluded with the Russians to gain the upper hand. We know that there is the allegation that Trump campaign aides colluded with Russians for that same upper hand. We know about some of the methods employed, from fake news, to website trolls, to obnoxious talking heads with a tight script.

  Let’s take the former and the latter and add them together. By that I mean let’s add Trump’s obnoxious campaign message which was so cutting and impugning to Clinton and her supporters and combine it with the allegation of Russian collusion.

  What do we get when we add these two together? Well we might get a Russian intelligence psychological talking point abstract which was handed to Trump during or prior to the beginning of the campaign. Trump then learns these essential psychological talking points and then repeats them myriad times through 2016. Think about it. It was an effective campaign, Trump ultimately won. Why were his words so bitter and biting and obnoxious. Now you might say that this is Trump, this is how he is. But think about it again. How smart is Trump? If you threw a baby and a gold bar into a pool and Trump had to get one or the other, what would he get. I digress but the point is Trump apparently reads an article and then wants to make that policy. We are talking about a very thin minded human being, forget about thin skinned, he is that indeed, but thin minded. How did Trump, Trump now, come up with such a brutally devastating campaign message? I do not believe for one instant that he came up with it on his own. It was too impugning, too divisive, too effective. No, I suggest that Trump had been working in collusion with Russia for a while and that he got those talking points from Russian intelligence who came up with the psychological warfare on Clinton and her supporters. Hey, maybe I need a tin foil hat, I’m ready for one at this point, but I also do not say this as fact, it’s my notion based on what I am reading and seeing.

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