Friday, January 06, 2017

Celebration Time, Come On

NBC News: Top Russians Celebrated When Trump Won, Intel Report Saysby William Arkin, Ken Dilanian and Hallie Jackson


Glenn Klotz said...

Putin is already floating trial balloons for the invasion and annexation of the Ukraine and the Balkans. This man has been angry about the fall of the Soviet Union for decades and is going to try and reestablish it sans the Communist party. Getting Trumpf elected has opened the door wide open for a return of Russian Imperial ambitions. From many Russian's pts. of view the Ukraine has been part of the Russian Empire for over 500 yrs. and they want it back. The Ukrainians will fight and Europe will probably be drawn into that fight at some pt. The US though will be neutral or Pro-Russia when it starts and that's in a yr. or so. Putin will first give Donald all the help he needs to purge the GOP and Consolidate power here. We're in for a very ugly period in the US. We need to fight back or end up a Dictatorship under Donald and his Fascist gang.

Jim Sande said...

Oh yeah, it's all about Russian imperialism now. There's going be a big uprising, the left learned a lot of lessons from the right and the left is very pissed off. When liberals get pissed off, it's an ugly thing.