Thursday, January 26, 2017


Guardian UK: Trump's impending executive order heralds 'dangerous' return to torture, official warns - Adviser to team that interrogates terror suspects says politicians like Trump ‘have no idea how little they know’ about the perils of reinstating torture
“If the US was to make it once again the policy of the country to coerce, and to detain at length in an extrajudicial fashion, the costs would be beyond substantial – they’d be potentially existential. We’ve seen how [torture] promotes violent extremism, how it degrades alliances. We’ve seen how it only serves to provide information that policymakers want to support [desired policies], not what they need,” Kleinman said.


Glenn Klotz said...

It's torture just having to watch this klown.

Jim Sande said...

We are his subjects, in his mind i.e.