Tuesday, April 04, 2017


Guardian UK: Ex-Trump adviser gave energy industry documents to Russian spy, court files show - Carter Page among the associates under scrutiny as FBI and Congress investigate possible Russian ties to the Trump campaign and interference in 2016 election


Seadog said...

Here's my evolving take on Trumpf's relationship to Putin et al. I don't think he's Putin's bitch quite as much as many believe. In fact, I think although it appears he was more than willing to take any help the Russian's and Putin offered to get himself elected, beyond that, like all deals he does, he eventually reneges on them and stabs his own partners in the back. So, if I were Putin I'd only be able to trust on one thing about Donald that he's for Donald not Russia or Putin in the end. That eventually is going to put us all in great peril since both Putin and Donald are volatile Bullies armed with nukes and legions of generals and colonels all hot to kick butt. So, trying to prove that Trumpf is Putin's poodle is IMO a dead end unless you can absolutely prove collusion and that is going to be very hard to do.

Jim Sande said...

Going by what we know so far, I think you've got a fair assessment. Trump puts Trump first, in this way I suspect he saw gold in Russia, business deals by the billions and then as a way to justify it, came up with this pro-Russia stance. The pro-Russia stuff came after the fact. The first, most important aspect for Trump was the opportunity to push product and make billions. Being president? This still doesn't make any sense except that he has the power to make a lot of stuff disappear. He's in a position now to grease up those billions. Meanwhile he's all too happy to sign anything the GOP sends him, he needs a political base to function from. It's an old story, greed as the prime motivator. He still needs to go, he's still doing irreparable damage to the country.

Seadog said...

From the Conservative GOP side it looks like a golden opportunity to get many of the things they've wanted to do for decades. If only they could get Don the Con to stick to a bargain. He makes lots of deals alright and keeps none of them. He's a con artist, not a businessman.