Tuesday, April 04, 2017


NY Times: A Peek Into the White House Swamp By THE EDITORIAL BOARD


Seadog said...

He doesn't care how corrupt his admin. is or appears because he knows that NOBODY can do squat about it and that the GOP is just as corrupt and isn't going to do anything about it. This plus his policies are going to create a landslide effect in fall 2018 maybe. The GOP and Trumpf intend to try and stop this with extreme gerrymandering and new voter laws and programs ( like crosscheck) that destroy and suppress the Dem. voting base. We are in a slow motion Civil War with the GOP and Trumpf and WE are losing and losing badly!

Jim Sande said...

The one saving grace is that these guys fuck up royally essentially. Extreme hubris has a way of doing that, but certainly there's plenty of room for some present day mischief.