Saturday, June 13, 2015


This alleged war between the Koch empire and the RNC seems like an exaggeration. The Koch's already run the GOP, this was settled years ago.

MSNBC: RNC discovers a problem with the Koch brothers’ operation
Katie Walsh, the RNC’s chief of staff, told Yahoo News, “I think it’s very dangerous and wrong to allow a group of very strong, well-financed individuals who have no accountability to anyone to have control over who gets access to the data when, why and how.”


Anonymous said...

Encouraging sign:

Jim Sande said...

Nice, I'm familiar with Stiglitz. It is encouraging. On the other hand, she'll be taking on the fight of her life because they will go after her with relentless flame throwers. The GOP/KOP is there for only one reason and that's to make sure the rich pay no taxes. That is the primary policy of the GOP. They've tried to convince everybody for years through all kinds of tricks to do this - trickle down, eliminate SSI, eliminate minimum wages, bust up unions. It's all about making the richest few richer.