Thursday, April 06, 2017

Kristof's Latest

  It might take some time for the anger that progressives experience for Trump voters to ease. We are reminded every day, Trump's bumbling list is a 24/7 head shaking misery experience and only shows signs of deepening, of getting worse. We really fear for our lives, what crazed war will this person who is so monstrously out of his depth stumble us all into? It makes me angry, furious. And yet it was clear from day one that Trump as president would go straight off the cliff. Trump supporters bought this rotten bait, hook, line and sinker. Use the energy of anger to be more involved, more aware, more articulate and figure out how to talk. It's true, Kristof is correct. Be patient but not complacent, and don't hurt anybody.

NY Times: My Most Unpopular Idea: Be Nice to Trump Voters by Nicholas Kristof
I asked the people I interviewed in Oklahoma why they were sticking with Trump. There are many reasons working-class conservatives vote against their economic interests — abortion and gun issues count heavily for some — but another is the mockery of Democrats who deride them as ignorant bumpkins. The vilification of these voters is a gift to Trump.

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