Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Bizarro World Is Back

Guardian UK: Republicans hoping to focus on policy irritated as Trump continues false claims - Although the first days of the administration have seen a number of policy wins for the GOP, Trump has focused on controversial and untrue statements instead


Glenn Klotz said...

The voting fraud claim has no basis in fact, but it's a popular conspiracy theory among Republicans. Here's how they say 5 million illegal voters registered and voted. They claim that in some States illegals are issued drivers licenses and they use them to vote. They especially pt. to Calif. as an example of this happening. This claim has been investigated by State Atty. Generals like Calif. and others and no proof of massive fraud was found. Doesn't matter the GOP is using this as an excuse to carry off the real voting fraud which are unneeded voter Photo ID laws and a noxious computer program called crosscheck which checks for voters having multiple registrations. The problem here is that even if a voter is possibly registered in a few States it's not illegal. What's illegal is voting in all those States in the same election. There is no law requiring voters to cancel these unused registrations. When they are found to have them the program automatically rejects them as real voters where they do vote. They get provisional ballots and have to prove they are legal voters afterwards.

Jim Sande said...

Isn't this how it's done - you make an accusation menawhile you do the exact thing you are accusing someone else of doing. This is Trump's main way of carrying out his regime policies.