Friday, June 26, 2015



Glenn Klotz said...

The average Southerner was convinced that if the slaves were freed they kill them and their families in an orgy of revenge. After the Nate Turner rebellion this belief was etched in stone in most White's minds. Of course as the War and its aftermath proved it was totally baseless. The truth was the opposite, black people are far more justified in being paranoid of the white's that live around them then and history has shown example after example of white riots, lynching and wholesale examples of what's now called ethnic cleansing episodes in the south. The blacks never formed so called self defense groups like the KKK or others to inflict a regime of terror on the whites. In America right wing terror is the real issue.

Jim Sande said...

We do have our gangs around here. I ran into them back in 2007 and still have physical problems from the assault - loss of hearing, chronic head pain, back pain. What you describe seems like a characteristic of the right - over exaggerated fear and paranoia. Now they're doing the same thing - gay marriage is going to destroy the world, or death panels. It's a virus, the conservative fear virus.