Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Market On Tuesday

  Good morning. It is 75 degrees and cloudy here in the Upper Hudson Valley, the forecast predicts a cloudy day with temperatures in the 80s this afternoon.

  At 9:20 a.m. ET DOW futures are +38 and the price of oil per barrel is down. The market is poised to open moderately higher.

  Big day today, Sessions will be testifying and answering questions before the Senate in an open session. I will watch some of it but I do expect to see the Republicans lobbing him softballs, and the Democrats throwing deadly fastballs. Meanwhile the clown show in Washington DC also known as the Trump administration, is sending out the idea the Mueller will be fired. That is pretty nuts.

CNN: The end of Yahoo; Fed meeting; Uber fallout by Ivana Kottasov√°

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