Monday, January 02, 2017


MSNBC: Trump runs into more conflicts of interest with ticketed party - Former Ambassador to the Czech Republic and former Special Counsel and Assistant to President Obama on Ethics and Government Reform, Norman Eisen breaks down the “troubling pattern” that could lead to political consequences.


Glenn Klotz said...

No conflict of INTEREST will ever make the GOP raise a finger against this guy while he's in office. When terrorists start blowing up his hotels and resorts they'll be angry and outraged about it and be screaming for bloody revenge. They'll never even consider had these conflicts of interest not existed as easy targets the people killed or hurt and the property destroyed might never have happened if it weren't for the GREED of this man.

Jim Sande said...

There will be a few voices in the GOP that will resist Trump - I'm thinking McCain possibly, but he will be marginalized. Trump's got clear sailing. He could get Congress to pass a law to nuke New England without any trouble whatsoever.