Friday, January 27, 2017

The Market On Friday

  Good morning. It is 37 degrees and cloudy here in the Upper Hudson Valley, the forecast predicts a cloudy day with temperatures around 39 degrees this afternoon. I love the way Trump is issuing executive orders as if he were throwing out bird seed from a 2,000 pound sack, and the way this is no problem for the GOP. You see it's only a Constitutional crisis when a Democratic president issues an executive order, a president who was actually elected with the vast majority of voters in the country, unlike Trump. See how that works.

  At 9:20 a.m. ET DOW futures are a -16 and the price of oil per barrel is down. Oil is now trading around $53.62. The DOW is poised to open slightly lower

  Alienating Mexico, oh that's really going to help. Theresa may, England's version of a nationalistic bigot, can go f herself.

CNN: Trump meets Theresa May; U.S. GDP; American Airlines earnings by Alanna Petroff
...Trump has been alienating other trading partners, in particular Mexico.

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