Friday, January 20, 2017


  Power to shut it down? This will be his first act.

MSNBC: New details from investigation cast cloud over Trump inauguration by Steve Benen
In other words, officials working on this counterintelligence investigation realize that, by this afternoon, Donald Trump will have the authority to shut down their probe. Those intelligence professionals pursuing this controversy will be his employees, and he’ll have the power to order them to drop the matter.


Glenn Klotz said...

It doesn't matter if he tries to shut them down the investigations will proceed in places he has no control. A good example was the announcement by "Anonymous" that they intend to release documents showing him tied hand and foot to the Russian mob and other perverts and criminals. He's still very vulnerable at this phase of his gaining power. This is the phase where the would be Dictator has to consolidate his power or not. Obama failed this phase because he wasn't intending to be a Dictator. BV$H 2 was successful for the most part and was a very authoritarian leader for most of his yrs. with Cheney's capable help. Trumpf will use Pence as his Cheney and that's scary. Pence is a smart capable man with a very scary narrow view of reality. Trumpf will still be the one making the big decisions and that's where things will either go well for him or he'll just continue to piss people off. He's been lucky very lucky up till now sooner or later though his luck is going to run out.

Jim Sande said...

I can't say I don't believe you because I believe something further is destined to come out, but with the GOP in control across the board, who makes it stick?