Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Guardian UK: 'The world's doors were closed': Jared Kushner's grandma on refugee life - Grandmother of Trump’s son-in-law gave interview criticising America’s refusal to accept Jews fleeing Holocaust
“But we had a problem. We didn’t know where to run. There was no Israel like there is today. There was no place that you could legally go to. It was very hard to get a visa to the United States; it would take years and years.

“For a family with small kids to pick themselves up and go it was very hard. But a few families left to Palestine and they stayed alive. We felt the antisemitism. We felt something was coming, but we couldn’t help ourselves.

“The doors of the world were closed to us. You know how hard it was to get to Israel? Boys and girls used to sit in a camp for three or four years before they could go to Palestine. To go to America was harder. You sent your papers and you waited for years before you could get a visa.”

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