Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Which People?

  Christie throws his hat in and is now going to help the people. Well he did shite for the people of Jersey excluding some cronies so I believe we must assume he is talking about cronies not "the" people.

Guardian UK: Chris Christie enters presidential race: 'I am now ready to fight for the people' - Outspoken and divisive New Jersey governor enters Republican presidential field and decries ‘bickering leaders’ from both political parties in Washington


Glenn Klotz said...

Christie has an enormous ego along with the rest of his carcass. He also has an enormous sense of entitlement. His entire time in office here in NJ has been about setting the stage for a Presidential run. Why he believes he's a man of the people is beyond me. Right now he's polling down around 20% in NJ. The economy is in shambles taxes are through the roof and the State is still mired in the BV$H recession now for 7 yrs. Where I live things are in a terminal collapse and this fraud has done nothing but make things worse.

Jim Sande said...

It will be interesting to see if his opponents on the GOP side go after his record. Lots of these guys can't do that because their records are also abysmal. Christie might get something like a VP slot. I could see Walker/Christie, hopefully they lose large.