Monday, April 24, 2017


The Palmer Report: The real reason Donald Trump’s co-conspirators in the Russia scandal were so sloppy By Bill Palmer


Glynn Kilara said...

This made sense. Why bother covering your ass if you never think it's going to be exposed. Oh well. Its not going to matter anyway this isn't isn't 1972 anymore and the Dems. have ZERO power in DC now so taking down Donald is going to be nearly impossible. They all know it that's why they most of them go on TV and laugh about it.

Jim Sande said...

You may be right. Terrible thing, we have a traitor for president, the worst of the worst.

Glynn Kilara said...

Sadly, Rachael Maddow confirmed what I was saying on her show last night. The GOP is smothering the investigations and Comey is doing the same to the FBI investigation. If any of us think this Russia thing is going to lead anywhere they're wrong. Trumpf is already making the necessary staff and policy adjustments to save himself. If he's good at anything it's just that. The only way to fight him is by organizing and fighting every battle by getting more and experience and by being creative. The GOP has all the power because it did all these things and had the money to do them over the long haul. Its disadvantage is that its goals are profoundly unpopular so it has to cloak these policies by getting enough people to believe what they prefer to believe even when it's not true and by selling them candidates who are good at doing just that. Trumpf is the simply what they needed to do to WIN back power and when his appeal runs out the powerful will find another way. They never rest on their laurels.