Monday, June 22, 2015


A derecho is a widespread, long-lived wind storm.

NBC News: Derecho: Strong Storms Cause Damage Across Midwest


Glenn Klotz said...

Almost exactly 3 yrs. ago we experienced the awesome power of a Derecho here. It was worse then any Hurricane or Nor'easter I've ever experienced. It caused enormous wind damage to our area. I had experienced this weather phenomenon once before 21 yrs. earlier while vacationing in Fla. That storm hit in March. It also caused enormous damage in the areas it hit. That storm though was only identified yrs. after it happened.

Jim Sande said...

They say winds up to 120 MPH, hurricane level 3 type of forces. It's coming our way too. Tuesday could get intense in the North.

Glenn Klotz said...

If it's for sure going to hit you get to shelter and tie down what you can. It hits in waves like the atmospheric version of a Tsunami. Good luck !!