Friday, January 06, 2017

The Market On Friday

  Good morning. It is 21 degrees and sunny here in the Upper Hudson Valley, the forecast predicts a sunny day with temperatures in the high 20s this afternoon. Just to relate some information on how other people are reacting to Trump's impending presidency, a friend wrote to me that since the election they were experiencing waking up to high anxiety and a stomach ache each morning.

  At 9:20 a.m. ET DOW futures are up +7 and the price of oil per barrel is up now at $54.15. The market is poised to open slightly higher.

  This morning the government released its final monthly jobs report while Obama is in office, the next one falls on Trump's head. The numbers came in at 156,000 for December slightly lower than an expected 175,000. The lower number is not considered worrisome because the present unemployment rate equals full employment. So just to recap, Obama leaves office with 11 million jobs added. Will Trump even come close?

CNN: Obama's final jobs report; Trump hits Toyota; Indian GDP forecast by Alanna Petroff
The Department of Labor released its highly anticipated jobs report on Friday showing the U.S. economy added 156,000 jobs in December, which was slightly below expectations.

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