Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Chris Matthews - Reagan - Trump Needs To Be Removed From Office

  Somehow I missed this, but the sentiment is mine as well. This is from Tuesday night.


Seadog said...

It only gets worse with Don the Con gone and Pence or Ryan in the catbird seat. Right now Don is like a BIGLY smelly rotting dead rat hung around the GOP's collective neck. At 37% in the latest polls and going south fast this guy has accomplished in just four mos. what it took GWBV$H 6 yrs. to do go from the 60% voter approval to the 30's. Let him stay at least till we can get at least one house of the Congress back in 2018. Anybody else on the GOP will just forge ahead with the far right agenda of the tparty and the klan and they'll have a much better chance of pushing it all thru then Donny does. Donnie is hated by a good chunk of his own party at this pt. So, let him hang out every day he's in office is another daily disaster for the GOP and its donors. Why should we help them all out? They nominated this guy and they helped him get elected so let them deal with him.

Jim Sande said...

I like your thinking here, it's hey hey not so fast now, let him stay and rot out the GOP a little bit more please. It's an interesting strategy and you have a point.