Monday, May 15, 2017


NY Times: G.O.P. Senators, Pulling Away From Trump, Have ‘a Lot Less Fear of Him’ By JENNIFER STEINHAUER


Seadog said...

We'll see it's all speculation at this juncture. I have little faith in anything the GOP does. We can't expect many Profiles in Courage from this gang. Just remember, this is the party that shit forth this Orange turd and they will have to do the clean up.

Jim Sande said...

Yes, many comments on this article at the NY Times express a similar point to yours'. They still have distrust and question the motivation and why weren't they there earlier. I take a different position which is this - it's movement, it's positive movement and therefor encourage it and ask for more. More than likely these people are coming out like this primarily because they fear losing in 2018. But hell whatever it takes.