Thursday, April 06, 2017


  What the GOP is proposing is not care, it's the absence of care.

Guardian UK: Obamacare repeal thwarted again as Mike Pence fails to reach deal - Freedom Caucus blocks vice-president’s attempts to forge a new compromise that could somehow pass the House of Representatives


Seadog said...

The complete story is that the so-called moderates in the party are the larger group that can't swallow this awful non-Healthcare bill. So, Price and Trumpf will have to kill Ocare some other way. They have four yrs. to do it and I'm sure they'll manage. The health of the American people isn't even a consideration for these people.

Jim Sande said...

We are in a nightmare period for social progress of any kind. Hopefully enough people will see this period as the motivation needed to get busy and socially active.